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Each year, thousands of people of all ages from a variety of educational backgrounds become TEFL TESOL certified. In a few months, you could be an International TEFL Academy graduate telling your friends how great it is to live and teach English abroad!


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The LanguageCorps TESOL Certification Programs will give you the skills and methodology needed to be comfortable and competent teaching English abroad. While the particular details of the Programs vary by country, all include approximately 140 hours of training, and as many as 30 hours of actual teaching practice. The TESOL Certification Programs incorporate classroom instruction in effectiv...


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Oxford TEFL offers four / five week intensive TEFL courses in Barcelona, Prague, Malaga, Cadiz, London and Kerala (India). The course is highly practical and includes supervised teaching practice and feedback with 'real' students from the second day of the course. Input sessions and workshops centre on such areas as language awareness, lesson planning materials and methodology. Three written pr...


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The busy and rapidly developing city of Dar Es Salaam means no two days on placement there will be the same. During their time in Tanzania, interns will have the opportunity to work in one or more of three main areas: Physiotherapy, Psychiatric units, and of course, Occupational Therapy. While in these departments, participants will engage with both inpatients and outpatients, and see a range o...


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Get qualified in an industry you love and become a certified Ski or Snowboard instructor in Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan or the USA. Training packages include a guaranteed job offer!!! The inclusive EA Ski and Snowboard Training course packages combines your exam fees, training costs, lift passes, training accommodation and VISA assistance as well a job offer and much more! ...


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Come and join The Language House for an affordable and unforgettable journey to acquiring a teaching post in Morocco. Often native English speakers come to Morocco thinking that all they need to find an English teaching post is a CELTA certificate. Unfortunately, due to a highly competitive market, a certificate is often not enough to gain a post. The Language House helps its clients navigate t...


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As a TEFL tutor, there may be a placement for you where you'll work closely with young students. Therefore, you'll need to adapt your teaching methods to meet the requirements of your students, so it's vital that you have an understanding of the specific needs of the age groups you'll be teaching. This course will prepare you for the many challenges and rewards of teaching young learners. Th...


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The Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE) is seeking Program Leaders committed to the process of education, cross-cultural learning, and leadership development for its High School Summer Abroad program in 2015. These programs are three and four weeks in length and are offered at CIEE Study Centers in 14 countries around the world for US high school students in the 2015-2018 graduat...


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Discover how you can become vital to ensuring the advancement of foreign affairs and pave the way to an exciting career. The U.S. Department of State is dedicated to protecting and strengthening America's interests abroad and at home and you can help. Foreign Service professionals abroad and our Civil Service employees in the U.S. work on challenging issues each day dealing with foreign policy ...


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Teach English in Asia, Europe, Africa and Worldwide. Teaching English overseas can be a good way to make this dream come true. If you want a prolonged vacation in the exotic destinations around the world, teaching ESL can be the best profession. Teach & Travel - the best way to see the world through the eyes of locals while working to change their lives through education in the English language...

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Jobs Abroad in Africa

A continent of over 1 billion people sitting squarely in the geographical center of world affairs, Africa has long been a global beacon of cultural, ethnic, and linguistic diversity. Finding a job abroad in Africa is your opportunity to join efforts with an emerging continental workforce to help develop it into a stable and prosperous region for generations to come. Africa’s past, present, and future are a continuing narrative, which you have the power to help shape.


Africa is often divided into sub-regions corresponding to the cardinal directions. In North Africa, countries including Algeria and Egypt have long histories of regional influence, and form an integral part of the Mediterranean and Arab communities. This is also the most economically and infrastructurally developed part of the continent where to look for work abroad in Africa.

In the east, major countries such as Kenya and Tanzania can also prove rewarding places where to look for work abroad in Africa. Many East African countries share a coastline with the Indian Ocean, which has led to a long history of trade and shared influence with southern and western Asia. The region is also famed for its safaris amid a tremendous diversity of wildlife.

Moving on, as a BRICS country and the most developed in the sub-Saharan region, South Africa carries a tremendous deal of weight for the southern part of the continent. Neighboring countries such as Malawi to the east or Angola to the west can also be promising destinations to land a job abroad in Africa’s southern region.

Lastly, you might also look for work abroad in West Africa. Countries such as Ghana and Senegal open their borders for international workers to fill a variety of professional positions along the continent’s Atlantic seaboard.

Jobs & Positions

There exist opportunities to seek out a wide diversity of jobs abroad in Africa. Because the continent continues to face an uphill battle towards economic prosperity and political stability in the wake of colonization, many international aspirants will choose to work abroad in Africa in socially-oriented fields such as education, healthcare, and sustainable development. The poorest African citizens lack access to essential social services in these areas, so international workers can help make a big impact in local communities.

If you are more interested in the private sector, then it is also possible to find work abroad in Africa within industries such as business, finance, and international trade. As many countries on the continent seek out new opportunities for foreign investment and economic development, finding a job abroad in Africa within these areas can be equally beneficial to developing regional prosperity.

Many jobs abroad in Africa are offered on a short-term, entry-level basis by international organizations, allotting you a temporary work visa for up to a couple of years to help work on local projects. If you are more interested in a permanent career move to Africa, then a good bet is to apply directly with a multinational company or organization which has the means to bring you in at a higher level.

Salaries & Costs

While costs of living vary significantly across the continent, for the most part you can expect African countries to be more affordable than many in the industrialized world. Because of this, salaries and compensation (which also vary widely across the continent) will also be lower. Don’t worry: temporary work positions, which tend to pay the least, will still compensate you with enough to get by, and may also help by providing housing, meals, and transportation as well.

Accommodation & Visas

Because many parts of the African continent remain in the process of infrastructural development, you should expect accommodations to reflect these conditions; thus while you will be made comfortable during your work abroad in Africa, do not expect an excessive degree of luxury. As a general rule, commodities such electricity, hot water, and internet connection are more accessible in urban than in rural areas.

African countries differ in their visa policies toward international workers, and the ease of obtaining work permission will further depend on your home nation, intended length of stay, and what type of job abroad in Africa you will be working. Be sure to check out our Embassy Directory to learn more about your individual circumstances.

Benefits & Challenges

Regional Growth. With many countries having only escaped from colonialism within the past half-century, Africa remains a continent in the relatively early stages of development. Landing a job abroad in Africa is the opportunity to help the region gain footing in the global arena.

Professional Growth. At the same time, finding work abroad in Africa is the unique opportunity to discover what you are capable of as a global professional. No one ever found their potential by staying in their comfort zone!

Personal Growth. Lastly a job abroad in Africa will immerse you within an entirely new way of life, in a part of the world that is rich with cultural diversity yet continues to battle for stability and prosperity. There’s hardly an experience like it which will aid your growth as a person and a world citizen.

A job abroad in Africa can just be the beginning of an entirely new path you embark on as a global professional. As to where and for how long that path will take you, there’s only one way to find out.

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