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Paid jobs programmes all around Spain in Hospitality Management, Teaching English, etc. You won't get rich, but you will earn enough to cover basic expenses. Paid Job Placement: From 1 month - No maximum stay! * Eligibility: EU members, USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea. * Required Level: All levels welcome, from initial. * Affordable accommodations in shared apartments from 2...


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BUNAC's Work Australia program offers you the opportunity for the trip of a lifetime. Choose from 2 support packages based on the level of support in this beautiful country. Work Australia is a program authorized by the Australian Government to allow young Americans (aged 18-30) to work in Australia for up to 12 months. Australia, one of the largest and most beautiful countries in the world,...


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The Business Manager is an integral member of Maximo Nivel’s Admissions & Client Service Team. As the name suggests, the Admissions & Client Service Team manages matriculation and client service for Maximo Nivel's study abroad programs in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. These programs include: Volunteer Abroad, International Internships, TEFL Certification, Native Spanish Program, Adventure & ...


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Smaller Earth provides job opportunities in New Zealand which allows participants to immerse themselves into Kiwi culture while working for up to an entire year in any job. Home to remarkable mountains, dramatic coastlines, and lush rainforests, the country is recognized for being a playground for those who have the thirst for adventure. The participants receive 12-month access to a job board, ...


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China has captivated the minds of people around the world for thousands of years. In recent decades, China has been widely acknowledged as a global powerhouse, from cultural exports to business prowess, from the fine arts to technology. Chinese organizations have long understood the value of foreign employees for enhancing the effectiveness of their work. With an increasing number of multinatio...


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Start your new career in China! Gain experience in an international environment in today’s one of fastest growing economies in the world. As The Specialist in full-time jobs in China, we will help you to find and secure a job position in China. Apart from the job placement, we prepare you for your interviews, assist you in finding a suitable accommodation, support during your visa applicati...


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The ImmerQi China Internship Program offers you the opportunity to gain international work experience in a dynamic economy, learn Mandarin and become culturally immersed in one of the most fascinating countries in the world. This is the ideal program for undergraduates looking to get international experience before graduating or recent graduates trying to get their foot in the door. You c...


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Land a paid internship in China. Explore your options with placements offered in the following fields: - Landscape Design - PR - Communications - Interior Design - Architecture - Journalism - Sports Management - Art - TV - Media - Engineering - IT - Sales - Marketing - HR - Finance - Office Administration - Culinary - Tourism & Hotel Management Options for program ...


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Looking to intern and advance your career in the United States? You are in the right place. Cultural Vistas provides thousands of international students and professionals every year with the necessary visa sponsorship and support to enhance their skills and gain exposure to American business practices and culture through internship and training programs with U.S. organizations. In additio...


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The We Find Group 2017 Madrid Summer Global Internship Program allows university students to intern in Madrid, Spain, for eight weeks. Students from all majors can work in any industry that interests them with an internship in their desired field. These unpaid internships give students the opportunity to acquire real-world experience working full-time jobs while improving their international co...


Mandarin Spring developed the Career Boost Program to help students, professionals, and everyone who want to transition their career to China. We developed the curriculum to cover business topics, social conversation, survival skills and more. In addition to studying Mandarin, we are partnered local companies who are in search of young foreigner talent and eager to hire. We will help coordinate...


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My client is looking to conduct an interview session in Australia in the next couple months. I am looking for CV's for the following teachers: * Life Skills (Career Development/Guidance) * Business Studies * Science * Math * Kindergarten/ECE * Design & Technology * Creative Design & Innovation * English Salary & Benefits information * A salary up to 21,000 AED (UAE Dirham...


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Are you motivated, outgoing and good at working in a team? We have positions open on our Corporate Services team. We are looking for candidates with good interpersonal, organization and communication skills who can operate in both English and Chinese. Desired skills: • Pro-active, can-do attitude. You should be someone who is outgoing and willing to take the initiative, explore new avenues ...


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Work as a Call Agent in Berlin. The placement is offered at a company working with B2B, providing feedback systems that aim to create customer loyalty and increase the sales. Partner companies are able to evaluate their services using the system. Tasks: - Take responsibility for clarification of payment differences and examination of claims - Take charge of customer queries regarding inv...


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Aquarius Abroad is a premier agency in France that provides jobs to qualified participants. The Work in France program is for the benefit of individuals who intend to acquire work experience in the romance capital of the world. Work placements in the hospitality industry are open all year round to young professionals aged 18 to 28 and have an intermediate level in the French language. Par...

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International Business Jobs Abroad

From major corporations to independent businesses, every company needs skilled administrators and managers in order to succeed. As a position that requires strong team building, organizing, and planning skills, international jobs abroad in business administration and management will definitely require some talent and experience. However, working abroad is also one of the best ways to improve your intercultural communication skills, as well as other professional skills, while working in a new environment. If you pride yourself in being a strong communicator with excellent leadership skills, then finding a business administration job abroad might be the perfect next step for you!

Why Work Abroad in Business

As important as your education and professional internships or experience at home has been, simply put: you cannot get the kind of inter-cultural communication and work experience needed in the business world of today without working abroad. The opportunity to get to know another country and culture while improving your personal and professional skills is an opportunity that should truly not be passed up. The benefits of work experience abroad are exponentially greater than getting another business job at home!


Individuals seeking an international career in business administration and management are fortunate in that they have a wealth of job opportunities to choose from around the globe. The world of big (and small) businesses is constantly evolving and growing, making it quite easy for job-seekers to find the perfect position for them abroad. Highlighted below are just a select few of the most major business cities in the world; however, applicants are encouraged to expand their search based on their individual interests and purpose for working abroad.

Israel. Quickly making a name for itself as one of the largest startup business hubs and economic markets in the world, individuals looking to get into popular and emerging companies at the ground level should look toward this Middle Eastern nation. Those who decide to work abroad in Israel in the business world will have the advantage of working side by side with some of the biggest names in tech.

China. The logical pick for anything remotely related to business, this giant world leader is (and has been) the definitive frontrunner for business around the world. More and more companies are outsourcing resources and business jobs to China, and the number of local organizations and businesses is growing too. Despite a somewhat intimidating language barrier, China proves time and time again to be the place to be in the business world. If you have work experience in China, your chances of winning a business job anywhere else in the world are exponentially higher.

United States seems like a very obvious option. With locations like the Silicon Valley, New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco, the list of exceptional places to work in business in the U.S. goes on and on. Home to the headquarters of a staggering number of Fortune 500 companies, nearly 27 million people work for corporate giants, such as Target, 3M, Apple, Google, General Electric, and more, in the United States.

International Business Jobs

International business jobs abroad can vary greatly depending on the sub-field, responsibilities, size, and goal of the company, as well as your expertise and interests. In a field as expansive and nebulous as business, it is important to always keep in mind what you want to get out of each job you have. Business graduates are fortunate to be in a field where opportunities are bountiful, and more and more companies sprout up every single day. Knowing this, and not feeling pressure to be forced into an area or a professional decision, gives you great flexibility with your selection of international business jobs abroad. The most important thing to do is find a job abroad that can make you happy, as well as successful, and play to your strong suits.

For those individuals with natural management skills, a position in team leadership might be the best fit. Leadership-focused international business jobs will allow you to gain control of a team and work with them, directly overseeing and guiding their progress. One of the most important qualities employers look for in a new hire is potential leadership abilities, and experience working abroad in business administration and management will go a long way on your resume and in your future career.

For those individuals who prefer to be more of a team player, and less in the spotlight, general business jobs are a popular route, allowing you to do everything from assisting team leads to working in smaller groups on specific projects.

Individuals with “lone-wolf” mentalities might look elsewhere, as most international business jobs abroad require lots of group and teamwork; not to mention, you most likely will not get hired unless you show positive teamwork experience!

Another very popular form of international job in business is company budgeting. Tracking, reviewing, and projecting budgets is an essential element to any administrator or managers success, and good, instinctive decision making skills in budgeting will lead to valuable payoffs.

Salary & Affordability

Starting salaries can vary greatly depending on the size of the company, specific job details, and level of management; but, most individuals near the beginning of their careers will find very healthy salary and benefit packages. Salaries will also vary greatly depending on location of your international business job abroad, and the local cost of living. A business job with a company in New York City will pay more money than the same job in Minnesota, for example; it is simple economics. It is, however, important to keep this mind as you refine your search, and begin to lay out specific benefits that are most important to you.


Leadership. One of the most important qualities employers look for in the business realm is leadership experience and abilities. A successful track record of leadership experience at the international level will positively impact your future job prospects by significantly increasing your chances of further employment. Aside from the long-term professional benefits of international business jobs abroad, the skills you gain abroad will be crucial for achieving related attributes that will develop your work ethic, critical thinking, and confidence.

Communication. Another element crucial to successful teamwork is strong communication skills. Working abroad with members of several different cultures and communities will teach you invaluable communications skills in situations that you otherwise might not be exposed to. You will find yourself constantly referencing experiences and scenarios from when you were working abroad after you return home, emphasizing the opportunities that good communication came in handy.

Personal Development. This is especially important for individuals seeking employment right after graduation. Business school is great for making connections and learning all the fundamental technical skills you need to have a successful career, but one thing that many business departments lack is the actual opportunity to work and mature as an employee in the workforce. Something as important as business maturity in the workplace, and personal development, can only be gained from practical experience, and working abroad will only heighten those areas for you at a faster rate.

Networking. Okay we get it, it’s important to meet people, but just think about this: you went to one college, in one state, and enrolled in a business program provided by one department. Already your opportunities for networking has been extremely limited. Let’s even be generous and say you had a business internship in another city; this would have expanded your circle twofold. Now zoom out, and realize that all of this is still taking place in one country; a single country in a world filled with more than 200 countries. Now how big is your networking circle, really? Often overlooked, one of the simplest, yet most fundamental aspects of business is who you know. International business jobs abroad can be your foot in the door, as these positions will inevitably help expand your circle, and your subsequent job opportunities.

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