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Discover Iceland while working with the International TEFL Academy at one of five locations, including Borgarnes, Husavik, and Reykjavik. Placements last for six to 12 months, providing individuals with the chance to teach English as a Second Language and expand their professional skills.


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We are seeking full and part time English instructors to join the friendly and professional teams at our centers in San Luis Potosi, Saltillo, Aguascalientes and Tijuana. Requirements: - Fluent in English to a native level - TEFL certificate - University degree - Available to work evenings and Saturdays - Excellent communication and customer service skills


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Do you like spending time with children? Do children always like you back and can't wait to play with you? Do you believe having an influential part on children's growth is one of the most exciting things in the world? So here's the perfect program for you! Come and join LoPair Au Pair China and stay with one of our amazing Chinese host families. Become the big brother/sister to your Chinese ho...


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Alliance Abroad Group GUARANTEES a 6-12 month PAID hospitality job BEFORE you land in Australia. How do we do it? We have a great team in Australia and the US that have established excellent relationships with leading Australian hotels and resorts. We also ensure you are taken care of every step of the way. We help with your visa, housing and even organize Meet Ups with other AAG participants i...


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Do you want to travel and earn money at the same time! Add to that great combo a loving host family where you will have all of your meals, a private bedroom and all the support you need. You can have all of this and more when you become an AuPair in Germany. Some of our au pairs tell us the bond they form with their host family can last a lifetime. As an AuPair you can participate in family...


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Our Paid Jobs program guarantees a placement in a top restaurant/hotel in Spain. Accommodation, meals and pocket money are covered. You will earn enough to cover basic expenses. PRICE: * Euros 400, USD 471 GBP 273 (1-2 months) * Euros 500 USD 590 GBP 341 (3-4 months) * Euros 900 USD 1061 GBP 614 (5-6 months) * Euros 1700 USD 2000 GBP 1159 (1 year) You will work on average...


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The LanguageCorps TESOL Certification Programs will give you the skills and methodology needed to be comfortable and competent teaching English abroad. While the particular details of the Programs vary by country, all include approximately 140 hours of training, and as many as 30 hours of actual teaching practice. The TESOL Certification Programs incorporate classroom instruction in effectiv...


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Au pairs in Australia provide between 25 hours and 45 hours of child care per week, and they may be asked to babysit in the evenings. Some families need 25 hours during term time and 45 hours during school holidays. On their days off, Au Pairs will have a chance to make friends with people from all over the world. Australia has many international students and backpackers, so there will be a lot...


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BUNAC's Work Australia program offers you the opportunity for the trip of a lifetime. Choose from 2 support packages based on the level of support in this beautiful country. Work Australia is a program authorized by the Australian Government to allow young Americans (aged 18-30) to work in Australia for up to 12 months. Australia, one of the largest and most beautiful countries in the world,...


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The Business Manager is an integral member of Maximo Nivel’s Admissions & Client Service Team. As the name suggests, the Admissions & Client Service Team manages matriculation and client service for Maximo Nivel's study abroad programs in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. These programs include: Volunteer Abroad, International Internships, TEFL Certification, Native Spanish Program, Adventure & ...


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China has captivated the minds of people around the world for thousands of years. In recent decades, China has been widely acknowledged as a global powerhouse, from cultural exports to business prowess, from the fine arts to technology. Chinese organizations have long understood the value of foreign employees for enhancing the effectiveness of their work. With an increasing number of multinatio...


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THEATRINO is EDUCO'S Theatre In Education drama programme, in collaboration with ACLE, which is a non-profit organisation endorsed by the Italian Ministry of Education, operating successfully for over 30 years. The company promotes a student based teaching method and was the first in Italy to use drama to teach English to children through Theatre In Education (T.I.E.) with our touring programme...


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Every year we hire over 1000 native or bilingual speakers: do you speak English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Russian or Chinese? If so, we have a job for you! Created in 2009, Speaking-agency is Frances Leading organization in childcare services in foreign languages and language courses for all ages. We operate in Paris (everywhere in the Ile de France area), Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Na...


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Want to travel around the world and earn a living at minimal cost? Start from Thailand. American TESOL Institute offers the Special Thai Project, an education tourism project. The institute has been conducting the project since 2008 and has placed more than 1,000 students to date in different schools in Thailand. Aspiring English teachers can earn their TESOL certification in Thailand and go ou...


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Start your new career in China! Gain experience in an international environment in today’s one of fastest growing economies in the world. As The Specialist in full-time jobs in China we will help you to find and secure a job position in China. Apart from the job placement, we prepare you for your interviews, assist in finding a suitable accommodation, support during your visa application proces...

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Working Abroad in Iceland

Iceland has a low unemployment rate and a highly educated national job force, so while it’s difficult to find jobs in Iceland, it’s highly worthwhile. Iceland is one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of access to health care, education, clean water, and energy, and it is cutting edge in the development of geothermal energy. It’s a safe and comfortable place to gain international experience in most fields, especially for workers with computer and high-tech skills. Though Iceland’s economy suffered when its banking system crashed in 2008, it has largely recovered and is a place of prosperity and low unemployment today.


Reykjavik is the northernmost capital in the world, and at about 120,000 people it is the only thing that resembles a major metropolitan area in Iceland. Reykjavik is where most international workers find jobs in Iceland. Software and IT developers are always in demand, and there are jobs in the hospitality and tourism industries, especially for workers who speak multiple languages and have mastered at least a smattering of Icelandic.

It’s a compact city, painted in bright colors that offset the often-bleak weather. Relatively quiet during the workweek, chaos breaks loose on the weekends, with the runtur, a pub crawl that draws tourists, students, and natives alike. It centers on downtown’s main drag, Laugavegur Street, which turns into an impromptu music, arts, and food festival. Reykjavik is the jump-off point for everywhere else on the island and has become an international conference center by selling its location between North America and Europe.

The second-largest city in the country, Kópavogur, at about 31,000 is basically a suburb of Reykjavik. It is at least slightly less expensive to live in than Reykjavik though, making it a good place to commute from, but available jobs in Kópavogur are at the low end of the salary spectrum -- child care, work in hotels and inns, or in retail (Kópavogur happens to be the home of Iceland’s largest shopping mall).

Akureyri, on the north coast, has a population of about 17,000. It sits in a deep fjord, and because its harbor stays ice free, it is a center for the country’s fishing industry. It’s also a big tourism draw for skiers, fishers, and whale watchers. Most of the work in Akureyri is seasonal -- twenty percent of the workforce is in the service industry -- primarily catering to tourists. Cruise ships stop there in the summer, and there is also seasonal work in fish processing plants.

Jobs in Iceland

It isn’t necessary to speak Icelandic to live and work in Iceland – English is almost universally spoken, and many people also speak Danish. However, if you are fluent in Icelandic, you will find a wider selection of better-paying job opportunities in Iceland. Since English is widely spoken and taught in schools, there is not a huge market for English teachers or tutors, though some teaching opportunities do exist. There is a market for employees with highly technical and specific skills instead, like those relating to geothermal energy, in which Iceland leads the world in development. In Reykjavik especially, software developers and IT specialist are also in demand.

Otherwise, the best place to get a foothold in the job market of Iceland is in tourism, and much of that, too, is based out of Reykjavik. As fishing has declined with a share of the economy, tourism has grown, though there are still some seasonal fishing job opportunities in Iceland. In the last decade the number of tourists visiting Iceland has increased about six percent per year. Most of the jobs in the tourism industry are seasonal, from May to October. There are opportunities to work in restaurants, hotels, or bars, or you may find positions as excursion leaders, wilderness guides, or sales and promotional agents.

Salary & Affordability

Iceland’s currency is the Icelandic Krona. Healthcare is relatively inexpensive in Iceland, but it’s about the only thing that is. The standard of living is high, and so are prices and taxes. Fresh food, drinks (especially alcohol), and gasoline are expensive. Salaries vary widely according to skill level, but budgeting for food and housing on a part-time or entry level job will most definitely be tricky.

As always, exchange rates vary, but generally one U.S. dollar converts to 120 to 125 Icelandic Kronas. There is no minimum wage for jobs in Iceland, salaries are set by negotiated wage contracts, but the average worker’s salary is about $3,950 a month. Salary is based on skill level, experience, and the specific profession.

Accommodation & Visas

There are plenty of housing options in Reykjavik, but none are all that cheap. In smaller cities, there are fewer options, but most towns have guesthouses, hostels, or small hotels for visitors. Except in Reykjavik, rentals are scarce throughout Iceland. Overall, about 75 percent of the housing in Iceland is privately owned, so foreign workers outside of Reykjavik often rely on renting rooms or small apartments in private homes. However, most individuals start in hostels or long-term guesthouses.

Employers that desire workers whose skills are deemed in great demand -- generally high-tech, scientific, research, or computer-oriented -- will often help international workers with the visa process and housing search.

Visas are required to live and work in Iceland on a case-by-case basis, considering the individual’s country of origin. Although, visas are not required for citizens of most European countries and the U.S. Citizens. Citizens of other Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, can move to Iceland  and work without a visa or work permit. Citizens of the other 29 European Economic Area countries plus Switzerland can move to Iceland for up to six months while seeking employment. Otherwise, while getting a work permit won’t be too difficult, searching for a job in Iceland might be. It’s best to have a job lined up before traveling to Iceland.

Benefits & Challenges
  • Expensive & Difficult Quality of Life. Iceland has some of the most rugged and beautiful scenery in the world, one of the highest standards of living in the world, and one of the most egalitarian societies in the world. But the weather is often challenging, winters are long, cold and dark, the taxes are high, and most employment is filled by natives or citizens of other Nordic countries. Working in Iceland can be isolating. The population is less than 325,000 and most of that is in Reykjavik. Therefore social opportunities are sometimes sparse and the population, though tolerant, is not diverse.
  • Multiple Industry Leader. Since Iceland and its work force are both small, independence in the workplace is valued. Original ideas are less likely to get lost in a bureaucratic shuffle, and projects move forward quickly. Due to its isolation, and in response to its recent banking crisis and dependence on just a few industries, Iceland is in the process of reinventing itself as a leader in clean energy, software, and computer development, and as an international conference center. Iceland places a great value on forward-thinking workers.
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