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English teaching jobs abroad are a fantastic way to live overseas and get paid to travel the world! Armed with an International TEFL Academy TEFL TESOL certification, you will be able to work abroad teaching English while getting paid. After completing the TEFL training program, you can quickly begin working in major cities throughout the world. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)...


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Italian cuisine can be difficult to define, as recipes, tastes, ingredients and cooking styles vary enormously from region to region, even though some dishes are now prepared throughout the length and breadth of the country. Why just visit Italy instead! Live and get an internship in a restaurant or hotel in Italy for as long as you want, and have a life-changing experience! ...


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InterExchange offers a short-term au pair job placement in Italy. The ideal au pair candidate is flexible and willing to become a participating member of the host family. Child care duties may include taking the children to and from school, playing with the children, light housework related to child care, preparing meals for the children, tutoring the children, and more. Highly experienced cand...


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THEATRINO is EDUCO'S Theatre In Education drama programme, in collaboration with ACLE, which is a non-profit organization endorsed by the Italian Ministry of Education, operating successfully for 33 years. The company promotes a student based teaching method and was the first in Italy to use drama to teach English to children through Theatre In Education (T.I.E.) with our touring programme, THE...


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A web marketing agency based in Rome is looking for an English fluent speaker to join as Media Planner. This is a wonderful opportunity to join an international company in the beautiful city of Rome. This is a paid internship position. The intern will receive a monthly pay of between 400 Euro and 800 Euro. At the end of the internship, the company can offer interns permanent positions. The...


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Come and join The Language House for an affordable and unforgettable journey to acquiring a teaching post in Italy. Often native English speakers come to Italy thinking that all they need to find an English teaching post is a CELTA certificate. Unfortunately, due to a highly competitive market, a certificate is often not enough to gain a post. The Language House helps its clients navigate throu...


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Spend a few weeks to a year in beautiful Italy while working as an au pair for a professional Italian family. The Totalnannies Ltd program, open to applicants from different countries, includes benefits like wages and holiday pay for successful applicants. In exchange for these benefits and full room and board, participants are expected to help the family in childcare and house chores. The posi...


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NIK|LAS offers a Work and Study program for European students or young travelers in several cities in Italy. The program combines Italian language course for a minimum of four weeks and a job placement in hotels or business establishments. Participants get the chance to study a Standard Italian course while living and working in an Italian city. Qualified applicants can avail of special off...


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Discover what Italy has to offer through this employment opportunity offered by Au Pairs Recruitment. For over a decade after its establishment, the organization has continuously sought for reliable au pairs for well-screened Italian families who are in need of the same. Typical candidates are those who are between the age of 18 and 30, and who have a high proficiency and a good command of the ...

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Working Abroad in Rome

The Eternal City is named so because a spirit of history, power, and global significance has always been a part of its tremendous magnetism. Walking the streets of Rome you will be following the footsteps of citizens, warriors, artists, inventors, and all the influential characters of history that have combined to make this city great. A truly special place to live at least once in your lifetime, jobs in Rome, Italy beckon ambitious individuals from all over the world to pursue their dreams abroad.

Jobs in Rome

Available job opportunities in Rome depend on how long you plan to live and work abroad. Most temporary employment opportunities are in the realm of teaching English and au pairing, and these positions tend to last one or two years depending on how long you plan to work in Rome. There are also many work exchange programs which provide jobs in Rome in the hospitality and tourism industries, in hotels, restaurants, construction projects, and many other sectors. 

If you plan on making Rome your permanent home and wish to begin a career, then the situation becomes more challenging. There are quite a few global companies which offer job opportunities in Rome for foreign employees, but these are quite competitive positions and typically require a high degree of education and training. There are also many prestigious international scientific and cultural institutions which often look to hire from around the globe, but again these jobs are quite competitive.

Undoubtedly, you will want to learn Italian if you plan on finding a job in Rome. Not only is Italian the language of business, but it will help you a tremendous amount in your day to day affairs and while culturally assimilating to your surroundings. There are many people in the city who speak English, but if you truly want to shed the tourist label and feel at home while working abroad in Rome, than you will need to learn the local language.

Life in Rome

Living abroad in Rome you will come to know the modern heart of the city which underlies its impressive ancient architecture and large variety of historical attractions. Due to its beauty and central significance, Rome is an extremely popular tourist destination. Especially in the summer months, many parts of Rome’s historical center are quite crowded with people from all over the world, so as an expat in Rome you will want to familiarize yourself with the nooks and crannies of the city the remain well kept local secrets to stay away from the crowds.

Rome has a good metro system which will inexpensively transport you throughout most of the city, and it is fairly easy to catch a cab from most locations as well. Be careful though – local cab drivers notoriously rip you off tourists, so start brushing up on your Italian if you want to blend in seamlessly with locals and get the local taxi prices!

A fairly relaxed pace governs life in Rome (as throughout all of Italy), so you may experience a reasonable amount of culture shock while adapting to the city’s laid back attitude. Shop owners will close up spontaneously for a siesta, dinners will often carry on for hours, and store owners may not show up until quite late in the morning (especially on Sundays). Once you learn to let go and relax in your new home however, you will wonder how you ever lived any other way.

Salary & Affordability

Since it is such a popular tourist destination, Rome can be a fairly expensive city to live in. However, it is no more expensive than other major Western European cities, and like any major hub it is possible to lead an affordable lifestyle if you are careful with your budget. Living away from the downtown area and buying local products will help preserve your wallet’s size, and there are a lot of cheap cafes and bars where you can spend your free time as well. Plus, many of the city’s historical attractions are totally free to check out.

Your salary will obviously depend on what type of job you obtain in Rome. Generally you can expect temporary jobs in Rome, such as teaching and au pairing, to pay only moderate wages, but many of these will also include some combination of housing and meals as compensation as well.

Accommodation & Visas

Some popular neighborhoods in Rome for expats to find housing include Trastevere, Prati, and Testaccio. Each corner of Rome offers something unique - research what each area of the city to find out which seems most in line with your tastes. It might be easiest to start by renting out a single room and then locating an apartment or flat of your own once you are living  and working in Rome full time. Many employers or placement organizations will even help foreign employees organize housing.

While European nationals do not need a visa to apply for jobs in Rome, most expats coming from outside of the European Union will need to go through the process of obtaining a work and/or residential visa. Your employer will have to sponsor you throughout this process and will likely help take care of many of the details. For more information from the nearest Italian consulate, check out our Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Finding a job in Rome will be the personal and professional adventure of a lifetime. Whether you plan on working in Rome temporarily as a way to see the world or are packing it all up up to make the permanent move, rest assured that you will be arriving in one of the truly great cities of the world where tremendous opportunity awaits. While you’re working in Rome, you’ll be able to walk through the ruins of the Roman Forum and Colosseum as the sun sets over the city at large is a magical experience that will never cease to inspire.

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