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Each year, thousands of people of all ages from a variety of educational backgrounds become TEFL TESOL certified. In a few months, you could be an International TEFL Academy graduate telling your friends how great it is to live and teach English abroad!


We are recruiting highly qualified and motivated candidates with a background in teaching, as well as strong interest in teaching English as a Foreign Language. We are American non-profit organization that works in disadvantaged areas of the Middle East. Candidates will be based at our center in Nablus (Palestine) for our Summer 2016 session (June- late August/ early September 2016, dates may v...


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Through Teach Away, you have access to the widest variety of teaching jobs within public and private schools overseas. Whether you are a recent university grad interested in teaching English, or a licensed teacher with years of experience, Teach Away has the teaching program for you.


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Discover how you can become vital to ensuring the advancement of foreign affairs and pave the way to an exciting career. The U.S. Department of State is dedicated to protecting and strengthening America's interests abroad and at home and you can help. Foreign Service professionals abroad and our Civil Service employees in the U.S. work on challenging issues each day dealing with foreign policy ...


Teach to Travel is offering qualified ESL teachers the opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia. Teachers are entitled to free housing, healthcare, round-trip airfare, allowances, and an end-of-contract bonus. Applicants must be native English speakers with a bachelor's degree in Education or English, with at least two years teaching experience and a Post-Graduate Certificate in English or State Boa...


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Sports Data AG is offering freelancer positions for acquired sports fans. The successful candidates will attend sports events and gather sports statistics, delivering them in real time. Freelancer scouts who live near the venues will be preferred. Applicants must be communicative and reliable, fluent in written and spoken English, familiar with modern communication devices, and have good knowle...


Female dancers are needed in Paphos, Cyprus. Applicants must be tall and well-toned, and must be strong confident dancers who are willing to wear show girl costumes and bikinis. Rehearsals will be held in Cyprus, starting April 4, 2016. The contract runs from May 1, 2016 to October 31, 2016. The dancers will perform two shows each night, in a burlesque/showgirl style and as pop idols. Each ...


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Sunseafun Company is looking for a fitness instructor with a degree in Physical Education. Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a European Union passport, high level of English language skills, have previous experience working with children, in sports, or in the performing arts, comfortable speaking before groups of people, and enough energy and motivation to work six days a week. Dur...


Work full time as a foreign exchange dealer in Limassol, Cyprus. Qualified applicants will be working with TopFX, a European Investment Firm that specializes in Asset Management and Prime Brokerage Services. Main responsibilities for dealers include: 1. Monitoring the risk management system of the company 2. Defining hedging strategies 3. Managing liquidity providers 4. Perform ongoing...


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Work as an Activities Coordinator at a resort in Al-Khubar, Saudi Arabia, for a few months. The position is for immediate hiring. The successful candidate will work on the promotion of tours to teenagers and children, and will participate in activities at the pool and beach areas of the resort. The position requires athletic skills in various sports, such as swimming, volleyball, and basketball.

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Working Abroad in the Middle East

To outsiders the Middle East might appear a region in turmoil, but to inhabitants with a deeply rooted history in the area it remains a land of immense hope and possibility. Finding work abroad in the Middle East can be the beginning of a tremendous journey if you are willing to put in the effort to learn, adapt, and grow from your surroundings. There are many fruitful jobs abroad in the Middle East available to international workers; it is up to you to make the decision to go out and find one!


The Middle East, or western Asia, is located at the apex of the European, Asian, and African continents. The so-called Fertile Crescent which runs through the heart of the Middle East is considered to be the cradle of civilization, where humanity’s roots can be traced back to their earliest technological innovations such as writing, irrigation, and the wheel. Thousands of years later the Middle East is a highly dynamic region where the world’s spotlight increasingly turns its focus.

There are close to 20 recognized nations in the region, depending on the geographical boundaries which you draw. Some of the most popular countries where international workers look for jobs abroad in the Middle East include Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Parts of the Middle East are currently very volatile due to uprisings amid chronic issues of political and economic instability.  Before accepting a job abroad in the Middle East, make certain with your employer and/or jobs abroad program that you will be living in a region which is safe for foreigners to travel to. Despite the international media’s focus on violence in the region, there are still many stable locations where you can enjoy rewarding work abroad in the Middle East.

Jobs in the Middle East

Because the Middle East is very diverse in terms of infrastructural development and economic wealth, you will find an equally wide array of job prospects therein. In the wealthier countries you can work your way up to high level positions in fields such as business, marketing, and finance for very reputable companies. These jobs abroad in the Middle East will typically be selective and require a high level of qualification.

More common are short-term jobs abroad in the Middle East, such as in education or tourism & hospitality. These placements typically last just one or two years and can give you a great taste of what life is like working abroad in the Middle East. You do not necessarily have to have professional experience to work abroad in the Middle East in these areas, though a college degree is often expected.

Lastly, because the Middle East is currently such a hotbed of news and activity, there are many positions available for internationals in journalism, media, and communications. Whether working for local or global organizations, there is important work being done in these fields every day in the Middle East. There are countless ways to work abroad in the Middle East; start by perusing all of our jobs abroad programs on this page!

Salary & Affordability

The salaries and costs of living abroad in the Middle East will vary significantly depending on what country you find yourself in and what job you are working. Overall, foreign employees are generally compensated well in the region, and living expenses are cheaper than in Europe and North America. Your employer may additionally compensate you by covering some of the costs of travel and housing as well.

Accommodation & Visas

Accommodations while you work abroad in the Middle East will generally emphasize safety above all other considerations. In some countries you will be totally safe living in an individual apartment, while in others it is not uncommon for international workers to live in sanctioned compounds where they can feel secure at all times. Talk to your employer about the most common form of housing for international employees in your region.

Visas can be a tricky situation to navigate when you work abroad in the Middle East. You will generally need to have the endorsement of an employer and/or jobs abroad program to apply for residence; the exact details will vary significantly depending on how long you plan on staying and in what country. For more information regarding your specific situation, you can check out GoAbroad's Foreign Embassy Directory.  

Benefits & Challenges

Be Bold. Accepting a job abroad in the Middle East is not for the unadventurous. Amidst cultural shock, language barriers, and regional volatility and you will be challenged in ways that can ultimately define you as a citizen of the world.

Stand Out. Whether you plan on finding work abroad in the Middle East as a short-term solution or a long-term career move, the experience will leap out on paper to future employers. 

Break Barriers. The Middle East is a region that has unfairly been antagonized because of the actions of violent radicals and corrupt politicians acting on both sides of the table. You will find everyday people here to be very friendly, hospitable, and ready to connect on a humanizing level.

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