Jobs Abroad in Norway

4 Jobs Abroad Programs in Norway

International TEFL Academy

Work in picturesque Norway with International TEFL Academy. This opportunity is offered to fluent speakers of the English language and to those who are committed to be trained professionally through a TEFL and TESOL Certification Course. Program options are available in more than 15 Nordic destinations, including Oslo, Troms, and Akershus.

Twin Work & Volunteer

Experience Oslo, Trondheim, and five other cities in Norway through a Working Guest program by Twin Work & Volunteer. Potential employees can choose to work in agriculture or tourism for as long as 24 weeks. The opportunity is open to European participants, provides food, accommodations through a homestay, and pocket money.

Almondbury Au pair and Nanny Agency

Explore life in Norway's capital city of Oslo through Almondbury Au Pair and Nanny Agency job opportunities. Individuals can gain job experience and develop personally and professionally while living with a local family as an au pair. Placements last for as long as 12 months and are open to individuals of any nationality with childcare experience.

Sports Data AG

Indulge in the culture of Norway by attaining employment through Sports Data AG. Interested individuals should be fluent in written and spoken English, be open to working immediately, and have a good knowledge of Norwegian sports. Selected applicants will have the chance to attend top local sporting events and get paid to do so!