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Alliance Abroad Group GUARANTEES a 6-12 month PAID hospitality job BEFORE you land in Australia. How do we do it? We have a great team in Australia and the US that have established excellent relationships with leading Australian hotels and resorts. We also ensure you are taken care of every step of the way. We help with your visa, housing and even organize Meet Ups with other AAG participants i...


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Would you like to explore the wonders of Spain? Sip Sangria and try your hand at surfing? Would you like to make some extra money while at it? Well, Instituto Hemingway has just the thing for you! We are offering beauty therapists the chance to enjoy Spain while enhancing their résumés. Instituto Hemingway places interns all over Spain. While it specializes in teaching Spanish to foreigners...


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Our Work & Travel Canada program gives U.S. citizens between the ages of 18 and 35 a chance to experience the beauty of our northern neighbor while earning money throughout the year. Start with an arrival orientation in Vancouver or Toronto and continue with job support throughout your program. If you already have a job in mind we can also help you organize your 12-month working holiday visa! ...


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BUNAC's Work Australia program offers you the opportunity for the trip of a lifetime. Choose from 2 support packages based on the level of support in this beautiful country. Work Australia is a program authorized by the Australian Government to allow young Americans (aged 18-30) to work in Australia for up to 12 months. Australia, one of the largest and most beautiful countries in the world,...


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Work a ski season in New Zealand this winter and claim the ultimate bragging rights. With a guaranteed job interview prior to departure and Smaller Earth assistance throughout the whole process, participants can arrive in New Zealand confident and ready for their next big adventure. Small Earth has plenty of job opportunities for the summer season, too. With start dates throughout the fall a...


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China has captivated the minds of people around the world for thousands of years. In recent decades, China has been widely acknowledged as a global powerhouse, from cultural exports to business prowess, from the fine arts to technology. Chinese organizations have long understood the value of foreign employees for enhancing the effectiveness of their work. With an increasing number of multinatio...


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Have you asked yourself what you want to achieve during your time abroad? Is it experiencing a new way of living or challenging yourself beyond your usual comfort zone? If this is the case, The Visitoz programme may be just what you are looking for. We provide a short introductory course to Australian farm work and then arrange a suitable job that will match your skills in outback Australia....


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Responsibility for the daily supervision and instruction of a small group of children in an international ski camp environment. In addition to instructing a daily programme of skiing and snowboarding, counselors will participate in a programme of evening activities, supervise meals and be assigned to some wake-up, lights-out and other duties. All staff must be a role model to the children, act ...


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On our path to becoming an adult, we're often pressured to follow what's deemed to be the "normal" way of doing things. A working holiday is a chance to break away from that. Whether you're looking for an alternative to your normal summer job or you've graduated from college and you have a burning desire to travel and live abroad, a working holiday is an experience that will take you out of you...


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USEH International offers paid culinary internship and traineeship opportunities in the United States. The program will allow participants to have a rotation within the Culinary Department, where they will be able to see applications in different outlets, including Main Kitchen, Banquet Kitchen, and Inventory. Placements are based on the interns' experience and interest areas, such as hot kitch...


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Have you always wanted to live abroad but never knew where to start? The Language House helps you turn your dreams into reality by guiding you from a rough idea thru to a solid action plan to actually carrying out that plan. Why continue to put off having the life you really want? Don't postpone joy, come and join us. The Job Abroad Coaching Package is designed for those who want to live and wo...


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Get qualified in an industry you love and become a certified Ski or Snowboard instructor in Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan or the USA. Training packages include a guaranteed job offer!!! The inclusive EA Ski and Snowboard Training course packages combines your exam fees, training costs, lift passes, training accommodation and VISA assistance as well a job offer and much more! ...


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Placement Italy is an Italian company with the mission of helping international students and graduates that are looking for internships and jobs in Italy. Placement Italy has partners in all the most important cities in Italy, such as Bologna, Florence, Milan, Naples, Pisa, Rome, Turin, Venice and Verona. In order to become a partner, companies have to meet Placement Italy requirements. Int...


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The Working Holiday in Canada program offers you the chance to experience beautiful, natural Canada including ski hills, modern cities, vibrant multiculturalism, wilderness and the highest quality of living in the world. Whether you start in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal or Vancouver you will always discover something new and exciting like the Olympic ski runs, Niagara falls or the Calgary Stamped...


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Aquarius Abroad's Jobs in Australia program allows candidates to live an outstanding experience and discover a new culture in either the city of Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, or Brisbane. Successful candidates will be able to finance their trip, meet new people, improve their English, and build their curriculum vitae.

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Resort Jobs Abroad

Every year, people shell out billions for the tourism industry, paying high sums to stay in some of the most gorgeous spots all over the world. However, not everyone can spare a pretty penny for such high class digs. If you’re looking for a way to live the high life on the cheap, resort jobs abroad could provide you with the opportunity to explore international scenery while earning money at the same time. From the beach to the mountains, resort jobs abroad will teach you competitive professional skills and give you memories to last a lifetime. On your days off, you’ll have plenty of time to explore your surroundings and act like you are nothing less than a tourist.

Why Work at a Resort Abroad

If traveling internationally is your dream, but you don’t necessarily have the funds to do so, pursuing work at a resort abroad, in the country of your choice, can allow you to travel with the added bonus of an income. For nearly anyone that has ever flipped through a travel brochure or found themselves on the website of a resort in a far-off land, looking at photos of sandy beaches or snow-capped mountains, wishing they could be there, seeking out jobs in one of these fantastical places can make your daydream become a reality.

Additionally, if learning a new language appeals to you, there is no better way to throw yourself into the mix than to work in a resort abroad, especially a resort that draws a very international crowd of patrons and employees. Resort jobs abroad will expose you to people of numerous nationalities, so you’ll easily get foreign language skills under your belt as you gain a range of resume worthy experiences, not to mention the opportunity to play as hard as you work.


Whether you aspire to work in a resort nestled in the mountaintops of the Alps where you can watch snowflakes drift to the ground from a toasty lodge each day or you’d prefer to be watching rolling waves crash onto the beach splashing sea water on your face, there is a resort job that can fit with your goals somewhere in the world.

As far as ski resorts go, you’ll scarcely find better places to work abroad than Switzerland, France, or Austria, which all contain parts of the Alps and the coinciding major ski areas of the mountain range. You can spend your days teaching skiing and snowboarding, preparing delicious food, or working hard to ensure the happiness of resort guests. As an added bonus, the central European locations of many winter wonderland resorts makes it easy to take a train and explore nearby countries and towns during your time off.

Taking a working holiday in Ireland can prove to be a relaxing yet productive time in your life. Resort jobs in Ireland include opportunities to work at golf courses or even in a converted castle! You could spend your days on sunny stretches of land as a golf course attendant or working in the spa at a resort. It won’t take you long to learn why the Irish are some of the friendliest people in the world.

For those drawn to stretching coastlines far away from any cold weather, consider international resort jobs in Australia or New Zealand, where resorts cater to the customer base of vacationers and ocean sports enthusiasts. Specialty resort jobs in this region of the world include surf instruction and tour guiding around local areas, but there are also plenty of kitchen or housekeeping staff positions available too. 

Resort Jobs Abroad

No two resort jobs abroad will look the same. While there are the usual suspects, don’t feel confined to certain landscapes or locations if you want to work at a resort abroad. Browse through enticing photos that look like the vacation of your dreams, and then seek out opportunities for resort employment there; this is the type of job that you can actually go where your heart desires.

Ski Resorts. If you love the thrill of winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, consider resort jobs abroad in one of the thousands of luxury ski resorts around the world, on some of the most sought after mountains for ski enthusiasts. Common positions include working ski lifts, where your day is spent helping patrons of the resort enjoy the slopes, kitchen positions, where you will prepare and cook food for the resort or its accompanying restaurant, and miscellaneous support jobs, like housekeeping or front desk customer service. More often than not, though who work at ski resorts receive complimentary ski passes, so when your shift is over, get out there and go, go, go!

Beach Resorts. Warm weather, breathtaking ocean views, and the smell of the salt water spray in the morning are all small pieces that make the puzzle of working at a beach resort worth completing. Hotels, spas, and other resorts positioned on ocean-adjacent property all over the world hire foreign employees, both seasonal and year-round, to ensure their guests have the stay of a lifetime. Common beach resort jobs abroad include hotel housekeeping, kitchen work or serving positions in resort restaurants and bars, customer service positions for those with experience, and specialty work, such as SCUBA or surf instruction, for those with relevant skills.

Wages. Fortunately, international resort jobs can introduce you to some of the most beautiful places in the world; however, be aware that oftentimes you may only make enough money to live on. Wages for resort jobs abroad are typically around minimum wage, but keep in mind that your income can vary dramatically from nation to nation. Also, higher wages can usually be secured by those with relevant hospitality work experience.

Accommodation. Depending on the type of resort you work at, you may or may not be offered accommodations as part of your salary package. In general, expect remote resorts, such as the ones located in mountain wilderness and hard-to-get-to beach locations, like small islands, to offer employees housing, due to the difficulty of commuting or finding available housing options. However, many popular resorts do not provide accommodations for their staff, but instead provide tips as to where to find affordable housing.

Remember that there are often unseen benefits of international resort jobs, such as discounted or free passes to ski slopes, discounts on surfing lessons or boat rentals, and reduced cost meals at resort restaurants.

Benefits & Challenges

It is not always feasible to travel to deluxe resort locations on a small budget, especially if you are a recent graduate or someone who is looking for legitimate seasonal work. The solution to this dilmena, that combines work and travel, is geteting a resort job abroad!

Tailor-Made Travel. Fortunately, working at a resort can be almost anything you want it to be. Whether you’re interested in a specific place, a specific outdoor activity, or just want experience to put on your resume while being able to travel, the perfect international resort job is out there awaiting your application.

Luxurious Locations. Resorts are popular for one reason: location, location, location. Working on white sand beaches or atop freshly fallen snow on ages-old mountains grants you access to some of the most valuable land in the world, and some of the most amazing views.

Real Work. If you’re working at your dream location resort, it will be more than tempting to focus less on the “work” and more on the “play.” For this reason, we oftentimes encourage would-be-expats to find a resort job abroad at a top destination on their list, but not their number one, gotta-see-it place. Save that special spot for your very own vacation someday.

Is the resort life for you? It’s hard to know unless you try. So don your best smile, pin your name badge on your (*fingers crossed* cute) uniform, take in the beautiful surroundings, and enjoy the sweet life working at a resort abroad.

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