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Smaller Earth provides job opportunities in New Zealand which allows participants to immerse themselves into Kiwi culture while working for up to an entire year in any job. Home to remarkable mountains, dramatic coastlines, and lush rainforests, the country is recognized for being a playground for those who have the thirst for adventure. The participants receive 12-month access to a job board, ...


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China has captivated the minds of people around the world for thousands of years. In recent decades, China has been widely acknowledged as a global powerhouse, from cultural exports to business prowess, from the fine arts to technology. Chinese organizations have long understood the value of foreign employees for enhancing the effectiveness of their work. With an increasing number of multinatio...


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Placement Italy is an Italian company with the mission of helping international students and graduates that are looking for internships and jobs in Italy. Placement Italy has partners in all the most important cities in Italy, such as Bologna, Florence, Milan, Naples, Pisa, Rome, Turin, Venice and Verona. In order to become a partner, companies have to meet Placement Italy requirements. Int...


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Experience all the exciting possibilities of living and working Down Under! Explore the outback, dive at the Great Barrier Reef, or enjoy the vibrant city life of Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, or Melbourne. While on the program, participants have complete flexibility to live and work anywhere in Australia for up to one year. IENA's resource centers located in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Melbourne p...


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Immigration New Zealand has opened a Working Holiday Visa for Polish nationals You have to be between 18 and 30 years old to participate in the program


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Rocket Internships HQ is located in Berlin - one of Europe's hottest start up hubs. We are part of a great network of start ups, small, and medium-sized companies across Europe. Our model is not that of a classic agency; we are a marketplace open to anyone seeking or offering international talent. You can find host companies, placement agents, student accommodation, and help for visa issues on ...


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Land a successful job in Australia through Gap360. Job hopefuls can get paid to work for up to 12 months. Traveling to Australia provide opportunities to meet other people, learn about Aussie culture, and participate in exciting activities. Gap360 supports applicants in securing a job.


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Eurodivers Zante is looking to hire a receptionist for its Dive Center in Zakynthos, Greece. To work in a social environment with tourists from all over the world with the interest in scuba diving, applicants need to be a social, organized, hardworking, and forward sales person with a positive attitude and interest in scuba diving. The successful candidate will deal with sales and bookings, plu...


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USIT Travel Work in Ireland Program gives graduates and young professionals the opportunity to come to Ireland and experience all that the country has to offer for four months up to two years. During their stay, candidates will be guided through the process of applying for jobs, finding places to live, taxes, and organizing social events, mixers, and more. With the program, participants can wor...


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Work as a Front Desk Administrative Assistant at a 5-star Diving School. You will start at the beginning of April 2016 for a duration of six months, with possible extension. This is a dry position, but we expect a passion for diving. During your work-in period you will take part in the diving school’s most popular activities! You Duties: Administrative: - Planning and organisation of da...

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Scuba Jobs Abroad

For those born with a sense of adventure, finding a scuba job abroad might just be your calling. Scuba diving is an immensely popular adventure travel activity, wherein working abroad as a divemaster or in a related position can be your ticket to living in some of the most beautiful areas of our planet. If you are interested in constantly exploring new depths, trying new things, and meeting people from all over the world, then work abroad in scuba diving!

Why Work Abroad in Scuba

Why settle for the known? Being a popular adventure sport all over the world, working abroad in scuba diving can take you to any destination where there are new waters to be explored. And because the profession allows for a great deal of mobility, landing a scuba job abroad is likely to be just the beginning of a grand global adventure. It is an unrivaled opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and get lost in the world.


Every continent has their most popular diving spots, and so there are plenty of destinations where to find a scuba job abroad. Starting with the South Pacific, countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia are famous for having some of the best diving in the world. Many adventure travellers from the far corners of the earth flock to these destinations exclusively to dive.

In the Americas, diving is also very popular in Central America and the Caribbean region; countries such as Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic in particular can be great places to look for scuba jobs abroad. A little further south, coastal nations including Argentina, Chile, and Peru hold their own when it comes to diving as well.

There are continuous openings to work abroad in scuba diving all over the world. From England to Kenya, each landscape boasts their own unique opportunities. Another convenient aspect about looking for work abroad in scuba diving is that, because it is largely a travel-based activity where your clientele will be coming from all around the world, speaking English fluently can help you land work even if you are not immediately familiar with your host country’s native  language.

Jobs & Positions

Acquiring a scuba job abroad as an instructor or divemaster generally demands a significant amount of training and accreditation. While different countries will vary in their exact requirements, you will most often be expected to be certified as an advanced open water diver, rescue diver, divemaster, and emergency first responder at the base level. This can require up to several months of training; thereafter the more experience you have, the higher level position you can typically look to fill.

Once you have earned the necessary qualifications, the skillset can take you anywhere in the world. There a diversity of different types of scuba jobs abroad that you can look for, ranging from working as a dive instructor to owning a dive shop to assisting in scientific research (or any combination thereof). You will also have the option of either looking for work with an existing agency, or else launching your own private venture.

Visa requirements and salaries for scuba jobs abroad will vary between countries, with pay also largely depending on the amount of experience you have and how much you choose to work. In general don’t expect to make away with a king’s ransom, but look on the bright side – you’re getting paid to do what you love!

Benefits & Challenges

Interact. Getting a scuba job abroad will enable you to continuously meet people from all over the world of an adventurous breed. If you’re a people person, you’ll do great.

Explore. Travel is embedded in the profession; once you gain the necessary qualifications to work abroad in scuba diving, you can bring that skillset to however many new locations your are willing to adventure to!

Dive. Finally, as if it needs being said, finding a scuba job abroad will bring you the opportunity to dive until your heart's content. If you love it enough, why not get paid for it?

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