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25 Social Work Jobs Abroad Programs

Job Placements with Knowledge Must in India

Gain work experience as a Social Worker abroad with Knowledge Must. Deepen cultural understanding and establish professional contacts while working abroad. This job placement program is open to worldwide participants.

Work in Ireland Program

The placement gives graduates and young professionals the chance to live in Ireland and experience all that the country has to offer for 4 months up to two years (depending on your country of citizenship). During your stay, our committed Work in Ireland team will guide you through the process of applying for jobs, finding a place to live, taxes, as well as organizing social events, mixers a...

Au Pair in Spain

Live and work abroad in Spain.. become an Au Pair! This is the perfect experience for experiencing the Spanish culture, learning the language, and EARNING a paycheck! Placements are in Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Malaga, and Santander. Students from around the world find Spain to be an exceptional place to live and learn a language that is already spoken by more than 400 million people arou...

UK Healthcare - Care Assistants Needed.

Responsible to: Senior Care Assistants Experience: 1 yrs relevant experience in a similar role Purpose of the Position: To care for the clients in a manner which respects their dignity and privacy and promotes their independance Principle Responsibilities: - To comply with the homes Health and safety, COSHH and envionmental Health regulations - To establish a safe and happy environment...

Study or Intern with SN Mandarin|Realize Your Chinese Dream!

Apply for a job in the Social Work field with SNMandarin Chinese Academy. Located in the city of Shanghai, the program offers the opportunity to work with professionals this spring or summer. Job placement includes accommodation, cultural immersion, and transportation.

Work in India and enrich your profile!

Work in the field of Social Work through placements abroad with Bridge Global Gaps Services. Participants have the opportunity to experience exotic locations in India, such as the Himalayas and the Ganges. Programs offer a great mix of work, travel, language, and cultural immersion.

New Zealand Internships - Quality & Service

Best Service, Best Quality guaranteed! Being the first on the market, we have vast experience in finding qualitative placements and close relationships to businesses in every industry, reaching from agriculture to engineering and marketing to tourism. We are proud to say that we have successfully positioned more than 1,500 students in organizations throughout New Zealand. You think that...

Twin Work & Volunteer

Make a difference while earning with Twin Work & Volunteer. Live and work in Italy, Norway, and Australia for a year. This job placement in the field of Social Work is open to worldwide applicants.

Beijing & Shanghai Internships - Summer Program

The ImmerQi China Internship Program offers you the opportunity to gain international work experience in a dynamic economy, learn Mandarin and become culturally immersed in one of the most fascinating countries in the world. This is the ideal program for undergraduates looking to get international experience before graduating or recent graduates trying to get their foot in the door. You c...

Business Immigration NZ

Land a Social Work job abroad through Business Immigration NZ. A licensed immigration agency with many years of experience, the organization has a high success rate in relocating immigratns to New Zealand. The agency has recenly helped people immigrate from the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Jordan, and Romania.

Get Into China: Volunteer Coordinator

There are more then 150 000 foreigners in Beijing. A number of them can be mobilized for voluntary work for the charity. 1. Liaison with the expats living in Beijing and develop a database of people willing to engage in voluntary work. 2. Develop clear documentation for volunteers 3. Identify concrete tasks that can be carried out by volunteers. 4. Develop a system and tools to manage and...

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Social Work Jobs Abroad

If you’re already a social work professional or working toward a degree, you know the great reward – though often fraught with frustration – of working with and helping people, whether it’s in the area of child protection and welfare services, adult mental health, human rights or labor issues, or helping to improve literacy, health, and career training for the poor. You probably already know, too, that social work is not a field in which many get rich, and that’s doubly true for most social work jobs abroad. In most areas of the world, working in social work provides much more than financial gains. Social workers are instead a very dedicated group of professionals devoted to helping

Why Work Abroad

The advantages of social work jobs abroad can outweigh the lack of a financial reward. Success -- and the satisfaction that comes with it -- in all fields of social work is dependent on the knowledge of, and familiarity with, human behavior. Challenging yourself to learn in a different cultural context through social work abroad will widen your perspective and experiences, show you new ways to practice old skills, and show you how other professionals treat seemingly universal problems and conditions.


There is a worldwide need for social workers, and the geography often depends on the specialty in the field of social work.

Africa. The west African countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone are reeling from the Ebola epidemic, and need help from social workers in all areas, but especially those with experience in mental health and survivor issues and the ability to educate others about the treatment of these issues. In many African countries, such as South Africa, where the HIV/AIDs epidemic has left a multitude of orphans and street children there are opportunities for international social work jobs in mentoring, counseling, and educating local children. Rwanda also needs counselors, teachers, and job training experts, as survivors of the war of genocide that killed more than 800,000 people attempt to rebuild their lives.

The Caribbean & Latin America. The needs of much of this region are linked to long-term poverty and a lack of access to health care, clean water, adequate housing, and education.  Haiti was already the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere when a major earthquake struck in 2010, increasing its need for every type of social service, especially social workers with some fluency in Creole or French. Nicaragua is the poorest country in Central America, still rebuilding from civil war a generation ago. Relief agencies in Nicaragua recruit international social workers with expertise in fair trade, agriculture, and public health services. In Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala and Colombia, the poor, especially indigenous people in rural areas, are often forced into near slave labor and need social and legal assistance. Those who fulfill international social work jobs in these nations can also help provide more educational opportunities and job training.

Europe. The U.K.,  and especially London, are excellent starting places for someone recently graduated with a social work degree, because you can submit an application through the General Social Care Council, the governing or licensing body that sets standards for social workers in the U.K., and be matched to a social work job that fits you best. This council also makes sure international social workers are guided through the necessary paperwork and permits. Social workers with a specialty in elder issues and care are in demand throughout England, as well as in France too.

Asia & Oceania. There is also a shortage of qualified social workers in New Zealand, in part because of a new government emphasis on child protective services and a fairly recent emphasis on improving the welfare and socio-economic position of the indigenous Māori population. China is an emerging market for social work jobs abroad too. As the country undergoes its transformation from an agrarian-based society to a mostly urban population with a free market economy, the need for social workers is expected to boom -- far more quickly than its supply of trained professionals.

Social Work Jobs

Social work is such a sprawling field that there is a specialty field for almost every interest, but  the main possibilities fall roughly into these categories: 

Mental Health. This might be the toughest area for social work abroad, because it will be quite difficult to narrow down your possibilities. Counseling and psychological services range from the needs of neglected children in city slums.

Education. No matter where you look for a social work job abroad, working in a school is one of the most plentiful opportunities and better compensated social work jobs around the world, particularly in urban areas. As a school social worker, you will act as a liaison between the school and students’ families, and you may also work with special needs children to help integrate them into mainstream classes.

Rehabilitation. Drug and substance abuse counselors are also needed worldwide, in many different types of settings, ranging from schools, to rehabilitation facilities, to prisons and juvenile correction facilities. Social work jobs abroad in this area are on the rise, and expected to grow for at least the next five years, unfortunately. 

Public Health & Disaster Relief. International social work jobs in this area are generally through NGOs and humanitarian organizations, and cover a wide range of specialties from support work for people displaced by natural disasters, war, political uprisings, or disease epidemics, to teacher training and public health education or other services. In addition to a degree in your specialty or an MSW, you will likely need to go through specialized training and language lessons specific to the country where will be placed. 

Medical & Aging Support. Social workers with the ability to work in the medical field are always in high demand, but the demand is also on the rise in many parts of the world. Social work jobs overseas in this area are available in almost any type of patient care setting -- hospitals, emergency rooms, hospices, nursing homes, rehabilitation clinics, assisted living centers, or agencies that provide home health services. International social workers must act as a patient rights advocate, making sure patients get the type and quality care they need, while also working as a liaison between caregivers and families, assisting with paperwork, financial issues and decision making, and providing grief counseling when necessary.

Salary & Affordability

Paid international social work jobs – especially those on the grass roots level – are highly competitive and hard to land, mainly because NGOs and humanitarian organizations are stretched thin on personnel and funding and cannot afford to recruit, host, subsidize, or pay workers unless they fill a very specific and usually highly-skilled niche. Social work job candidates most sought after are those who already have several years of experience in their own countries, and some international volunteer experience. Often, the first step toward a career in international social work is getting a foot in the door as a volunteer.

In the U.S., the U.K., Australia or Western Europe, a social worker with a Master’s degree or who is a licensed clinical social worker and has some experience can expect to find a starting social work job in the range of $30,000 to $40,000 a year, a child protective services worker between $25,000 and $47,000 a year, and a school social worker or drug abuse counselor (in the public field) somewhere between $25,000 and $47,000 a year (keep in mind all salaries are dependent on specific locations and experience).


Social workers see the world through a unique perspective -- need. The opportunity to obtain international social work jobs and study how other cultures perceive the problems of humankind is invaluable. Whether you’re working in social work abroad with refugees in a war-torn area, providing natural disaster relief, working in a school, a slum, or a hospital, you’ll be working with -- and for -- people who see the world differently, approach problems differently, and react differently to situations. The result will be both educational and rewarding.

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