Journalism Jobs Abroad in Spain

4 Journalism Jobs Abroad in Spain


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Paid jobs programmes all around Spain in Hospitality Management, Teaching English, etc. You won't get rich, but you will earn enough to cover basic expenses. Paid Job Placement: From 1 month - No maximum stay! * Eligibility: EU members, USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea. * Required Level: All levels welcome, from initial. * Affordable accommodations in shared apartments from 2...


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BEST launches Business Experience Program through semester and academic year work experience placements in Madrid, Spain. Graduates and young professionals can gain international business experience through semester and academic year internship placements in Madrid. Internships focus on preparing students for working in an international environment in the field of their area of study: ie. Gener...


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Soccer International is looking for a freelance writer to produce specialized post game football reports in the Spanish La Segunda. This part-time opportunity gives the football enthusiast a chance to write on the sport and league that they love. The ideal candidate will possess an expert knowledge of Spanish La Segunda which means understanding the teams and being familiar with the players ...


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City Travel Review attracts project members each year to take part within our study/working gap placement programmes. Project members are usually undergraduates, post graduates, working young people taking a short sabbatical or those taking a gap year before or after University or even those in between jobs wanting to gain some productive working experience while learning a foreign language and...