Hotel/Restaurant/Hospitality Jobs Abroad in Malaga, Spain

6 Hotel/Restaurant/Hospitality Jobs Abroad Programs in Malaga, Spain

Paid Internships in Spain - and Many other Benefits!

Experience working in a Spanish environment through Instituto Hemingway's job opportunities. Positions are in the hospitality industry and include working in one of the Top Wineries, Spas, Resorts, and more, in various cities around Spain. This program includes free meals, accommodations, insurance, and payment.

Twin Work & Volunteer

Work in Spain's hospitality industry and further immerse into Spanish culture with Twin Work & Volunteer. This paid work experience is open to 18 to 30 year old Europeans with an intermediate knowledge of the Spanish language. Job assignments will hugely depend on the language proficiency of employees.

RAM Universal S. A.

RAM Universal provides jobs and the opportunity to experienced as well as non-experienced persons, to travel abroad. All our collaborating hotels & resorts are 4 or 5 star, located on the beautiful & sunny islands of Kos, Rhodes or in Halkidiki.