Jobs Abroad in Chiang Mai, Thailand

10 Jobs Abroad Programs in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Get Paid to Teach English in Thailand

Obtain an intercultural teaching experience with International TEFL Academy. Program placements are available in 48 locations including Ayutthaya, Ban Phai, and Bangkok. Participants can experience Thai culture, gain a TEFL/TESOL certification, and build up an international professional network.

ITTT: The World is Your Classroom!

Experience living and working abroad with International TEFL and TESOL Training. The program placements are located in Ban Phai, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. Each placement requires participants to be native or near native English speakers, and are available all throughout the year.


Explore Thailand with GeoVisions teaching English in primary or secondary schools in various places throughout Bangkok and other Thai cities. For six hours a day, Monday through Thursday, participants are provided with a stipend, medical insurance, and accommodation at an apartment or flat.

TEFL Certification and Teaching Programs in Thailand

Indulge in the beautiful Thai culture with the American TESOL Institute. Teach English as a Second Language in Ayutthaya, Bangkok, Chonburi, and other locations. Experience the food, learn the language, and meet new friends all while earning a TESOL certificate.

Greenheart Travel

Get paid while teaching English in the "Land of Smiles" with Greenheart Travel in Thailand. Based in the cities of Chiang Mai and Huan Hin, the program allows participants to teach grades K-12 for a whole semester. Spend your weekends exploring the amazing beaches, delicious street food, and Buddhist temples of this diverse and tropical country. The program is open to native English speakers wi...

Entrust TEFL

Experience working in Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, or Krabi with Entrust TEFL. Individuals are provided assistance landing a job placement teaching English as a Foreign Language. This opportunity is open to worldwide participants who are fluent in English who can work independently or in a group.

Sports Data AG

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