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10 Jobs Abroad Programs in the United Arab Emirates


The successful applicant must be an effective communicator, confident in establishing open communication with students, staff and parents, needing to be sympathetic with the ethos and values of a learning and teaching environment that is more local with a high population of Emirati/Arab students. Applicants must be UK qualified and experienced with at least 5 years experience in a senior manage...

Project Manager

MIMC, an innovative and reputable consultancy and project management work in the Middle East, is in need of a Project Manager for its office in Dubai (UAE). The duties of a Project Manager: - Manage project and client expectations, work across a variety of projects and interface with clients directly. - Assist in the implementation of all project management aspects of the project assign...

RAM Universal S. A.

RAM Universal provides jobs and the opportunity to experienced as well as non-experienced persons, to travel abroad. All our collaborating hotels & resorts are 4 or 5 star, located on the beautiful & sunny islands of Kos, Rhodes or in Halkidiki.

High Level Sales - Working Internationally

Wall Street Market Research is looking for a sales executive to acquire financial sponsorship for the publication of reports. The sales executive will meet, communicate with, and persuade decision makers of the highest level. Wall Street Market Research reports are aimed at informing readers of the economic conditions, investment climates of different countries and highlight and promote busines...

Media Plus

Develop professional skills in the field of Advertising through this job placement provided by Media Plus. Successful candidates work as Television Advertising Sales Executive and will be involve in various assigned projects in different countries and regions. Furthermore, they will be able to meet and sell marketing and media solutions to government ministers as well as CEOs of the most influe...

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Working Abroad in the United Arab Emirates

Looking for international work experience that will offer flexibility, choice, plus, allow you to experience an electrifying country, complete with modern culture and history? English teachers are in great demand in the United Arab Emirates making it an excellent field to pursue when looking to work in the UAE. The country provides the perfect opportunity to experience a unique culture while surrounded by one of the most cutting edge societies on the planet and earning a great tax free salary.

Geography & Demographics

The UAE is the most cosmopolitan country in the Middle East. With large cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the country gets lots of tourists, business travelers, and expatriates looking for overseas adventures. The UAE is home to an impressive number of attractions and amenities, and is known for its extensive shopping centers, boutiques, and markets. But to really understand life in the UAE, you have to learn about the culture that fills this exquisite country.

Food & Culture

The traditional language is Arabic; however, other languages such as English, Hindi, and Persian are widely spoken throughout the country. It is estimated that the population of the UAE is around 4.4 million, with Emiratis making up only 15 to 20 percent of this number. Therefore, there is a huge influx of foreigners who have immigrated to the UAE from across the globe. 

Emirati culture mainly revolves around the religion of Islam, one of the world’s most popular religions, which accounts for 96 percent of the population. The culture is built upon the authority of Islam, as well as traditional Arab influence and dates back to the Bedouin, or desert dwellers, who first founded the region. 

The Islamic dress code is not compulsory, unlike in other Middle Eastern countries. Many Emirati men of all ages wear a dishdash, which is an ankle length white shirt woven from wool or cotton. Women tend to wear an abaya, a black over garment covering most of the body. Western style clothing is also very popular, with lots of western clothing stores selling the latest fashion styles. Emirati women who dress in western styles tend to maintain a modest look, avoiding sleeveless tops and dresses that fall above the knee.

Proper etiquette is an important aspect of the UAE culture. Visitors to the UAE are expected to show appropriate etiquette and follow guidelines set out by the government. For more information on the various rules, visit Arab Laws World

Working in the U.A.E.

Teachers who hold a Bachelors of Education will have the best chance of obtaining work at both public and international schools. TEFL teachers may find it difficult at first to find work in the UAE, as positions will go to experienced teachers with advanced credentials. 

Most schools begin in late August, or early September, so spring is the best time to start an employment search. However, there are job vacancies throughout the year as well. Generally, potential teachers are interviewed and hired quickly, and visas are processed prior to arrival.

The opportunity to live in the Middle East and draw your own conclusions about the country, the people, and the society rather than just what the western news portrays is an enlightening opportunity. Plus, the chance to learn about a new and exciting culture is an amazing experience and a priceless highlight but some more tangible perks include:


  • Tax free salary
  • Well paid placements
  • Bountiful vacation time, which includes national holidays and summer months
  • Modern environment with familiar amenities


As with any chance in life, there will be challenges, and misconceptions to overcome, however there are thousands of teachers happily living out their dream of teaching abroad in the UAE. If you are looking for a life changing experience that will allow you to share your knowledge, and gain wisdom in the most unlikely places, then wait no longer – start the search now for a teaching position in the UAE.

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