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A Guide to Working Abroad in Vienna

Vienna, Austria’s capital and the sixth largest city in the European Union, perennially ranks as one of the most prosperous cities in the world where to find work abroad. Known as the City of Music because of its rich classical legacy, Vienna has for many centuries been one of the most important cultural hubs on the continent. It is also a majorly influential economic and political center in the current global landscape, meaning that as an expatriate you can find all different types of jobs abroad in Vienna.

Jobs Abroad in Vienna

Vienna is a highly desirable city to live in, which can also understandably make it a competitive place to find work. If you want to work abroad in Vienna through a jobs abroad program, then your options are generally limited to either education or the tourism industry, for which expatriates can easily get short-term work visas to live in the city. For example teaching English, working for a travel organization, or working at a hotel are a few of the most widely available jobs abroad in Vienna to gain access to.

If you have your sights set on launching a more long-term career path based in Vienna, then the situation becomes more complicated because you will usually need to gain endorsement from your employer for a work and residential visa. Nevertheless, because it is a global city which is home to many international organizations, opportunities to work abroad in Vienna within the globally-oriented job market do remain fairly plentiful.

Because it has a highly developed economy (it is one of the wealthiest cities in the whole world), most private-sector jobs in Vienna are within the high end services sector; there are hundreds of multinational companies with headquarters located in Vienna that you might seek employment with. Research, development, and information technologies are a few such prominent industries where you might find work abroad in Vienna.

Life in Vienna

There is good reason why Vienna sits atop most quality of life rankings around the world. Formerly the capital of the Austro-Hungarian empire, this beautiful city resting just north of the Alps has been a beacon of culture and thought in Central Europe for many centuries. For the expatriate today who pursues work abroad in Vienna, you will find little has changed in this regard. It is a truly stimulating urban environment.

A rich and diverse array of museums, theaters, and historical monuments will provide for endless culturally immersive opportunities while you work abroad in Vienna. Some of the most popular sites around the city include the likes of the Schonbrunn Palace, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and Vienna State Opera House. The entire historical city center is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Transportation throughout Vienna and neighboring regions is also quick and easy, as the city is a central hub of an intricate system of metro, bus, and train lines. While you work abroad in Vienna, be sure to take advantage of the great public transportation to explore as much of the city (and other nearby destinations in Europe) as possible. For adventure travelers, the Austrian Alps are also right in your backyard!

Salaries & Costs

As mentioned, Vienna is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, so you can expect most costs of living here to be proportionally expensive. Generally you will earn a salary reflective of this higher living standard while you work abroad in Vienna, though obviously your pay is subject to a great deal of variation between industries. The good news is that, while very prosperous, Vienna still remains significantly more affordable than larger global cities nearby such as London and Paris.

Accommodation & Visas

Real estate prices can also be very high in Vienna, which is why many expatriates choose to live in the surrounding suburban areas instead of closer to the city center. Because it is such an efficiently connected city, you can live in any number of surrounding communities and still be able to commute easily to your job in Vienna. Many local employees even commute all the way from other countries, such as nearby Slovakia!

What type of visa you will need to work abroad in Vienna depends on factors such as your home country and the duration of your employment. Because of EU labor laws, citizens from within the European Union are permitted to seek jobs in Vienna without obtaining documentation. Citizens from other countries will generally have to be endorsed for a visa by their local employer. For more information relating to your situation, check out our Austrian Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

High Culture. Where else in the world can you so casually go out to see an opera, or attend a formal winter ball for that matter? While modern in many ways, a fun aspect of Vienna is how closely it holds its classical traditions.

Livability. Vienna is always at least in the top five for global rankings in livability, and often fills the number one spot. The statistic speaks for itself.

Legacy. Lastly, Vienna has a deep history as one of the most influential cities on the continent. From the Habsburg dynasty in the middle ages to its current central position in international affairs, Vienna has been a great city for a long time.

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