Marketing, Advertising, & PR Jobs Abroad in England

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A Guide to Marketing, Advertising, & PR Jobs Abroad in England

Instead of deciding between furthering your promising marketing career or traveling abroad, hop across the pond to land a job in England and do both! At its core, marketing and public relations is cultural work, and so it is obviously the most sensible choice to score a marketing and PR job abroad! This can be the best way to learn how to read cultural cues and communicate in a new environment. And what better place than in a country that speaks (mostly) the same language as you? Whether you're interested in brainstorming drip campaigns or implementing a new social media strategy, jobs abroad in England in marketing and public relations is waiting!

Everything else you need to know about Marketing & PR jobs in England

Cost of living + expected salary. England is generally in line with most other European countries when it comes salary and costs of daily needs. However, prices tend to be slightly higher than in the United States. Buying food at the grocery store and cooking at home will always be cheaper, and when it comes to drinking, don’t expect to grab a couple beers with friends without shelling out some cash.

Accommodations. Some employers will arrange housing for employees and in cities filled to the brim with universities, except to find a variety of housing options for a range of prices. Apartments, referred to locally as flats, are the most common housing option for young professionals. Unlike apartments and houses in the U.S., don’t expect a flat in England to be enormously spacious. In general, housing in England is modest and smaller in scale.

Visas. Obtaining the legal right to work abroad in marketing and PR in England can be quite a burdensome process. However, your employer will be required to support you through it all, so be sure your employer is prepared to do so from the start. Be sure to check out GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory for more information.

Safety. Crime is incredibly low in England. Just beware of pickpockets near busy tourist sites in London and keep your wits about you out at the pub. And most of all—make sure you are looking both ways when crossing the road.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop

Travel here in England is a breeze. Granted, it may not be totally effortless, but it's so easy compared with many parts of the world. And although the locals may grumble (in fact, it's a national pastime), public transport is very good, and a train ride through the English landscape can be a highlight in itself. But whichever way you get around, in this compact country you're never far from the next town, the next pub, or the next impressive castle on your hit list of highlights.

As an Anglophone country, English speakers will have little to no trouble adjusting to work in England when it comes to language. However, international workers should be prepared for a few linguistic misunderstandings, such as when asking for chips or biscuits at a restaurant and receiving fries or cookies. And then there’s British humor. The sarcasm of British humor can take a little getting used to, as Brits tend to have a unique bluntness and honesty to their jokes. But even those few odd word differences will give you some great conversation topics.

After a few weeks at your swanky new job abroad in England in marketing and PR, you will be able to nostalgically look back on your first day when you asked where you could find some office supplies and you were told to take the lift to the first floor to fetch heaps of rubbers and drawing pins. After being sent away scratching your head, you’ve eventually figured out how to take the elevator to the second floor to get lots of erasers and pushpins like a seasoned British pro. So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and jobs in marketing and PR in England!

Get cozy and keep researching ALL possible jobs abroad in England!

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A Guide To
Marketing, Advertising, & PR Jobs Abroad in England


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