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A Guide to Working Abroad in Lyon

Set pristinely in the southeast of France on the banks of the Rhone and Saone rivers, Lyon is often considered the country’s second most important city behind Paris. A major economic, artistic, and gastronomical center of the continent, Lyon retains the charm of a relaxed historical city while also playing a central role in the development of many European affairs. If you are looking for a thriving French city to settle down in for a while, then jobs in Lyon may be the perfect option for you.

Jobs Abroad in Lyon

Lyon is widely known for its competitive industries in science, medicine, and technology. If you are interested in pursuing a career on the cutting edge of research and development in these fields then there are few better cities on the continent where you can work abroad. Lyon is also one of the fastest growing cities in Europe for investments and the creation of new businesses, making it a stimulating and opportunity-filled environment for entrepreneurial individuals to come play out their ambitions.

For those more interested in finding temporary jobs in Lyon in order to begin a full time career in the future, there are plenty of openings in the areas of education and childcare. English teaching jobs in Lyon at all levels, whether in a school or tutoring privately, can be a productive way to earn a living, not to mention the French have one of the lowest ESL proficiencies in all of Europe, so there are many job opportunities in the realm of education. Becoming an au pair in Lyon is also a great way to uproot for a year, and au pairs get to live with a host family while they explore all the city, or country, has to offer.

Most jobs in Lyon will expect applicants to be adept in the French language in order to be considered for hiring. French is the language of business and therefore most jobs in Lyon, and you will find that English is rarely spoken when it can be avoided. So if you are serious about finding a job in Lyon, then start brushing up on your French!

Life in Lyon

Lyon is widely considered one of the most livable cities in Europe. The Old Town has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its historic beauty, and the modern metropolis which has sprung up around it takes pride in economic efficiency and efforts toward sustainability.

The TCL public transportation system features a dense network of metro, bus, and tram routes which carry passengers wherever they need to go throughout the city. You can also make it away from the city to the Alps or to the Mediterranean Sea in less than two hours!

While working in Lyon you can enjoy French culture at its finest, with a large variety of enriching leisure activities and what is often considered to be the best dining in the country. There are a ton of great museums and theaters worth checking out, and the local football club, Olympique Lyonnais, is one of the premier teams in the country. There is also a great nightlife and a variety of festivals which occur throughout the year – most notably the four day Fete de Lumieres ­­occurring every December, which has earned Lyon recognition as the “Capital of Lights.”

Salary & Affordability

While Lyon is not the cheapest place to work abroad in terms of living costs, you will find that the cost of living in Lyon are still significantly lower than in big cities like Paris. If you include the costs of rent, food, transportation, and entertainment, it is certainly possible to get by on 1,000 to 2,000 Euros per month while working in Lyon. Salaries will obviously differ depending on your job and the industry you work in Lyon, but a full time employee should have no problem covering basic living costs. You might even be able to save up some money if you are conservative with your budget!

Accommodation & Visas

The efficiency of public transportation in Lyon is a huge benefit when looking for housing; you will always be connected to wherever you need to go throughout the city, so you can pick and choose from neighborhoods that you feel best suit your lifestyle. You can generally expect to pay a few hundred Euros less in monthly rent if you live away from the downtown area, with prices hovering around 700 Euro for a one bedroom apartment. It will be even cheaper if you rent out a single room in a flat or live with roommates.

Luckily for citizens of the European Union, you will not need a visa to work in Lyon. For prospective employees coming from outside the EU however, the process of obtaining a workers and/or residential visa can be quite arduous. You will usually need the endorsement of your employer to guide you through the process, so it is best to have a job in Lyon lined up before leaving home. For more information about France’s visa policy toward your home country you can check out GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

If you are seriously considering working abroad in France, then jobs in Lyon can offer you a highly enriching environment away from the dense crowds and high prices of Paris. Lyon has the second largest job market in France, and the city continues to grow as it helps spearhead the technological and scientific movements in Europe. Beyond its burgeoning economy, Lyon is an aesthetically beautiful and culturally rich city where you can enjoy the best of the French way of life while having a unique and rewarding adventure working abroad.

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