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A Guide to Working Abroad in Nice

A beautiful city sprawling across the Mediterranean coastline in the South of France, living and working in Nice can be a dream come true for expats coming from all over the world. Nice is France’s second most popularly visited city after Paris because of its rustic feeling, laid back culture, and pristine setting on the French Riviera. Landing a job in Nice will enable you to fully immerse yourself into this wonderful small city and odds are that you will never want to leave!

Jobs in Nice

The type of job openings you will find in Nice depend on your prior qualifications and also the duration of time you plan to live and work in Nice. If you are coming to Nice for a world adventure and only plan on finding temporary work, then there are many jobs in Nice that assist foreigners in securing positions teaching English or working as au pairs. These are the most popular options for international jobs in Nice, which are available for a short period of time, usually lasting up to a year or two only.

If you plan on moving to Nice with a more permanent goal in mind or would like to begin a career, then your options for work in Nice will go beyond the realm of temporary work abroad programs. It can be tough for foreigners to secure a residence and working visa in France, and Nice is an especially attractive destination for workers from all over the world, so expect some competitiveness for jobs in Nice, especially since it located right on the Riviera. Two of Nice’s main industries are tourism and technology, so these are good fields to begin searching for work in Nice.

French is the language of business in France, and for most jobs in Nice you will be expected to be at least conversational. Knowing French will additionally open up the city to a whole new immersive potential, as it will enable you to interact seamlessly with locals and work a variety of jobs that are not exclusive to international workers.

Life in Nice

Nice is France’s fifth largest city and has been a thriving port and popular vacation destination for centuries. In fact its main street along the sea, called the Promenade des Anglais, was named so because of the large amount of British vacationers that would take long strolls here as far back as the 1700’s. Today Nice is much more modern but has not shed any of its original charm, which has attracted vacationers from all over Europe for so long. Old chateaus, new museums, and sprawling city squares, such as the Place Massena, will not cease to entice you while working in Nice, also referred to as a lazy sea port.

As a permanent resident of Nice, you will go far beyond the rustic veneer to discover the richness and beauty of the French culture which lies beneath. In the summer months there can be quite a lot of tourists which flood the popular streets and main attractions, but while working in Nice year-round you will come to know the backstreets and local hotspots which make Nice such a pleasure to live in for locals as well. From the alluring cafes and bars to the pristine beaches and warm Mediterranean climate, Nice is a wonderful location to work in France.

Salary & Affordability

Nice is quite an expensive place to live and work abroad because it is such a popular port travel destination for people from all over the world. However if you learn to stay away from most of the tourist traps and live in a relatively conservative fashion then it is certainly possible to live comfortably in Nice. Obviously your salary will depend on the type of employment you secure, but in general you can expect temporary work in Nice, such jobs teaching English or in childcare, to pay you enough to get by, while also potentially compensating you in other ways, such as with food and housing.

Accommodation & Visas

Like any city in France, Nice has its posh luxurious areas and its districts which are more affordable for the average worker. Most individuals who find jobs in Nice will want to start by renting out a flat or studio apartment, which can be modestly affordable if you live away from the city center and popular tourist areas. Read up on the pros and cons of various neighborhoods before you decide on where to live, while keeping in mind such factors as location in relation to work, accessibility of transportation, and costs of living.

If you are coming from outside of the European Union then you will also need to secure a visa to live and work abroad in Nice. This can be a fairly arduous process, and it is easiest to have employment secured before you enter the country. Your employer will then have to endorse your application, and you may need other supporting documents depending on what country you come from.

Benefits & Challenges

Nice is often considered one of the most desirable locations to live in all of Europe, because of its immense scenic and architectural beauty. But working abroad in Nice will be quite a different experience than the vacationing crowd who only catch a glimpse of the city’s quiet charm. You will become fully engulfed in a central hub of French culture, with a rich history and unique modern aesthetic that will make you fall in love with life in one of Europe’s most storied cities. So start applying for jobs in Nice today!

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