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A Guide to Working Abroad in Turin

Of the many Italian cities that are typically listed in your everyday Italy guidebook, Torino is sometimes overlooked despite its rich culture in the arts and its legacy as an industrial force and the place of origin for modern Italian politics. For those interested in international business, media, and various other industries, Torino’s many multi-million Euro companies provide excellent opportunities to work in italy. Not to mention this vibrant Italian city has an extremely social citywide culture.

Jobs in Turin

Torino ranks as the third-strongest city economy in Italy, as a direct result of the number of domestic and international businesses within its urban sprawl. These businesses provide numerous job opportunities in Turin, although there are specific fields of work that are particularly popular in the city.

Working in finance and economics is easy in Torino, with a number of Italian banking headquarters located within the city. Torino is also often considered the “Detroit of Italy,” as the corporate and industrial headquarters of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (and, by extension, General Motors) are in Torino, providing many jobs in engineering and industrial design too. 

Other businesses offering jobs in Turin include Lavazza, the world-famous coffee company, and Ferrero SpA—the people who bring you Nutella. With these products being advertised and shipped around the world, jobs in international business and marketing are particularly common in Turin. 

If you are interested in media and public relations, Torino is home to Rai Network’s headquarters, a national public broadcasting company that is the largest country broadcaster in the world, reaching both Italy and the surrounding countries of Switzerland, Albania, Croatia, and Slovenia, amongst others. Rai is a media company with quite a history, as it is the main source of television and radio platforms in Italy, but is state-owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance. The delicate interplay involved in state-owned companies makes Rai a very interesting option for careers in public broadcasting.

For many, teaching English or working as an Au Pair is a very common, easily-found type of work in Italy. Despite the country’s recent economic recession, the general population of Torino statistically has a high income and are conceivably able to afford to have their children or entire family tutored in the English language by native speakers, which is sometimes seen as a luxury amongst Italians.

Life in Turin

Torino is a large metropolitan city with a small, historic center, making it an excellent option for newcomers to the Italian workforce, by offering all the amenities of city life but also the pleasures of traditional Italian living as well. 

Turin is well-known throughout Italy and Europe as a center for the arts. Aside from its numerous galleries, containing works ranging from the Renaissance to post-modern sculptures, the city also has a strong culture of dance and an underground jazz music scene. There are also numerous historic museums throughout the city, as Torino has the largest collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts outside of Egypt, making it an excellent place to explore for archeology-aficionados. 

The city can also lay claim to being home to the world-famous soccer team, Juventus F.C. An Italian soccer team’s success is often much of the basis of locals’ pride in their city, so living and working in a city with a winning team can be extremely exciting on game-days. Another source of Torino pride? Their excellent reputation in the production of wine and chocolate.

Most socializing between young and old alike occurs in Torino’s many grand piazzas, and along the cafes that line the banks of the Po River. The city is very walk-able and you’ll find while working in Torino that the city comes alive at night, with families and friends strolling the streets and shopping late into the evening. The city is also situated perfectly for travel during your vacation and off time, as it’s surrounded by the Alps and connected to the rest of Italy and Europe by multiple train stations and an international airport.

Salary & Affordability

As in most large cities, the cost of living in Torino can be somewhat expensive. The exchange rate from Euro to other currencies can also make living and working in Italy challenging, but many companies raise their employees’ salaries to compensate for the higher cost of living. However, the salary you receive is entirely dependent on the field that you work in Torino.

Overall, Italians live simply and once you learn to live like a local, you can too. Take advantage of open-air markets for grocery shopping, as the produce will be both fresher and cheaper. Nearly everything in the city is within walking-distance and public transportation is readily available. If you are willing to navigate off the beaten path of Torino’s streets, you’ll soon find that living as the locals do is very affordable and manageable.

Accommodations & Visas

The most common type of housing in Torino is apartment-living. There are many resources online and within the city itself that assist newcomers in finding accommodations, including websites that can connect expats with possible roommates. Sharing an apartment with roommates is a very affordable opportunity, and a great change to experience Italian culture more intimately by living with local Italians.

In order to work in Torino, you must obtain a work permit. Your prospective employer must apply for preliminary clearance from the provincial employment office in Torino; if clearance is granted, then your employer will have to get a work permit, which requires the approval of both the regional and central authorities. This work permit will then be sent to you, so that you may apply for an entry visa, which you must have in order to enter Italy.

Benefits & Challenges

With the nation’s recent economic recession, competition for jobs in Torino is high—particularly amongst young professionals. It can be difficult for non-Italians to find employment that a qualified local worker is capable of. However, English language skills and professional experience makes foreign workers invaluable in the international market in almost any country.

Being able to work Torino is an excellent opportunity for both personal and professional growth, expanding experiences in both arenas.

Making the transition from native to newcomer can be challenging, but making the decision to live and work in Italy is an excellent start to an international career. To do so in Torino—a city brimming with ancient history and modern industry—can be an incredibly life changing opportunity just for you!

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