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A Guide to Jobs Abroad in Montenegro

As you float on its crystal turquoise waters along the coast of the Adriatic Sea, it’s easy to forget that Montenegro’s nickname is “Black Mountain.” Located in southeastern Europe, an area referred to as The Balkans, Montenegro is a sovereign state with a newer expat population brewing within its medieval streets. More work opportunities are appearing as more travelers flock to its beaches and prepare to hike its mountains. A blend of Mediterranean scenery, with Central European cuisine, open your world and pursue jobs in Montenegro!


With a total population of over 600,000 people, don’t let the small size of Montenegro mislead you! The most popular towns of Podgorica, Kotor, and Budva offer the opportunities of Western Europe at a budget-friendly price. Due to its size, Montenegro is also a place to receive an immersive work experience in a tight-knit community. Take advantage of the vineyards, scuba diving, and white water rafting in the spring and summer, and/or skiing or snowboarding in the winter while you work abroad in Montenegro.    

Podgorica. On your lunch break, take in the fresh air during a pleasant stroll through the capital of Montenegro. Podgorica is a walkable city surrounded by cafes, restaurants, rivers, and buildings that survived over close to 100 bombings during World War II. International jobs in Montenegro allow you to meet new people at these Podgorica cafes in City Kvart. Montenegrins love to congregate for their morning coffee, so they are culturally acceptable places to connect with locals and “become a regular” before getting your day started.

Kotor. Known for their UNESCO World Heritage Site called Stari Grad (Old Town), Kotor is a stunning place to live and visit. Kotor has been able to preserve its hiking, mountain views, and rafting culture, all while being one of the top historic areas in the Mediterranean. To get around, most people who work in Montenegro prefer to walk or bike to their destination since buses run infrequently. Taxis are an option, but always check the meter before accepting the ride!  

Budva. A smaller area of Montenegro, Budva is home to 14,000 inhabitants you can join to bask in the impressive coastal views and preserved history in their Old Town. Budva even hosts a Sea Dance, a music festival on the beach! Coined the “Montenegrin Miami,” this hotspot is prime for Montenegro jobs in tourism. One attraction in particular, called the islet Sveti Stefan, sits on the Budva Riviera and is a coveted spot normally restricted from the public. To visit it on your day off, a loophole is reserving a spot at one of the restaurants!


Working in education or tourism are affordable lifestyles in Montenegro. Nestled around destinations such as Serbia and Bosnia you get the views of Greece and Croatia without the expensive price tag. Using the euro, a meal out can cost as little as three euros per plate to 30 euros. Since it is a cheaper European country, anyone who pursues work in Montenegro can live comfortably for a minimum of $400 to $600 per month. Yet, some positions can pay up to $2000 depending on your educational background and experience at an international school in Montenegro. Some even offer accommodation allowances!

Accommodations & Visas

Montenegro jobs for foreigners allow them to live comfortably for around $300 to $500 per month in an apartment. Work permits, issued by the Employment Bureau of Montenegro, are required for anyone to work abroad in Montenegro. Expats from North America, South America, and Europe have 90 days to stay in Montenegro visa-free. During this time is when most expats find work, because it is much easier to do in person than online. To make this process as easy as possible, have a job offer in place before you begin due to the amount of paperwork that is required. In two weeks, or less, the work permit should be processed and you are on your way to Montenegro jobs.

Go Abroad’s Inside Scoop

Those who want to use their passion for teaching to work in Montenegro need to decide what type of institution fits them. Teachers at the university level and international schools tend to earn more and enjoy longer vacations. On the other hand, English schools have more flexible schedules, national holidays off, and shorter summer breaks. To get in and out of Montenegro for these breaks, and other general travel, consider flying in and out of neighboring Dubrovnik, Croatia.

As you begin to adapt, understand that smoking is not illegal in public spaces and this may bother some who are looking for jobs abroad in Montenegro. In addition to smoking, another big cultural shift can be the language. Locals may know English, however they can be uncomfortable speaking it. The majority of the population speaks either Montenegrin or Serbian, which are both in the Serbo-Croatian language family. Consider taking language lessons to better acquaint yourself and learn the basics to work abroad in Montenegro. Expats who speak German could possibly use their skills as well. While you could live in Montenegro without learning the language, making an effort shows an interest in the culture and lifestyle that Montenegrins would appreciate.

Just as a young professional is up and coming in the business world, Montenegro is an up and coming area for the travel world. Remember that Montenegro had a tumultuous communist history with Yugoslavia, including a civil war that ended in their independence and establishment in 2006, and a patriarchal society. Traditions can be frustrating and hard to change, so if you truly want to find jobs in Montenegro be patient and keep an open mind. It’s incredibly safe with so much potential for you both!

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