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A Guide to Jobs Abroad in the Philippines

The Philippines—typically known to tourists simply for for its rich biodiversity and warm climate—is worth a closer look. Not only is it known for its beaches, mountains, rainforests, islands, it is a country worthy of exploring for a while and earning some cold hard cash while doing so. Or in this case, pesos! Thousands of job opportunities are available in the Philippines for adventure seekers. Work experience in this enchanting, welcoming country will not only boost your resume for future employment, but it will also be soothing to your soul! Here is everything you need to know about jobs abroad in the Philippines.


Choosing a location to find international jobs in the Philippines is no small task but we are here to help! This beauty, comprised of thousands of islands, has something to offer for everyone. Surf, sun, and big city lights—here are some popular locations for working abroad in the Philippines. 

If you long for a lush, jungle like, off the beaten track setting, consider Bohol. There you will see those but eyed tarsiers this area is known for, as well as experience pristine diving and jungle kayaking river adventures. Or if you’re more of a beach babe take a closer look at Boracay. With its white cottony, sugary sandy beaches, it is a true beach lovers paradise. Outrigger sailboats and colorful parasails dot the ocean views during the day. And by night experience perfect sunsets, live music, and a party your butt off vibe. No wonder Boracay is the top tourist draw in the Philippines!

But what if you aren’t into the whole sand between your toes thing? No problem! You can certainly enjoy the big city life on some of these islands as well. Manila and Makati are amazing locations to work abroad in the Philippines if you prefer the hustle and bustle of a fast paced way of life. Manila, aka the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ is definitely a skyscraper megacity but once inside, you will find it is a city that is alive and soulful. Makati is the place to be if you prefer a more high end (more expensive) nightlife atmosphere. This goes hand in hand with being the financial center of the Philippines as well as well as one of the most populous metro areas in the world.

But why would you want to choose between the jungle and the concrete jungle when you can have it all while working abroad in the Philippines in Cebu or Davao! Both of these locations offer the best of both worlds. Cebu is densely populated and will give you the big city feel with bars, restaurants, and shopping, but you can also experience beautiful gardens, water activities, and temples to explore on its tiny islands. Davao is the largest city in the Philippines but has an off the beaten path feel. It has one of the most beautiful beaches in the country and the popular durian fruit is C-H-E-A-P here. Whether you take a stroll past the president of the Philippines house or hike to the top of a bonsai forest on Mount Hamiguitan, Davao will keep you busy and inspired.

Typical Expat Salaries

How much money can I make working in the Philippines? As a cashier in Manila, for example, plan to make around 120,000 pesos per month (2,305 USD)  versus as a software engineer around 500,000 (9,605 USD). Basically it is all relative based on your skill level just as it is back home! Well, the good news is that as an expat working abroad in the Philippines, you will find that even the more expensive areas will be cheaper and more affordable than your home country, but your quality of life will obviously be influenced by your income.

Accomodations & Visas

There are a variety of options to choose from accommodations-wise. Housing in the Philippines is inexpensive overall, but expect to pay more in cities versus rural areas where space is more limited. Beyond the expat friendly communities you will find many poor neighborhoods, however gated communities with swimming pools and other nice amenities are common for foreigners working and living abroad in the Philippines. Rural areas will be cheaper but amenities are obviously more limited, so it really comes down to the location you choose.

Necessary visa documents required to work abroad in the Philippines include a passport valid for at least 6-12 months, two completed application forms, a copy of your employment contract, several passport sized pictures, medical and physical exam report by an authorized physician, and a visa application fee. This sounds like a lot of information to gather up, but it is definitely worth the extra effort once you are there! No matter where you are traveling from please check GoAbroad’s embassy directory for the latest detailed and accurate information.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop

Some of the added benefits of working abroad in the Philippines that you might not have already considered or found in your research include answering questions such as, “Once I’m there, what if I don’t love the place?” You’re dealing with culture shock, language barriers, demanding workplace requirements, high cost of living, and you spend your free time counting the days until your next trip home. Just remember that no experience is wasted time! Overcoming a challenging situation like living and working abroad will make you more resilient, giving you confidence to do anything you set your mind to in the future. 

A couple of important insider tips to life in the Philippines for young professionals include speaking the language and working for a foreign country. Finding a job in a foreign land is a lot easier when you talk their talk, so communication and breaking the language barrier is key. Also consider working for a non-Filipino company. A foreign company is much more likely to hire a foreigner, duh! So you can earn money and enjoy everything the lifestyle in the Philippines has to offer at the same time. 

No matter where you end up, your experience working and living here will give you happy experiences, memories, and confidence to last a lifetime. 

Mabuhay sa Pilipinas! Welcome to the Philippines!

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