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Political Science Jobs Abroad

Political science is the study of government and politics, which allows for analytical thinking in any culture or language. Therefore, political science jobs abroad allow individuals to truly immerse into another culture by understanding the political struggles and opinions of the people. Those who decide to work abroad in politics seek to open their eyes to new cultural values in order to create a more diverse understanding of politics on a global scale.

Why Work Abroad

Working abroad in politics is a great way to challenge yourself in the field and develop experience within actual political institutions. You will be able to utilize your analytical and communicative skills daily, and more importantly, you will develop a working knowledge of global politics and political systems abroad. Working in politics abroad will allow you to broaden your understanding of the role political systems and public opinion have in various cultures around the world. This will help you develop global cultural awareness and some powerful skills for any future job too.


Political systems exist all over the world, so not surprisingly, there are a great deal of places around the world that offer political job opportunities. The key thing to consider when seeking out work abroad in political science is to find a location that abides by a political system that interests you or will provide you with the necessary experience you are seeking.

Russia. Choosing to work abroad in Russia will give you an indepth look into public policy in Russia, while also giving you insight into the challenging world of politics. You will likely have the chance to work within a variety of organizations and join discussions about the political issues that Russians are currently facing. Although understanding and speaking Russian is not required for all politics jobs in Russia, it is highly preferred, especially since language skills will be necessary to fully understand intercultural issues that arise within political conversations.

Geneva, Switzerland. Known as one of the most important cities for diplomacy in the world, Geneva is home to one of the largest offices of the United Nations. The host city of the well-known Geneva Convention, the city is known worldwide for diplomacy, international relations, and political science in many forms. Geneva is also known as the “Peace Capital of the World.”

Brussels, Belgium is known as the heart of Europe and is considered the unofficial capital of the European Union (EU). The EU is one of the most internationally diverse political systems in the world; with 28 member states, the EU is an example of how cultural barriers and individual differences can dissolve in order to develop governing bodies that can work together fluidly and effectively. In general, the EU works to ensure that the needs of all European people (who reside in member nations) are met, despite ethnicity or nationality, making it an incredible place to work in politics abroad. Not to mention, interpreters are more than commonplace in most businesses and organizations that function within the EU, including Brussels, so knowing the local language is not entirely mandatory.

Political Jobs Abroad

Do you dream of being a globetrotter (and not just ones on the Harlem basketball team)? Working abroad in politics is the perfect way to see the world, and use your experience and knowledge to inform others about political policies and issues occurring in the global community. 

Higher Education. Working at a university is a great way to gain experience in politics abroad. Molding young minds within various cultural environments can be a great opportunity to use your political knowledge and skills abroad, while also learning how higher education differs on an international scale. 

International Organizations. Political jobs abroad in international organizations (i.e. EU, UN, Arab League) are some of the most competitive, since you will be one of many interested in a limited number of jobs focused on the greater good of the global community. Working abroad with an international organization will help you to become an expert in a specific interest area with the field of political science, such as climate change, immigration, or public safety, depending on the goals of the organization you work with. 

Diplomatic. If you’re interested in promoting peace or working public service through a political job abroad, then take a look into the world of diplomacy. Working as an international diplomat will allow you to become involved in foreign affairs and help maintain your home country’s interests abroad. In the foreign service, you can work on developing solutions to challenging issues related to foreign policy. 

Most political jobs abroad prefer applicants have a master’s degree in political science, public administration, or a related field, such as international relations or economics. Applicants will need at least bachelor’s degree, preferably in a relevant subject, at minimum for most political jobs abroad.


Develop skills. Working abroad in political science will challenge you to be more effective in your work and force you to communicate well with individuals from other cultures. Learning about political problems and issues abroad will give you a better understanding of the global efforts required to effectively work together for a greater cause, instead of working independently as individual countries.

Broaden your perspective. What better way to become truly successful in the field than developing a greater understanding of cross-cultural perspectives in comparative politics. Working abroad cultivates a social, cultural and political understanding, which develops a greater appreciation for intercultural perspectives.

Discover new ways of thinking. One of the many benefits of working abroad in political science is the exposure to different people and political ideals, that can inspire you in ways you may not expect. Don’t be surprised if you begin to develop new ideas both professionally and personally!

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Political Science Jobs Abroad


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