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A Guide to Working Abroad in Valencia

Valencia is Spain’s third largest city and a regional center of commerce, entertainment, and the arts. Beautifully located on Spain’s eastern Iberian Peninsula, the city boasts one of the largest ports in the Mediterranean, along with an intriguing blend of historical and modern architecture which makes it a popular tourist destination for travelers from all over the world. Obtaining a job in Valencia is a fantastic opportunity to soak in the Spanish Mediterranean lifestyle while working abroad in one of Europe’s oldest and greatest cities.

Jobs in Valencia

Valencia is a large metropolitan area with a population nearing 2 million residents, so it is possible to find all sorts of different jobs in Valencia. As an advanced economy, the vast majority of available work in Valencia is in the service sector; media, telecommunications, and commerce are all three particularly influential areas of the city’s economic growth. There are also many industrial jobs in Valencia catered to working at the port or on construction projects.

The most common jobs in Valencia for foreign workers are in education, hospitality, and childcare, which are most often provided through work abroad programs. Specifically, it is easiest for foreign nationals to obtain temporary work visas to teach English as a second language, au pair for a local family, or work a variety of jobs in the tourism industry. These jobs in Valencia typically last from six months up to a few years, but can be extended to become a more permanent vocation if you find an employer that is willing to help you obtain a residential visa.

For most jobs in Valencia you will be expected to know Spanish to be considered for hiring. There are some exceptions (such as ESL teaching) which do not require Spanish language fluency, but because Spanish is the language of business throughout the city you will be expected to speak it adeptly in most situations. Valencian, the local language, is also spoken in parts of the city, though it is fading out of use in most business scenarios.

Life in Valencia

Valencia is the perfect city for potential expats who want a unique flavor of Spanish culture away from the country’s main global centers of Barcelona and Madrid. While indeed a large and important urban environment, Valencia maintains a sense of authenticity which is a big part of its charm. The country of Spain is known for its impressive and innovative architecture, and Valencia will provide the perfect backdrop of metropolitan beauty to enrich your experience working abroad.

Life in Valencia moves at a more drawn out pace than in many other European cities. Siestas in the later afternoon, long dinners late at night, and nights on the town which turn into early mornings on the town are only all too common throughout the city. While foreign workers might be thrown off a bit while acclimating, soon the lifestyle becomes one of the city’s greatest perks.

There are also a huge variety of sites and leisure activities worth seeing throughout the city. Some of the more famous attractions worth checking out are the Valencia Cathedral, Torres de Serranos, and the Ciutat de les Arts I les Ciencies, an entertainment complex which is one of the most unique and iconic modern buildings on the continent. For fans of soccer, Valencia C.F. is also one of the most competitive clubs in Spain, and attending a match is well worth the experience.

Salary & Affordability

Valencia is a fairly affordable city to work abroad in, especially by European standards. It is cheaper than Barcelona and Madrid, the country’s two major global cities, and as an expat you will be able to lead a comfortable lifestyle on a conservative budget while working in Valencia. Like most major cities, prices tend to be higher in the downtown areas and near popular tourist attractions, so consider living and shopping in the metropolitan area for a more affordable experience. Salaries vary significantly by type of employment, so consult your work abroad program or host employer about the type of compensation you will be receiving for your job in Valencia.

Accommodation & Visas

Valencia has a good system of public transport which allows workers to be selective when choosing where to live. Neighborhoods, such as Canovas and Avenida de Francia, are popular areas for expats to live in Valencia, although real estate here can be more expensive than many other parts of the city. Metropolitan towns, such as L’Eliana or Betera, offer a more relaxed feel away from the city center, and rent will also be much cheaper.

It is easier to find a job in Valencia if you are coming from another country within the European Union, as European labor laws will allow you to work abroad in Spain without a visa. Coming from other countries outside the EU, you will have to cooperate with your employer to secure a work permit, usually before moving to Spain. The exact visa you will need depends on your home country and residence status in Valencia (you can check out GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory for more detailed information from the Spanish consulate nearest to you).

Benefits & Challenges

Finding work abroad in Valencia is the chance to do something truly adventurous. No matter what kind of job you land, living as an expat in Spain will prove to be a tremendously rewarding experience. Valencia is a beautiful city with a stimulating culture and before long you will come to fall in love with the Spanish people and lifestyle. From historic buildings which tell the tale of the centuries to highly modern complexes, such as the Ciudad de las Artes and las Ciencias, Valencia truly has it all and is a great home for expats from all over the world.

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