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Internship In Chile

Get paid to interview Chilean college students headed to the U.S. on their knowledge of life in the U.S., as well as for their English language abilities before coming to the U.S. to begin their summer work and travel jobs. These Chilean students are traveling on a J-1 Work and Travel visa as well as high school exchange program students! Positions are available in Santiago and Concepcion. ...


BUNAC's exciting new Intern in Britain program gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to work as an intern in the UK for up to 6 months. This is a great way to spend time living and working in Britain while gaining workplace experience which could also be relevant to your course of study or future career. Intern in Britain gives participants an opportunity to experience British lif...

Work and Travel Canada

Our Work & Travel Canada program gives U.S. college students or recent graduates a chance to experience the beauty of our northern neighbor while earning money throughout the year. Start with an arrival orientation in Vancouver or Toronto and continue with job support throughout your program. If you already have a job in mind we can also help you organize your 12-month working holiday visa! ...

Knowledge Must

China has captivated the minds of people around the world for thousands of years. In recent decades, China has been widely acknowledged as a global powerhouse, from cultural exports to business prowess, from the fine arts to technology. Chinese organizations have long understood the value of foreign employees for enhancing the effectiveness of their work. With an increasing number of multinatio...

USEH International Inc.

The program is offered for the fields of Tourism & Hotel Management / Culinary / Office Administration / Finance / HR / Marketing / Sales / IT / Engineering / TV-Media / Art / Sports Management / Journalism / Architecture / Interior Design / Communications / PR / Land Scape Design. The program duration options are 3-6-12 months. However the visa can be extended for additional 6-12 months depend...

Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu Summer Internships

The ImmerQi China Internship Program offers you the opportunity to gain international work experience in a dynamic economy, learn Mandarin and become culturally immersed in one of the most fascinating countries in the world. This is the ideal program for undergraduates looking to get international experience before graduating or recent graduates trying to get their foot in the door. You c...

Graduate Internships in London with Mountbatten Institute

London Graduate Internships: Apply Now for August 2015! International experience is highly regarded by today's employers. Through full-time, corporate internships complemented by academic study in an intensive one-year program, the Mountbatten Institute equips recent graduates and young professionals with the diversity of skills necessary to top an increasingly competitive labor market. W...

Boost Up Your Career with the Corporate Experience in India

Have the professional and personal growth experience of a lifetime by engaging in a corporate internship in India. You will work in a thriving multicultural environment, engaging in live projects with some of the best young minds from around the world. Positions include market research, project management, and consulting with, ample opportunity to engage in a wide variety of other activities. W...

Sage Corps - Work with a Global Startup

Ireland is the fastest growing economy in Europe. GDP increased by 4.8% in 2014. And for the third year in a row, the GNP increased by 5.2%. Its recent growth is attributed, in large part, to its explosion of tech companies. Numbers aside, technology giants including Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin now call Dublin home. With over 7,000 tech professionals working in the area, it has earne...

Part-Time Study+Visa | Comprehensive 12

Learn Chinese in Shanghai with Student Visa Supported Semester Chinese Study Programs - Part Time 3 Days / Week Want to learn Chinese for communication and business purpose, but can't go to school every day? Part time 12 is an essential Chinese course going 3 days per week, 4 lessons per day, to help you learn practical Chinese, at the same time, with a student visa supported. Our Pa...

First Abroad

First Abroad provides gap year job positions in Australia and New Zealand throughout the year. Gain international work experience and explore unique cultures. American individuals can apply for Accounting positions.

China Internship Placements

Internship in Qingdao! Our Internship Program in Qingdao presents a career enhancement opportunity for young graduates. Known as one of China's fastest developing cities as ranked by the World Bank, Chengdu has massive presence of International Organizations and so much opportunities worth exploring. Chengdu is a port city and has been planned according to German Architecture. Our internship i...

Topview International Education (TopEDU)

Securing the perfect job in a foreign country like China is no easy feat. That's where we come in. Through our Corporate Recruitment Program, we help you navigate through the unknowns to get the job offer you deserve in your field in Beijing or Shanghai, possibly elsewhere. Our exclusive agreement with China's largest HR service provider for foreign-based companies gives Topview Internation...

Gap Journey

Here at Gap Journey we're looking for highly motivated, creative individuals who strive to do something more than just an internship. We seek those who are looking for a journey. Gap Journey takes care of you from step one. We strive to put you in an internship that benefits you as much as you benefit the company. This way you can gain great experience in your field with a company that entru...

Jobs & Internships with California Conservation Organisation

Join a dynamic, energetic non-profit organisation dedicated to conservation and sustainable development and make a lasting contribution! Our California headquarters is a fun and friendly place made up of a small team of committed people working hard to ensure that Frontier achieves its mandate to the fullest. We have a number of staff positions and internships available at our new office ...

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Accounting Jobs Abroad

The accounting field, also known as the “language of business,” and its many forms, provides thousands of jobs worldwide. Whether you’re looking to further your career in financial accounting, tax accounting, or management accounting, obtaining an accounting job abroad can give you the experience you need to stand out in the broad and booming field. The benefit of accounting is it’s absolutely mobile, wherever there are businesses, an accountant is needed!

Why Work Abroad in Accounting

As the expat population grows worldwide, the need for tax preparation accountants is on the rise, as they are needed to explain policies, laws, and procedures across countries. Along the same lines, as travel and international companies become the norm, the role of an accountant is no longer isolated to one country alone. The interconnected nature of the global economy requires accountants who are also interconnected, and have a well-rounded understanding of the financial world.

Accountancy jobs abroad will literally open up a world of possibilities for any accountant, from fresh graduates to those who have been working in accounting for 30 years. Whether its a step outside your career comfort zone, an opportunity to work in a new role or company, or simple the chance to travel while earning an income, international accounting jobs have the ability to expand professional skills and lead to many career opportunities both abroad and at home. International work experience will illustrate an understanding of the field that transcends a textbook or license, and set individuals ahead of their counterparts in the fight for jobs at any stage of their career.


While jobs can be found in most every country you can think of, there are a few countries that can more desirable for accountancy jobs abroad, which also offer larger career growth opportunities.

China. It’s no secret that China has emerged in recent years as a global economic power. As their economy grows, and their appreciation and respect for foreign workers is solidified, opportunities for jobs in China continue to increase. International accounting jobs in China offer professionals an opportunity to gain experience in positions that have more opportunities for advancement as well as higher levels of responsibility than equivalent positions in other countries.

Australia. From Sydney to Melbourne, there are a plethora of available accounting jobs in Australia. Additionally, working abroad in Australia affords professionals the chance to further their career in one of the world’s top global economies, as a pathway between Asia and the United States. Accounting jobs in Australia are available in a variety of organizations, including accounting firms, standard setters, and professional bodies.

India. Vast in culture and tradition, India has now also become a mecca for business. From IT and entertainment, to media and engineering, the rapidly growing industries in India all provide accountancy jobs tracking and maintaining budgets, cashflow, and financial transactions. In India, professionals can live and work amidst one of the oldest and most captivating cultures in the world, all while furthering their career in accounting.

Accountancy Jobs Abroad

There are a range of available accounting jobs abroad, whether you’re in Beijing or New Delhi, though job opportunities will often be dependent on past experience.

Background. For those starting out in their careers, international accounting jobs as a bookkeeper, staff assistant, or assistant controller can be acquired in several divisions, such as auditing, tax accounting, and financial accountingProfessionals with more than three years experience can look to apply for positions as a Senior Accountant, Reporting Manager, Tax Manager, or Audit Manager. Seasoned accounting professionals with several years experience may also be able to find accounting jobs abroad ranging from Internal Audit Manager to Chief Financial Officer.

Financial Accounting. Entry-level employees generally report to a Senior Accountant and have responsibilities relating to one or more of the following areas: receivables, payables, payroll, property, general ledger and financial statements. Senior Accountants and Financial Accounting Managers are generally responsible for overseeing junior staff in addition to furnishing reports and ensuring financial statements are up to par.

Management Accounting. Management accounting staff and assistants are usually responsible for collecting cost data, as well as assisting supervisors in compiling cost analyses and reports. Managers will generally supervise all activities relating the the management accounting system in addition to working on assignments relating to cost studies.

Tax Accounting. Managers and executives in tax accounting will work in one or more of the following areas: national (federal), state (territory), and local income taxes; sales tax, property tax, or payroll tax. As taxes vary in every country, international accounting jobs related to taxes will be depend on the country’s tax processes, so applicants should probably have some base knowledge of their country on interest.

Benefits & Challenges

Gaining professional experience through accounting jobs abroad can be very rewarding and provide many benefits, such as increased understanding of how accounting systems operate in other countries. If chief financial officer is on your career goal trajectory, you’d be remiss to remain working in your home country.

At the same time working abroad can be a challenge depending on your career goals, and where you’d like to ultimately work as an accountant. It is important to research the requirements and certifications that you may need for accountancy jobs abroad, as well as how the position and its responsibilities will translate to your home country.

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