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Land a 6 or 12-month position with a luxury resort or hotel in Australia with guaranteed job placement arranged prior to your arrival. Our experienced team will walk you through the entire process–matching you with the right employer, guiding you through interviews, and helping you get settled upon arrival in Australia. This is your chance to earn money living and working down under.


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Work as an Au Pair or a local office assistant in Australia through InterExchange. Placements are offered around the country, including in the cities of Adelaide, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Participants will have the opportunity to explore Australia and visit natural wonders, such as the Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock, and the Naracoorte Caves.


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Spend time living in Australia with a native family, while working as an Au pair in multiple locations throughout the country with GeoVisions. Positions require employees to work for 30 hours a week. Au pairs receive a weekly stipend, a private room with board, and medical insurance coverage. Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30, and have prior childcare experience.


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Work abroad on a real Australian farm in Australia through Smaller Earth. Placements are available in cities including Adelaide, Airlie Beach, and Albany. Program includes accommodation and food.


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Have you asked yourself what you want to achieve during your time abroad? Is it experiencing a new way of living or challenging yourself beyond your usual comfort zone? If this is the case, The Visitoz programme may be just what you are looking for. We provide a short introductory course to Australian farm work and then arrange a suitable job that will match your skills in outback Australia....


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Teach abroad in Australia through the International TEFL Academy. Placements are available in cities including Adelaide, Airlie Beach, and Albury. Program fees include lifetime job assistance, housing assistance, and TEFL/TESOL classes.


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Australia offers an exciting environment for work, travel and exploration. The Work and Holiday visa allows American’s to stay up to 12 months in Australia. BUNAC has two Australia programs, one offering full support services in securing a job, the other offering job placement before you arrive. BUNAC will be there to advise, assist and help you from booking to your arrival back home.


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If you love adventure, why not spend some time in the Australian outback? Earn money and explore the real side of Australia that many tourists never get the chance to experience. Learn how to ride dirt bikes and horses, drive tractors, use chain saws, gain fencing skills and work cattle in the yards. Complete a 5 day safety and introductory course and then get a guaranteed paid job in rural Aus...


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Become employed in Australia and learn more about the renowned land down under through this job placement offered by Greenheart Travel. Positions are based in six locations, including Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide, and are available throughout the year. Participation is restricted to American and Canadian citizens only.


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If you plan to travel in Australia for an extended period or even plan on moving there for a working holiday, getting yourself organised when you arrived can be daunting! Especially if you don't already have some friends or family to help soften the landing. This package is an excellent way for you to arrive smoothly, meet some new people and organise yourself ready for work or travel with thin...


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Do you want to explore all of Australia? It's a big continent with many exotic faces, and it's waiting for you! Take advantage of a chance to live and work (hard!) in the rural parts of Australia. Work on ranches, cattle/sheep stations, or farms deep in the Outback for an unforgettable experience that will teach you things you never dreamed, all while earning money! Salary and benefits vary wit...


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Teach English to young learners in Australia through i-to-i UK Ltd. Placements are available in Adelaide, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Participants will undergo TEFL courses and will receive an internationally recognized TEFL certificate.

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Working Abroad in Australia

The iconic Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, beautiful beaches, and friendly people are only a few of the many charms found in Australia. Spanning the quiet coasts of Perth, the desolate red rock of the Outback, and the pristine waters that surround the Great Barrier Reef, the land Down Under draws travelers of all kinds from around the world. But why not trade in your tourist visa and really get to know the true Aussie lifestyle — by working abroad in Australia?

Food & Culture

A traditional country of the Commonwealth, Australia certainly partakes in the tradition of fish and chips; this ubiquitous dish is available in most of the restaurants or cafés around the country. But trying a chicken schnitzel is a must — do your taste buds a favor and add a savory topping to it, such as garlic prawns. Australians are big-time carnivores, so a juicy steak at the local pub is a common dinner for them. Adventurous visitors will want to sample the cooked kangaroo! The quintessential Aussie food, vegemite, is a must-try for any visitor Down Under. This very salty paste is a staple for almost all Aussies. 

English is spoken here, but don’t get too comfortable, English speakers: Aussie slang can seem like a foreign language! If an Australian asks you to “put the esky in the boot,” will you stare blankly at him, or will you know to put the cooler in the trunk? Aussies will often make up slang on the drop of the hat. Rolling with the punches and joining in on the fun of their dialogue will not only add to the experience, but will provide some great lingo to bring home! 

While it may seem on the surface that Australia is only home to blonde surfer babes, it is actually a melting pot of cultures and a great place to meet people from around the world. Australia’s native Aboriginal culture shines through in many towns across the country, and there is always an opportunity to learn the history of its native land. Australia is a “backpacker nation,” as a popular destination for travelers from Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and it’s home to many Asian immigrants as well. The chance to interact with people from Sweden, Chile, and China in the same day is not at all uncommon. 

Things to Do

Besides the standard tourist destinations of Sydney, Melbourne, Uluru, and the Great Barrier Reef, Australia has many beautiful landscapes that will leave any visitor in awe.  Small coastal towns are definitely worth the visit and can showcase the true Australian laid-back lifestyle with surfers, boys playing rugby in the sand, and sunbathers baking on the beach. Australians are sport fanatics, so when visiting the country, watching a game of footy or cricket is an absolute must! Gambling or “punting” in Aussie lingo is a favorite pastime of many Australians. You can catch many people making their way to the pub on a Saturday afternoon to watch horse races, or getting dolled up to head to the swanky racecourses in many towns to have a few beers and bet on the horses in person.

Working in Australia

Most people don’t realize that getting an Australian work visa is relatively easy. Filling out a simple online application and submitting some basic documents is usually all it takes to secure a one-year working visa in Australia. A standard work visa allows the holder to accept any sort of position for a maximum of 6 months during the year-long visa, and work up to 40 hours per week. 

For most people, working abroad makes it possible to enjoy an extended stay in a foreign country, and enjoy all the benefits that come with it: travel, meeting people, and having new adventures. This visa allows for up to six months full-time employment, but allows the visa holder to stay for up to a year. It’s intended for visitors to work in various positions around Australia and to encourage them to explore the country. Most travelers get jobs in Australia in the service or hospitality industry (bars, restaurants, hotels, and guesthouses), or seek work through temp agencies that can find them short-term jobs in administrative office positions.

Finding housing while working abroad in Australia can pose a challenge, as there are many other foreigners in Australia also searching for living space. Finding a house-share is the most common way to secure housing and roommates in many areas of the country. Aussies tend to move around their own country almost as much as travelers do, so there is always someone looking to share a flat. A good place to start the housing search from abroad is with online classified ads, such as Gumtree (the Australian equivalent to Craigslist), or university websites with housing sections. Some travelers prefer to stay in a hostel or guesthouse for the first few days or weeks upon arrival, while getting to know the area and finding local resources for housing.

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