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A Guide to Jobs Abroad in Australia

The iconic Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, beautiful beaches, and friendly people are only a few of the many charms found in Australia. Spanning the quiet coasts of Perth, the desolate red rock of the Outback, and the pristine waters that surround the Great Barrier Reef, the land Down Under draws travelers of all kinds from around the world. But why not trade in your tourist visa and really get to know the true Aussie lifestyle — by working abroad in Australia? Whether you love the world of sports, animals, mother nature, business, or children, you’ll find a position that aligns with your interests.

Where to Work in Australia

While it may seem on the surface that Australia is only home to blonde surfer babes, it’s actually a great place to meet cultures from around the world, from it’s large Asian immigrant population to its indigenous Aboriginal peoples.

Sydney. The most populous city in Australia and one of the world’s most livable places lies on the east coast. The backdrop of skyscrapers, markets, and beaches make for the ideal setting on the job or off the job. The city is booming with tourism, as many visitors flock to this destination, so the most popular jobs in Sydney are in the hospitality industry.

Melbourne. You’ll find this coastal capital in southeastern Australia in the state of Victoria. With its hip, chic vibes of street arts, beating restaurants, historical museums, and hidden bars, this metropolis is worth the visit. As it’s home to many sporting events, government buildings, businesses, and financial centers, you’ll easily find jobs in those areas.

Perth. Perth’s easygoing and informal lifestyle complements its cosmopolitan scenes and outdoorsy activities. Due to its location, Perth is sprawling with hands-on jobs such as mining and agriculture.

Salaries in Australia

Even though the minimum wage in Australia is around $17 an hour, and usually between $20 to $25 for foreign workers for some jobs in Sydney, most Australian cities are some of the most expensive places to live in the world. Expats’ salaries could range from $25,000 to $75,000 depending on the job, program, and placement.

While meat pies and coffee are fairly affordable, you’ll find that alcohol, entertainment, clothing, and rent can be quite pricey. You can minimize costs by sharing accommodation, making a budget, and being thrifty. Luckily, most program fees will help pay for the job search resources (resumes and interviews), cost of housing, food, excursions, and other benefits.

Housing for Expats in Australia

Finding housing while working abroad in Australia can pose a challenge, as there are many other foreigners in Australia also searching for living space. Several options from flats to hostels are available, however, and some work abroad Australia programs offer assistance and guidance to help you find the best for your needs, so you’ll feel right at home like a joey in a pouch.

Australia Work Visas

Most people don’t realize that getting a visa to work in Australia is relatively easy. Filling out a simple online application and submitting some basic documents is usually all it takes to secure a one-year working visa in Australia — you can read more about visa requirements for your country via GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory. A standard work visa allows the holder to accept any sort of position for a maximum of six months during the year-long visa, and work up to 40 hours per week.

Benefits & Challenges

By working in Australia in small towns or large cities, you’ll have the chance to network with people all over the world. You’ll be able to expand your professional contacts, which could lead to future jobs in Australia or at home.

Although English is spoken here, don’t get too comfortable, English speakers: Aussie slang can seem like a foreign language! Aussies will often make up slang on the drop of the hat. Rolling with the punches and joining in on the fun of their dialogue will not only add to the experience, but will provide some great lingo to bring home!

Whether you’re trekking in the morning or bungee jumping in the afternoon, the laidback lifestyle will complement your work abroad in Australia.

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A Guide To
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