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A Guide to Anthropology Jobs Abroad

Commonly thought of as the “science of humanity,” anthropology is a field with about as many potential career paths as the that name suggests. Anthropologists find themselves in a wide array of professions all over the world, ranging from positions in academia archaeology to public policy work and consulting of all different types. Finding an anthropology job abroad can be the first step towards a fruitful career embracing the broad spectrum of humanity across the globe!

Why Work Abroad in Anthropology

Anthropology is a broad and interdisciplinary field which attempts to understand humanity in its most comprehensive global framework. Finding work abroad in anthropology will enable you to come to a firmer understanding of the field at large, while also equipping you with valuable professional experience that can open up further opportunities all over the globe. An anthropology job abroad will enable you to work cross-culturally, develop entirely new skillsets, and undertake an adventure that you will never soon forget.


Anthropology is a discipline which takes into account the development and interaction of cultures from all over the world, so as you could imagine there are many potentially fruitful destinations where you could take your career aspirations in the field abroad. Within this overarching context, where will be the best destinations to look anthropology job abroad depends on several more specific factors.

Take into account the language barrier, for instance. If you are a native English speaker and not adept in any other language, then looking for anthropology work abroad in countries such as England, Ireland, Australia, or the United States are some great places to start. These countries are also host to some of the most prestigious universities and cultural institutions in the world, which provides for a wide array of different anthropology jobs abroad.

Beyond the English speaking world, countries ranging all the way from Spain to China can also be promising destinations where to seek out work abroad in anthropology. Even if you are not fluent at the outset of your tenure, many employers are willing to provide a buffer zone if you are well-qualified for the job. Landing an anthropology job abroad in a country that is drastically different from your own can often prove the most educational and rewarding experience!

Jobs & Positions

Anthropologists are brought in to work in a wide variety of professions around the world, so because the study can be applied to many different positions, we will focus here on a few most closely associated with the field. Traditionally universities, museums, and cultural institutions of all types can provide relevant career paths to anthropologists, who study the evolution of human culture and how that relates to our modern world. Archaeology is another popular field.

Most entry level anthropology jobs abroad require a higher degree of specialization than an undergraduate degree (such as a graduate degree in museum anthropology, environmental anthropology, forensic anthropology, or any other such focus), which can be more directly applied to a niche business or organization. While salaries vary significantly around the world and depending on what specific type of work you find yourself in, the average salary for an established anthropologist in the United States tends to hover around $60,000.

The best ways to find a job abroad in anthropology are either to apply through a work abroad program, begin with an anthropology internship abroad, or else apply directly to an international employer. Visa considerations can be thorny in many locations, so it is generally easier to start with a temporary anthropology job abroad (lasting for one or two years) then to jump immediately into a stable career. Once you get your foot in the door though, you never know what can change!

Benefits & Challenges

Work in the Field. Even if you are not engaging in traditional anthropology “field work” abroad, the very fact that you are out in the wider world interacting with other cultures on a daily basis is an equally educational experience in itself.

Apply Your Studies. In a similar vein, taking the journey to work abroad in anthropology will be an incredible opportunity to bring your studies beyond the classroom and make connections in the real world. You will realize things that you never could have by staying in the comfort of home!

Take a Risk. Leaving home to work a full time job abroad in anthropology will prove challenging at times as you adjust to an entirely new life. However by making the leap, you will be setting yourself up for one incredible growth experience.

Anthropology is a field which aims to understand humanity in its most comprehensive scope. How could you argue against the benefits of working abroad and experiencing that breadth of diversity for yourself? 

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A Guide To
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