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Earn an internationally accredited TEFL Certification & receive lifetime job placement assistance for employment teaching English in Spain and around the world. ITA offers accredited TEFL courses online and in Madrid, Barcelona, and 25 locations worldwide. We certify more than 3,500 people a year to teach English abroad and our graduates are teaching in more than 80 countries worldwide.

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Experience working in a Spanish environment through Instituto Hemingway's job opportunities. Positions are in the hospitality industry and include working in one of the Top Wineries, Spas, Resorts, and more, in various cities around Spain. This program includes free meals, accommodations, insurance, and payment.


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Embark on GeoVision's Walk and Talk program in Spain. Teach children conversational English while providing childcare services in exchange for free room and board along with a weekly stipend.


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Spend time working with kids in Spain with the help of Smaller Earth in Spain. With five program locations to select from, participants gain firsthand experience on living and working as an au pair abroad. This job is open to American, Canadian, and European participants.


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Native English speakers are needed to help young Spanish students improve their English conversation - interested? You don't need previous experience to join this 9 month placement - apply if you meet the following criteria: - Native English - To be between 18 and 30 - Successful completion of pre-university studies - Enthusiasm for working with children - To be adaptable and able to ...


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Find work abroad with positions developed by InterExchange in Spain. With two locations to choose from, Madrid and Barcelona, participants can have a culturally-rich exploration as they work as an au pair for a Spanish host family. Positions typically last for about three months to a year.


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TEFL Heaven offers an experience of a lifetime to teach English in one of the most famous capital cities in Europe. MADRID in Spain has to be one of the most fascinating cities and with its friendly people its a great place to live and work. Join our 4 weeks face-to-face training which grants you a full TEFL Qualification and learn with other like minded people in the heart of Madrid. I...


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Work as an English teacher by getting qualified with the internationally-recognized Trinity CertTESOL. Courses are available all year round in Barcelona and after just four weeks, successful graduates can work not just in Spain, but anywhere in the world. Take advantage of our visa service and free careers service and sign up today and join our community!


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Teach English in Asia, Europe, Africa and Worldwide. Teaching English overseas can be a good way to make this dream come true. If you want a prolonged vacation in the exotic destinations around the world, teaching ESL can be the best profession. Teach & Travel - the best way to see the world through the eyes of locals while working to change their lives through education in the English language...


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Join the global workforce with Home to Home in Spain. Individuals can take part in the Conversation Assistant Program where they will help in classes for 3 to 16 year olds. This placement requires participants to be at least 18 years old, native English speakers, and have a flexible attitude.


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Want to live an adventure without risks? To learn languages in an international team and do what you enjoy? Become an Acttiv entertainer! Duties and responsibilities include ensuring hotel guests are enjoying their holidays, organizing and coaching events, and providing children with activities. Successful candidates will join a team of entertainers who cover a wide variety of daytime and e...


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Choose from among six job abroad placements offered by Spain Internship. Located in some of Spain's most phenomenal cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, and Sevilla, participants may select various types of work including Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, and Management.


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Work as an Au Pair in Spain with Cultural Homestay International. This position is offered in the cities of Madrid and Valencia. Au Pairs can spend free time exploring diverse landscapes and elegant art museums and cathedrals, with only 25 to 30 hours of work per week. Interested individuals must be at least 18 years old.


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As a TEFL tutor, there may be a placement for you where you'll work closely with young students. Therefore, you'll need to adapt your teaching methods to meet the requirements of your students, so it's vital that you have an understanding of the specific needs of the age groups you'll be teaching. This course will prepare you for the many challenges and rewards of teaching young learners. Th...

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Working Abroad in Spain

Although Spain was hit particularly hard by the recent economic crisis, its economy is slowly regaining strength in many sectors, opening the door for foreign nationals to fill in a variety of different forms of employment. Working abroad in Spain is a fantastic opportunity to embrace the beauty of the Spanish culture, while gaining an even deeper understanding of Spanish society by joining its work force. If it has been a dream of yours to live in Spain, then supporting yourself by finding a job in Spain may not be as hard as you think.


Most expats choose to look for work in Spain in one of the major cities, where jobs are most readily available for international workers. Madrid and Barcelona are by far the two largest cities in the country, and also happen to offer the largest number of jobs in Spain.

Madrid is the country’s capital, and is also the third largest city in the European Union. It is not only a major center of Spanish culture, but also a highly influential force in the global economy and a host to many prestigious international organizations. If you want to to work abroad in Spain in a place where a lot of important things are happening every day, then Madrid is the place for you.

Barcelona offers a more laid-back feel to working in Spain, although it is also considered to be a major global city. One of the most popular travel destinations in the world, because of its distinct art, architecture, and pristine setting on the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona additionally serves as a major center of commerce and industry, making it a promising location for jobs in Spain in all lines of work.

Valencia and Seville are two more popular cities for jobs in Spain, each offering a unique regional taste of Spanish culture. Your options for jobs abroad in Spain are not limited to these four major cities by any means, but they remain the primary hubs of activity in Spain where you are likely to find the most job opportunities.

Jobs Abroad in Spain

The competition for high-paying jobs abroad in Spain is fierce, as you will be standing toe-to-toe against many highly qualified Spanish graduates (the country’s unemployment rate is quite high right now). You will have the best luck landing a job in Spain if you are fluent in Spanish and carry with you adequate experience and skills that are applicable to the position you are applying for.

The easiest type of work for foreign nationals to land in Spain are in temporary positions, such as teaching English, au pairing, or working within the tourism industry. If you are bilingual, in both Spanish and English, then you will stand out above the rest for openings in any of the latter jobs in Spain. There are many work abroad programs in Spain which work closely with Spanish organizations and businesses to help foreigners obtain temporary employment, allowing them to work in Spain for up to one or two years.

If you want to apply for a more long-term job in Spain, your best luck will be in the service industry or in information technology (two fields that have withstood the recession and continue to thrive).

Typically, all individuals applying for jobs in Spain will want to present their CV and cover letter written in Spanish, and also make sure the employer is willing to help foreign employees through the process of obtaining a visa and work permit.

Salary & Costs

Spain is one of the more affordable countries work in Western Europe, but the gap is narrowing as its economy continues to recover. Basic costs of living, such as food and entertainment, are a bit cheaper when compared to neighboring countries, although real estate can be quite expensive (especially in the major cities).

Your salary will obviously depend on the line of work you enter into, but on the whole you shouldn’t expect to make too much money working in Spain. If you are entering into a temporary job in Spain, such as the ones discussed above, you will likely earn a basic salary which is enough to get by. However, the amount you save up while working in Spain all depends on your spending habits!

Accommodation & Visas

Housing in Spain’s major cities can be quite expensive, so foreign workers should consider starting out by renting a single room in an apartment. If you are making enough money to afford your own place, housing is usually more affordable the further you move from the city center. Many people also choose to live in suburban neighborhoods and commute (some Spanish cities have better public transportation than others, making this a viable option in some places over others).

If you are a resident of the European Union, then you will not have to apply for a visa to work abroad in Spain. Workers coming from most other countries, however, will have to obtain a visa in order to stay in the country for longer than three months. The visa you need will vary depending on your job in Spain and home country. You can check out GoAbroad’s Embassy Directory to learn more information from your local Spanish consulate.

Benefits & Challenges

International Work Experience. Many opportunities to work abroad in Spain are simply temporary employment, but any international work experience and professional networking can take you a long way in your future career. All employers love it when applicants have work experience in a diverse, global environment, especially one that is bilingual.

Embrace Spanish Culture. Spain is world-renowned for its beauty and cultural richness; from flamenco to tapas to bullfighting, you will experience it all while working abroad in Spain. Spain is a diverse and historically fascinating country.

Have an Adventure. As if it needs to be said, working abroad in Spain will be the adventure of a lifetime. You will meet people from all over the world, travel across the country, and create memories that will stay with you forever.

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