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A Guide to Jobs Abroad in Frankfurt

Willkommen in Frankfurt! Art, wealth, diversity, and opportunities make it one of the most appealing cities for work abroad in Germany. Expand your network, gain valuable work experience, and shift perspectives—jobs in Frankfurt are the place to do it. Not only it is home to some of the most exceptional museums, it holds more than thirty expositions and fairs related to music, automobiles, and publishing (among others) to connect you instantly to the business world. Work abroad in Frankfurt and discover what it’s like to feel connected to one of the most complete, restless, and professional cities in Germany.

What do you need to know to work abroad in Frankfurt

German, mein Freund, would be a great asset. Finding a job in one of the most competitive and striving cities in Germany requires you to have the right skills to succeed. Although some individuals speak English, you are expected to communicate in German in order to work abroad in this unique and organized country. Nevertheless, not speaking the language won’t shut down your opportunities abroad! Let’s explore some of the options to work abroad in Germany. 

Popular jobs in Frankfurt. Most job offers in Frankfurt are focused in business, marketing, and sales. But jobs related to art and culture are embedded in Frankfurt as well! Consider opportunities related to art management, and working at various museums. It will provide you with valuable transferable skills to further develop your career. 

There are numerous options like nannying/au-pairing and teaching English, that do not require the same level of language skills and will equally provide you with a meaningful experience as well as genuine immersion in the germanic culture. 

Short term and summer jobs vs. long term jobs. Summer is great for full time students to have a great experience abroad, create connections, and save some cash. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to meet new students your age and interact with locals in a talkative setting. Working abroad in Frankfurt, without any doubt, will be a fun, immersive, and rewarding experience, no matter through which lens you look at it. 

Frankfurt is an international city, and professional foreigners are usually well received. Long term working options, up to two years, are normally oriented towards skillful jobs, and might be more strict when it comes to language. Doesn’t matter which option fits you best, it’s all a matter of slowly adapting to the environment. 

Unpaid vs. paid jobs in Frankfurt. Once you’ve decided the length of your time abroad, it’s time to sort out your opportunities and consider the salaries. Experience comes in many forms, so regardless of which option you choose, the skills you learn will help you grow personally and professionally. You will surely find options where the salary is irrelevant, but they will pay for your basic expenses such as food and accommodation. Don’t take this for granted, it makes a huge difference. In a wealthy city like Frankfurt, prices can be reasonably high!

The Life in Frankfurt for Expats

Compelling, cultural, and challenging! Living in the best city to work in Germany will be, by far, one of the best experiences of your life. The lively festivals, national interconnectivity, and various work opportunities will equip you with the most complete view of Germany. 

Take advantage of the many museums, restaurants, and cultural activities offered all year long. Don’t miss on Kaiserdom, the red sandstone cathedral dating back to the 13th century, or Senckenberg Museum, which puts you shoulder-to-shoulder with real life size dinosaurs mock ups! 

Life in Germany, as fun as it is, can be a little different from the one you’re used to. Pay attention (but don’t get bogged down by) cultural differences. Germans tend to be very punctual and organized. Don’t expect to be treated differently just because you’re a foreigner. Look at this from the positive side, and take this as an opportunity to learn time management skills and discipline.

GoAbroad inside scoop for Expats in Frankfurt

Working abroad is definitely one of the biggest, but most rewarding, challenges one can encounter—especially if you’re traveling to a country where the main language is different from yours! You might experience a big culture shock, and might have difficult times adapting and communicating your ideas, but try your hardest to not be discouraged. You are growing leaps and bounds, and there’s going to be some growing pains in there… but give it time and patience, and your (new, badass) skills will soon start to flow. 

A big component of working abroad is understanding your responsibilities and the freedom you will have. Take time for yourself to immerse yourself in the culture and explore the little hidden alleyways the city has to offer, but definitely focus in the professional aspects of your placement. Go to as many events as you can, and take advantage of the connections you will make. 

Work abroad in Frankfurt and delight in all that Germany has to offer (even the paychecks!).

Too in love to say Auf Wiedersehen? Keep reading! You’ll be saying “Ich Liebe Dich” to our comprehensive guide on working abroad in Germany in no time.

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