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A Guide to Working Abroad in Playa del Carmen

Actually, let me ask you an even better question—why not work in Playa del Carmen? Playa del Carmen offers 340 days of sunshine, which sounds like 340 days of happiness to me. Finding a job abroad may appear as a daunting task at first, but it doesn’t always have to be — especially with GoAbroad. Keep reading to learn more about landing a job and working in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

What you need to know about working abroad in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Playa del Carmen is a coastal, resort town in Mexico with palm lined beaches and coral reefs - aka “a little piece of heaven,” or we can even take it as far as it’s the prime example of “heaven is a place on earth.” 

Popular jobs in Playa Del Carmen. In general, most jobs in Mexico are based around tourism and hospitality but that doesn’t mean you don’t have plenty of options. Popular jobs in Playa Del Carmen also include sales, teaching abroad, and photography/art - who would’ve thought? 

Short term jobs/summer jobs vs. long term jobs in Playa Del Carmen. Given that many jobs in Playa del Carmen are based on tourism, there is usually quite a bit of flexibility in terms of your length in employment. If you’re looking for summer gig, then grab your sunscreen because it sure does get real hot! Keep in mind that short-term jobs don't give you a ton of time to hone your craft or build skills, but they can be a good solution if you have limited time or are just testing the "expat waters." 

Real bonafide adventurers will consider long term jobs in Playa del Carmen—because, let's face it, once you're there, you're probably not going to want to leave. Long term jobs give you time to improve your Spanish, make friends with locals, and work out all those weird tan lines especially since the city gets about 340 days of sunshine a year! 

Unpaid vs. paid jobs in Playa Del Carmen. Don’t get discouraged if you’re finding a lot of jobs with low salaries, or even no salaries. To compensate, many employers in Playa Del Carmen offer you an opportunity to receive free room and board or airfare reimbursement for your work, rather a salary. Also, remember, that Mexico uses the peso which holds a lower value than the dollar and euro, meaning your home currency will most likely be worth more. The cost of living in Mexico is significantly lower than  most Western countries, so keep in mind that you may be able  to live off of a smaller income than you are accustomed to.

Life in Playa del Carmen for Expats

Playa del Carmen brings workers from all over the world to enjoy its beautiful beaches… I mean, to work. This large community of expats makes life a bit easier by giving workers a resource to tap into for help. 

And if you haven’t realized it by now, Playa del Carmen is home to some amazing beaches, but there are also other perks to accepting a job in this quaint coastal town—like the many day trips that are available for when you have a day off, including Chichen Itza, Tulum, Isla Mujeres, and many more! The beauty of accepting a job in Playa del Carmen is that you can afford to take advantage of these other activities given that cost of living is significantly lower that other countries.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for Expats in Playa del Carmen City, Mexico

  • Safety first. As a resort town, Playa del Carmen is relatively safe, but remember you are in a foreign country and you should follow basic safety principles. As always, follow the buddy system and always let someone know where you are going if you are going out alone. But, don’t let fear stop you from participating in the many Mexican festivals or watching a local futbal match! Mexicans have a lot of pride and they sure do like to fiesta
  • Don’t only be friendly because your job requires you to be. Working in Playa del Carmen you will have the opportunity to meet plenty of people visiting the city on vacation. Take advantage of this opportunity and grow your network. Make friends and stay friends with the people you meet at your job. 

They say life is better at the beach, so why not decide for yourself and explore working in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico? 

Grab a margarita, and read our comprehensive guide on working abroad in Mexico.

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A Guide To
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