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A Guide to Spanish Jobs Abroad

If you’re a savvy undergraduate, postgraduate, or professional with Spanish language skills and a desire to live abroad while earning and gaining credible work experience, look no further than job abroad for Spanish speakers. With internships and paid jobs awaiting you in some of the globe’s most vibrant Hispanic nations, the experience of working abroad is a chance to set yourself apart from the pack. Develop a whole host of career-enhancing skills: prove your adaptability to a new culture and language, show how you thrive when confronted with challenges, and return home with experiences that’ll add immeasurable value to your future in the Spanish speaking world.

Why Work Abroad

Each day the globe moves ever closer to your front door, meaning you’d be on another planet if you ignored the value of working abroad, especially in another language. Speaking capability in a second language will add an extra string to your bow, and a job abroad in a Spanish-speaking country is the perfect opportunity to brush up your linguistic abilities, or even start from scratch. Given that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, with around 400 million native speakers stretched across 31 countries, you’d be foolish not to check out jobs abroad for Spanish speakers.

Employers around the globe are actively seeking the skills you’ll develop from working in a different culture and economic climate. A Spanish speaking job abroad will, therefore, have a huge impact on your future career opportunities and be one of the finest boosts you can give to your CV or resume. Working in a Spanish-speaking country will also offer an incredible range of travel experiences that will help you develop personally, and leave you with a thirst for exploring the world.


One of the main considerations when looking for jobs in Spanish speaking countries is being aware that pay, quality of life, and culture will vary widely between jobs available in Latin America and opportunities in Spain. Deciding before you apply exactly what standard of living you want is essential to being successful in a Spanish speaking job abroad.

The way Spanish is spoken also differs between Spanish speaking nations, with the slower nature of Latin American Spanish being recognized as far easier to understand than that of their more rapidly speaking European cousins. However, wherever you choose to apply for a Spanish job abroad, you’ll be guaranteed to take more from the experience than just a new language.

Spain comes top of the list for places to find work abroad in Spanish, and for good reason. Famed for its relaxed way of life (siesta, anyone?), world-renowned food and drink, stunning Mediterranean landscapes, and jaw-dropping Moorish-Spanish blend of architecture, you’ll fall in love with this country faster than you can say the words un plato de paella, por favor. Regarded as multiple provinces stitched together, rather than one fully cohesive whole, Spain is a product of wonderful diversity, giving job-seekers plenty of options of places to live and work. You could soak up the sun on the coast in the permanently sunshine-bathed city of Valencia, learn to flamenco like a pro in Seville, overindulge on internationally-renowned gastronomy in the capital of Madrid, or live and breathe Gaudi’s incredible cultural impact in one of Spain’s most visually magnificent cities, Barcelona.  

Another perfect location for Spanish speakers to find jobs abroad is Chile. Boasting one of the most developed economies in Latin America, wages in Chile are higher than you’ll find in most other countries in the continent. Having overseen an otherwise unprecedented degree of political stability in Latin America, Chile will almost feel like a home-away-from-home for those seeking jobs abroad for Spanish speakers. But, thanks to its stunningly implausible landscapes, such as the largest non-polar desert in the world, the Atacama Desert, in the north and fusion of indigenous traditions with modern Chilean life, it still retains enough of a Latin American punch to keep any new resident engaged. The most popular place to find Spanish jobs in Chile is Santiago, the nation’s energetic and worldly hub, which is set to a backdrop of ice-laden Andean mountains.

For an experience more culturally-distant from home, apply for a Spanish job in the neighboring country of Argentina. While regarded as the most European of all Latin American countries, Argentina is also a country both proud and passionate about its routes: characterized by sultry tango dancing, vibrant cities mixing old-fashioned traditions and modern audaciousness, and mountainous BBQs of beef and red wine. For a truly Argentinean experience, get a job in Buenos Aires, a sophisticated but charming South American capital city. There are elegant bars, restaurants, and cafes galore for passing your non-working hours, and beautiful verdant plazas and tree-lined avenues to neutralize the feeling of being in a 14 million strong conurbation. A thriving metropolis, many Spanish speakers find themselves staying far longer than they initially intended.

If you’re more of an adventure seeker, check out Spanish jobs in Peru. Once the center of the Inca Empire, Peru is one of the poorest South American countries, yet retains the most indigenous customs and traditions, making it a complete contrast to its southern counterparts. Gastronomic delights and burgeoning modern conveniences typify the capital city of Lima on the coast, whereas the fusion of Inca and colonial relics litter the more traditional and historic city of Cusco in the south.

Spanish Jobs Abroad

Jobs abroad in Spanish-speaking countries are available for those at any stage of their career and linguistic aptitude. Jobs for Spanish speakers can range from those directed at undergraduate students aiming to soak up some meaningful experiences during their summers all the way to career-break professionals. Whatever stage you’re at, you’ll find un trabajo (job) perfecto for you.

A number of jobs for Spanish speakers abroad involve working with children as an au pair. These will give you an incomparable opportunity to improve your Spanish language skills, while earning a small wage. You’ll find yourself living with a Spanish-speaking family, making this an excellent job for those seeking an immersive, cultural exchange and the chance to develop your responsibility and initiative, all while living in another country.

If your Spanish is already spot-on, a job as a translator could be right up your alley. While you won’t be getting rich any time soon, it’ll be the opportunity to gain tangible experience that’ll make this opportunity worth its weight in gold. With translating jobs available in different sectors, you’ll gain specialist knowledge, while proving your salt as a Spanish speaker. ¡Qué trabajo excelente! 

Various internships are also available, with differing requirements in terms of Spanish language fluency. Mainly offered to undergraduates or recent graduates, an internship abroad in a Spanish speaking country is a great way to get workplace-ready while having the edge on others who played safe and stayed in their home country. Depending on the company and your level of experience in the field, the internships available will offer a different degree of independence and responsibility, but all give the opportunity to learn transferable skills that will be invaluable when applying for your next job.

Jobs for Spanish speakers in the hospitality and catering industry are also open in a number of Hispanic countries, and given Latin America’s colorful variety of food, will provide any food-lover a chance to learn about the gastronomic history of this continent, all while earning a few bucks. Working hours can be long, but constant interaction with customers will give you the edge when it comes to picking up or practicing your Spanish.

Benefits & Challenges

Learning to Adapt to Anything. Moving abroad will test even the most confident traveler, but working in a new country alongside local people is an experience that’ll leave you laughing in the face of any new challenges life throws at you. One of the most important lessons you’ll learn is how to use your initiative to overcome any issues you might face in the workplace; transferable skills that’ll set you up for life.

Altering Your Perceptions of the World. Companies are always looking for employees with a broader sense of the world, and this unique perspective that living in a radically new culture grants will set you apart from your colleagues. You’ll also have a heightened awareness of how you as an individual fit into our global society, bringing an exceptional outlook to the table in any workplace.

Whichever part of the world you choose to apply for a Spanish speaking job abroad, the experience of living in another country will be a defining moment in developing you personally, and propelling your job opportunities forward. Don’t play it safe: embrace the possibilities that working abroad will bring.

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