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A Guide to Interior Design Jobs Abroad

Bold. Innovative. Beautiful. Interior designers are changing the world one open-concept kitchen at a time. As an Interior designer abroad, you’ll work with clients and collaborate with others in their field, in order to develop designs that are both fashionable and functional, meeting the needs of any client. Interior designer jobs abroad will surely inspire you, and help you develop a unique aesthetic and point of view that you’ll benefit from for the rest of your career.

Why Work Abroad in Interior Design

Aesthetic and design is very subjective, and varies between cultures. While working as an interior designer abroad, you will be introduced to different design styles and perspectives, and begin to develop your own personal style and voice within your designs.

Working abroad in any field pushes a person to be more flexible, patient. Whether you choose to freelance as a consultant or work for a larger design firm, an interior design job abroad in a non-English speaking country will give you the chance to improve your foreign language abilities and intercultural communication skills. 


Anywhere in the world can inspire bold and innovative interior design; each country and culture bringing its own styles and design conventions, from the bold colors and intricate tapestries of Asian-influenced design to rustic pieces mixed with neutral colors and bold artwork of European-influenced design.

China is an ideal environment for an interior designer looking to experience how design moves from traditional to modern. As the capital of China and second most populous city in the country, Beijing is seen as the cultural center of China. Beijing was the center of incredible growth in the 21st Century with a surge of construction throughout the city. This growth led to more modern styles, which were provided by international designers from around the world. If you are interested in becoming a part of the modern age of design, Beijing would be a great city for you to work in China. Interior design jobs in Beijing will force you to think outside the box and try modern designs while living in a city that is bursting with opportunity to modernize.

Working in interior design in England, particularly in London, will give you a global experience on a smaller scale. Roughly 37 percent of London’s population is foreign born. Interior designers can dive into London’s multicultural environment and meet others working in interior design and art. Interior designers who choose to obtain jobs in London will certainly be inspired by the various cultures they’ll come across every day. London is home to a multitude of fashion designers and art schools, it’s no wonder that people flock to London for interior design jobs; creativity is definitely in the air!

If you’re looking for interior design jobs abroad, take a look at the land down under! Australia is home to beautiful beaches, surfing, and exotic landscapes; you’ll draw enough inspiration from your surroundings to last a lifetime. Interior design professionals wishing to maximize their experience in Oz should consider joining The Design Institute of Australia (DIA), a national professional membership for designers. Members receive exclusive access to various networks and colleagues within the industry, further increasing their interior design opportunities. All in all, Australians notably understand and support their design community, because they recognize the cultural significance it provides.

Interior Design Jobs Abroad

Interior designers are specialized in creating living and working spaces for different types of clients. Interior design jobs abroad may entail workers becoming part of a larger design firm or working on their own as a contractor or freelancer. Interior design work can be quite varied; you may be asked by a client to work on their personal living room, kitchen, and bedroom, or you may be asked to work on a new office space for a company that has moved to a different building. While it is important to be creative with all interior designs, it’s equally as important to think about functionality. Interior designers must work one on one with clients, which will require a lot of patience and a high level of professionalism.

The technical aspects of interior design jobs are quite important. Interior designers are responsible for planning, analysis, aesthetics, and any other services related to the design of an interior space. Emphasizing functionality, the interior designer must be familiar with building codes and interior construction in their destination of choice.

Many interior designers do not work regular 40 hour business weeks, due in large part to the nature of the job. Interior designers usually work around their clients’ needs and schedules, which means working at 7 a.m. or 9 p.m. if that is what the client needs. Depending on the specific interior design job or contract, an interior designer may work long hours to oversee the completion of a project.

Interior designers usually work one on one with clients who tend to be personally involved in a design project. It is important, when looking for interior design jobs abroad, to ensure that the local language will not present a barrier to your success, especially if you need to be communicating directly with clients. 

Benefits & Challenges

Working abroad in interior design will give you the opportunity to gain international experience and a better understanding of design in a multicultural setting. Your portfolio will stand out with the addition of an international job in interior design. A strong resume paired with your affable personality will make you a strong candidate for any interior design job in the future. Many employers value international work experience in a future employee as it reflects your ability to adapt to new environments and challenge yourself while working with individuals who are culturally different from you.

Did we mention the personal rewards are outstanding as well? Being able to travel and experience history, art, and cuisine in another culture is not only personally rewarding, it can inspire all of your future designs. Having the space and time to reflect and discern your passions will only make you a more confident, strong interior designer and individual.

Don’t confine your extraordinary designs to the walls of your comfort zone, design your life to be something beautiful! Start here!

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A Guide To
Interior Design Jobs Abroad


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