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A Guide to Working Abroad in Indonesia

With over 250 million citizens living across the archipelago, Indonesia has for a time long been a dominant influence in the Southeast Asian landscape. Indonesia not only has one of the world’s most diverse populations in terms of culture, language, and religion; it is also the second-most biodiverse country in the entire world, boasting thousands of endemic plant and animal species. Beautiful island scenery, growing economic prospects, and a vibrant melting pot of cultures all make it a no-brainer to look for work abroad in Indonesia!


Indonesia encompasses an archipelago of nearly 13,500 islands (less than half of which are inhabited) spanning between the Pacific and Indian Oceans to the east and west, and between Southeast Asia and Australia to the north and south. The largest are Java, Borneo, New Guinea, Sumatra, and Sulawesi; while there are several major urban centers across these islands where you can find work abroad in Indonesia, nearly half of the population also continues to reside in rural areas.

Jakarta is the country’s capital and largest city by a significant margin, and so is understandably first on many foreign workers’ lists of where to find a job abroad in Indonesia. With over 30 million people living in the metropolitan area, Jakarta is the second-largest urban settlement in the world following Tokyo, and is further ranked as a major global city because of its high-level influence in politics, finance, culture, and industry.

After Jakarta, smaller cities such as Bandung, Medan, and Surabaya can also be fruitful destinations where to look for jobs abroad in Indonesia. As a biodiversity hotspot and especially popular tourist destination among international visitors, Bali is also a very popular place where to look for work abroad in Indonesia.

Jobs in Indonesia

As you might expect from the fourth most populous country in the world, there are opportunities to work abroad in Indonesia within a wide diversity of professional sectors. Jakarta accounts for nearly 20% of the country’s economic output in itself, and so is a great place to look for a job abroad in Indonesia within high-end service areas such as business, marketing, and communications.

Many of these jobs, however, will expect that you have a knowledge of the Indonesian language in order to be considered for hiring. If you are an Anglophile with no knowledge of the local language, then your career options will obviously be more limited, but don’t lose hope. Your best options will be to apply for work abroad in Indonesia with a multinational company or other such organization with an English-speaking demographic.

You can also apply to shorter-term positions, wherein work abroad programs can help place international workers for periods of one or two years. You can easily find work abroad in Indonesia within fields such as education, tourism, and hospitality while on a temporary work visa if you go this route. If you are in it for the adventure, then this can be a great way to find a job abroad in Indonesia!

Salary & Costs

Your salary will obviously vary depending on your specific job abroad in Indonesia, but in general you can expect to make a stable living while abroad. As a developing country, Indonesia is an affordable country for most foreign workers, so working abroad here can be the opportunity to save up some money as well. The local currency in Indonesia is the rupiah, which exchanges at roughly 13,600 IDR to $1.

Accommodation & Visas

While many local employers will help place you in housing, you might also be expected to seek out your own accommodations while on a job abroad in Indonesia. Searching online beforehand, or else living in a hostel upon arrival so that you can look in person, are usually the best ways to go about finding an apartment in the country. Some jobs abroad in Indonesia may also offer to set you up in a homestay or other such group living situation as well.

Jobs abroad programs in Indonesia can generally set you up with a temporary work visa which lasts up to one or two years, but if you are wanting to launch a more permanent career path in the country, then you will need to find an employer willing and able to endorse you for a more permanent residential visa. For detailed information about Indonesia’s visa policies toward your home country, be sure to check out our Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Rising Country. While the country has been troubled by instability since gaining independence in the 20th century, Indonesia is coming into its own as a major regional and global power today. It is a great time to find work abroad there.

Diversity Hotspot. Because of its sprawling island landscape in a strategically crucial region of the world, Indonesia has been touched by many different indigenous and foreign influences throughout its history. “Unity in Diversity” is the country’s national motto to this day.

Working Adjustment. It can be difficult to transition to a new cultural environment wherever you are in the world, especially as an aspiring professional. Keep your eyes and ears open during your job abroad in Indonesia, always willing to learn, and you will thrive.

As one of the largest countries in the world, it is a wonder that Indonesia continuously is looked over by workers looking to launch themselves into the global arena. A beautiful land with a vibrant culture and rising prospects, you will not regret a decision to seek out  a job abroad in Indonesia!

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