Jobs Abroad in Quito, Ecuador

8 Jobs Abroad Programs in Quito, Ecuador

International TEFL Academy

Earn a living through this job placement developed by the International TEFL Academy in Ecuador. Participants gain more knowledge and boost their confidence while teaching the English language and experiencing life abroad. Position lasts for about six months to a whole a year.

Paid Job Programs with Instituto Hemingway

Our positions for the paid jobs program are for 30-35 hours a week in the hospitality industry. Typical positions include bar work, theme park attendants, waiting and kitchen staff, hostesses, concierge assistants, receptionists and front desk assistants plus many more.

LanguageCorps – Teach English Abroad

Thrive as a professional teacher abroad through the TESOL Certification program offered by LanguageCorps. The program offers effective training, support services, and a guaranteed job placement. Participants will benefit from the supportive community, the highly organized system, and the opportunity to experience the culture of Ecuador and other countries.

i-to-i TEFL Courses & TEFL Jobs Abroad

Gain a life changing experience by taking part in a TEFL Placement with i-to-i UK Ltd in the Galapagos Islands, Quito, Loja, and other locations in Ecuador. Placement lets participants earn 400USD, explore the beauty of Ecuador, and improve Spanish proficiency with daily conversations with the locals. Participants must have a TEFL qualification, be at least 23 years old, a Native English speake...

Mujus Production Manager - Ecuador

A rapidly growing accessories business based in New York City, Mujus, is looking for a product manager for the World Heritage Site of Quito, capital of Ecuador. Key duties of the successful candidate include managing all aspects of the production of handmade accessories, reporting directly to the General Manager of Mujus in Ecuador and working closely with the team in New York City, coordinatin...

Professional Chef w/experience for restaurant in Ecuador

A popular café / restaurant in Ecuador is seeking an experienced chef with solid knowledge of international and vegetarian food. The chef must be able to produce lunch and dinner specials when required with the help of staff, and should be able to efficiently train and guide the kitchen team. Applicants must demonstrate experience as a professional chef and effective Spanish language skills. Th...

LEAD Adventures South America

Travel, live, and work in Pichincha or Quito with LEAD Adventures Ecuador program and gain international work and travel learning experience. Global participants will work side by side with local staff and discover the world of travel and tourism industry. This program is open throughout the year.