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A Guide to Jobs Abroad in Munich

A huge hub of cultural and commercial activity in the south German state of Bavaria, Munich has continued to blossom during the postwar years into one of the most desirable locations in Europe where expatriates can live and work abroad. Perennially regarded as one of the most livable cities in the world, international aspirants can find work abroad in Munich within a wide diversity of its thriving professional sectors. Wherever your interests lie, there is a little bit of something for everyone in Munich.

Jobs in Munich

Munich is a leading global city due to its immense influence in culture, finance, and innovation within the international community. Many multinational companies and research institutions maintain headquarters in Munich, making it a great place to work abroad for ambitious individuals who want to make their mark in global industry. Workers who are serious about starting a career can find jobs in Munich within a variety of booming fields ranging from engineering to pharmaceuticals to international trade.

For those who want to work abroad in Munich on a smaller scale, there are many jobs abroad programs that can help organize temporary employment which can secure you a spot living the city for up to one or two years. Usually these short-term work programs can set you up with a job in tourism, au pairing, or education, which can be fun and rewarding positions to transfer into for international workers who want to experience life in the city.

Whatever field you aspire to work abroad in Munich within, being at least conversational in German will greatly increase your chances of gaining employment. While some positions will not require you to be fully fluent, speaking the local language will open up an entire new realm of possibilities within the city.

Life in Munich

Although much of the city was leveled during World War II, Munich has rebuilt itself to an impressive scale over the past several decades and today is home to a diversity of unique architectural styles and sprawling public spaces. It  has also experienced an incredible degree of economic growth to match this infrastructural development; today Munich consistently ranks as one of the top-five most livable cities in the world due to its cleanliness, strong civic culture, and growing wealth.

Beyond its economic successes, Munich is very highly regarded as a cultural capital of Central Europe as well. There are many prestigious museums, universities, theaters, and other such cultural institutions that promise for a deep immersive experience among expatriates. What’s more the country’s lively markets, restaurants, and nightlife will always make for some additional fun on the side. Did we mention the city hosts Oktoberfest?

Munich further boasts one of the most comprehensive and efficient public transportation systems in the world, largely a combination of the U-Bahn and S-Bahn trains. Cycling is also a popular choice for travel among locals, who can take their time riding through Munich’s many parks and public gardens during the summertime.

Salaries & Costs

While Munich is far from the most expensive city in Europe, the high standard of living here nonetheless comes with its price tag. How comfortably you will be able to live while you work abroad in Munich depends on what kind of job you land; most temporary job placement programs will pay workers just enough to get by, while positions in the private sector will obviously compensate employees much better. Either way, you’ll be able to get by fine in Munich if you are just smart with your spending habits.

Accommodation & Visas

Some of the most popular neighborhoods where expats look for housing in Munich include Neuhausen, Haidhaussen, and Maxvorstadt. Rent can be quite expensive in Munich because it is such a desirable place to live, so consider finding roommates and also looking for housing further away from the city center in order to cut down on these costs.

If you are going through a temporary work abroad program in Munich, then you usually won’t have too much trouble obtaining a short-term work permit. If you are planning on moving to Munich for the long haul, then you will usually need the endorsement of your employer in order to obtain a work and/or residential visa. Citizens of the European Union will not have to worry about obtaining a visa at all, but others should check out our German Embassy Directory for more information.

Benefits & Challenges

Life Standard. Munich has earned one of the highest livability rankings in the world for good reason; landing a job abroad here is your opportunity to find out for yourself what makes it so special.

Centrality. Munich is situated quite literally in the heart of Europe, which has made it one of the most influential cities on the continent for centuries. Not only will you be at the center of many different European cultures, but travel is easily accessible to all corners of the continent from Munich as well.

History. You will learn all about the Germany’s vastly interesting history while you work abroad in Munich; throughout its darkest and brightest chapters, the Bavarian capital has always been of immense regional importance.

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