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Live, work, and earn while experiencing the culture of Greece through job placements provided by the International TEFL Academy. Individuals can teach ESL classes to locals all over the country. Positions provide individuals with the chance to discover a new way of life, build a professional network, and visit the many historical sites of Greece along the way.


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We select, train and guide our animators through the season and we are ambitious to improve the quality of our teams who are working in the different hotels and resorts spread out over Greece and Cyprus.


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WOW Entertainment offers multiple employment opportunities for individuals interested in working in Greece. Usually lasting for three to six months, positions provide individuals with the chance to gain international work experience and an understanding of Greek life. Positions available include those as Kids Animators, Entertainers, and Sports Animators. Participation is restricted to European...


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Gain hands-on international work experience in the city of Karpathos with Apolis in Greece. Individuals can build skills and knowledge in the field of Hospitality, Tourism, and Hotel and Restaurant Management through available employment positions.


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We are looking for someone who can take care of the horses and be a tour guide for our international guests. We have dream beaches to ride along and trails into the mountains. We offer fair payment. Shared accommodation and transport to and from work are provided. We are a great team to work with and you get to live on a wonderful island.


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Obtain international work experience with Cornucopia Club in Crete, Rhodes, Thessaloniki, and Corfu. Participants will spend three to six months working with the Greek people and becoming immersed in the culture through daily conversations and exposure to local traditions. Individuals can indulge in the local cuisine by trying delicious dishes such as Moussaka, Baklava, and Spanakopita.


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Staff room and food is provided at the hotel, this way you could save almost your entire salary. We can place couples, friends. You only need to speak a strong A2 English, as you don’t need hotel experience. The hotels provide trainings for the job. You can find a job in the following areas by FLYOURCV. - Waiter / ress - Barmixer - Housekeeper - Kitchen Porter - Cook / Ch...


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Work as an Animator in Greece. The position is ideal for individuals who love to perform, enjoy working with children, like sports, and enjoy being in the spotlight. The program offers a great opportunity to spend the summer in Greece, and work with an excellent animation team. The successful candidate will work in a 5* resort located in Kos and Rhodes island. The animator’s duties include o...


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Eurodivers Zante is looking to hire a receptionist for its Dive Center in Zakynthos, Greece. To work in a social environment with tourists from all over the world with the interest in scuba diving, applicants need to be a social, organized, hardworking, and forward sales person with a positive attitude and interest in scuba diving. The successful candidate will deal with sales and bookings, plu...


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Looking for Sports and Children animators , Chief entertainers with German and French fluency. Applicants need to have great dance abilities, high energy levels and should have theatrical skills, excellent customer service. Fantastic salary package, transportation, food and accommodation at the base of the hotel are provided.

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Working Abroad in Greece

It is difficult to recognize and appreciate the rapid progress human civilization has made, without first exploring where its most modern foundation originated. There’s no better way to understand the basis of Western society and democracy than by working in Greece. A country filled with both a rich, preserved history and a diverse population of worldwide visitors, Greece is an ideal location to learn and grow through working abroad. As a highly desired tourist destination, getting a job in Greece can help you gain connections for future international job opportunities while experiencing the exceptionally appealing Greek culture.


Athens. If you are flying into Greece internationally, it’s very likely that you will be flying into the nation’s capital, Athens. The financial capital of the country, jobs in Athens are readily available in numerous industries. The city is very busy and dense, divided into over 70 districts and neighborhoods. No matter what part of town you are in, you will be surrounded by hotels, restaurants, street merchants, and markets. This high energy activity provides for a healthy, sustainable economy, therefore job opportunities in Athens are literally around every corner.

Crete. To get away from the busy, sometimes hectic, city life, most international travelers and aspiring expats will venture south into the Greek islands. The largest and most populated Greek island, Crete, is a highly sought after tourist destination with magnificent natural beauty. As with any favorable tourist destination, there comes a demand for additional services and businesses, and consequently more available jobs. Crete is the most employed area in Greece, with an unemployment rate of only four percent, which is less than the U.S. national average. With a high employment rate, the gorgeous island offers a thriving workforce and several job opportunities in Crete for international workers.

Corfu. Located to the west of the main Greek peninsula and south of Albania lies the island of Corfu. Jobs in Corfu provide a tropical climate year-round and access to its characteristic bright blue Ionian Sea water. Aside from the natural aesthetic qualities of working in Corfu, it is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As a center for fine arts, Corfu is home to numerous museums and libraries, contributing to the preservation of Greek history and culture. 

Jobs in Greece

Tourism & Hospitality. Due to Greece’s central location, between Europe, Asia, and Africa, the country receives a high number of tourists and visitors passing through annually. As a result, the tourist industry is booming with job opportunities. Ranging from food and hospitality, to English translators, to tour guides and sports instructors, the tourist industry offers a variety of jobs in Greece for foreign workers. Athens and many of the popular Greek islands are filled with hotels and resorts for international travelers. These locations are likely to hire anyone who is fluent in English, French, German, or Russian, because of the influx of tourists coming from the latter destinations. In fact, English is spoken so widely amongst the locals, that it is essentially the nation’s second language.

Art History & Museum Work. These are specialty areas where you can obtain an international job in Greece and gain experience in particular fields, while integrating with the local culture. The historical sites are some of country’s most appealing attractions, so there are numerous job opportunities in Greece in museums, art galleries, and other preserved sites. However, these may be competitive and require high levels of education.

International Business. Greece’s central location between three distinct parts of the world also allows visitors the chance to learn many different cultural business practices. A huge part of international business is adapting to cultural norms, and working in Greece provides the perfect opportunity to develop cross cultural skills amidst a great deal of international diversity. Through working and conducting business with locals, you will not only learn Greek business practices, but also the way in which they welcome and interact with the foreigners. Athens is home to offices for Siemens Engineering and Technology, Ericsson Telecommunications, as well as Motorola and Coca-Cola, providing ample opportunities to expand your international business endeavors.

Salary & Affordability

Salaries for international jobs in Greece are relatively lower than the rest of Europe and North America, but a lower cost of living allows for smaller salaries to go a long way. Greeks tend to live luxurious lives, even with modest incomes. With very high taxes, even for European standards, Greeks are used to spending their money, allowing for a functioning economy.

Depending on where you are from, you may find yourself saving more money working in Greece than in your home country. Substantial jobs in Greece can pay around 400 to 600 EUR a week, which is more than enough to get by. Though the price of living is slowly rising, it is still much more affordable than the European and American average. Rent can range from 200 to 600 EUR for apartments or a room in a house, and food items are cheaper than the rest of Europe and comparable to the U.S.

Accommodation & Visas

Living and working in Greece for longer than 90 days can be tricky if you are not a European resident of a country recognized by the European Economic Area. If you qualify as an EEA resident and wish to stay for longer than 90 days, you must apply for a residence certificate within two months of entering the country. This residence certificate is valid for up to five years, after which you can apply for a permanent residence certificate.

Non EEA nationals who wish to work in Greece for longer than 90 days must apply for a residence permit once entering the country so the permit can fully process before your visitation visa expires. When applying for a resident permit, one must provide a visa, a passport with two photos, proof of health and medical insurance, proof of a local address, and financial support or income, and an employment contract. These documents must be in Greek, so it is important that you have the means of translating your documents into Greek before turning them in.

Apartments in Greece are both readily available in the major cities and affordable compared to other major international cities. There are plenty of online resources available for finding housing, making it easy to find living accommodations before you leave home for a job in Greece.    

Benefits & Challenges

  • Historical Sites. Working abroad in Greece is a challenging yet rewarding experience that provides insight into a culture that has greatly shaped the modern world. Visiting the Pantheon and the Acropolis of Athens will give you an idea of the sophistication of the ancient Greek civilization and should be on everyone’s to do list while working in Greece. 
  • Don’t Be Shy. Since Greece experiences a high volume of international traffic, locals can sometimes to be skeptical of outsiders at first. But since English is so widely spoken throughout the country, it is very easy to open up to Greek natives. 
  • Greek Family & Friends. Greeks pride themselves in family and friendship, so something as simple as a friendly smile can gain the locals’ trust and friendship. You will find that Greeks carry a refined, worldly perspective, being exposed to so many international travelers. For this reason, Greece is a perfect location for networking for long-term career pursuits and building life-long connections and friendships.         
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