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A Guide to Jobs Abroad in Cusco

Working abroad is a great way to fund your adventure in Peru. Cusco, a city with half a million people, is a dream city along the Andes mountain range. You can learn to speak Spanish, the world’s second most spoken language, study the history of the Inca Empire, and visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Not only that, but you’ll be flying high at over 11,000 feet of elevation! So bring your hiking boots, wool sweater, and resume, and scan those applications for jobs in Cusco Peru!

What you need to know to work in Cusco

Jobs in Cusco will have many benefits for any meaningful traveler. Full-time, part-time, paid, or unpaid, you will add that “wow” factor to your resume and get unique experience. 

Popular jobs in Cusco. Peru offers employment that is both a fun and rewarding experience! You can conquer a classroom of kiddos and teach English through a program that will give you full support. You can work at a hostel as a reception manager. Win-win! Meet other travellers while working abroad—#holanewbesties. Fluent in Español? Take a job as translator! Or you can bring out your creative artsy side and train local women to become florists! 

Short term jobs and summer jobs vs. long term jobs in Cusco. If you’re able, go for one of the longer term jobs. Cusco, Peru has a “chill vibes” lifestyle that you may just want to get used to. It might be hard at first to adapt to the elevation and non-western lifestyle, but at the end of the day, you will appreciate committing a chunk of time to your job abroad. Whatever job it is that you choose to obtain, staying for at least a year will give you work experience that can stick with you for life. On the other hand, there are short-term contracts for those just wanting just a bit of experience away. You can still get a taste of Cusco while engaging in Peruvian culture regardless of the time you spend abroad. 

Unpaid vs. paid jobs in Cusco. Jobs in Peru will most likely not offer much of a disposable income. Some Cusco jobs are paid while others offer stipends or living allowances. Nannying abroad in Cusco will likely give you a stipend, while teaching abroad may have a small salary. Either way, the cost of living in Cusco is low, so you won’t need to stress too much about the bills. Stipend or salary, you won’t have to worry — #momoneymoproblems.

Life in Cusco for Expats

If you are living and working in Cusco, you must make the quick trip to Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is assumed to have been built during the Incan Empire in the middle of the 15th century. The formations of the old ruins are mind blowing and something that you need to discover in person. It was left abandoned when the Spanish invaded almost 100 years later. Peru finally became independent in 1821 and Machu Picchu was rediscovered in the early 20th century. Pro tip: Visit the Historical Museum of Cusco before you tour this site to get the most out of it.

When living in Cusco, relax and enjoy the slow pace of life. Kick back, unwind, create a booklist, start a new hobby, sew a wool sweater, and enjoy each day. Yes, maybe you arrived on your first day of work ten minutes early to show good form, but everything slows down while in Cusco — which gives you more time to explore. From the unique ancient walls, the domed Incan cathedrals, and the art museums, you can learn about the culture of Cusco. After a day of work you can stroll through San Blas to shop, eat, and get stunning views of the city. 

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for Expats in Cusco

  • Although you can get by speaking English, sign up for a Spanish course, do a language exchange, or get a buddy to tutor you. Not all Cusco jobs require Spanish, but learning the language will inevitably make life easier. Studying a language in the native speaking country is much more efficient than any app that you stare at before you go to sleep.   
  • Altitude sickness is real. Grab some meds from your doctor before you head to Cusco. If you haven’t experienced high altitudes before, it may take a bit to transition. Just drink lots of water and take it easy those first few days!
  • You won’t break the bank. Although you will likely not be making a western wage, the cost of living is affordable. Sipping that cup of joe on the way to work will be just over $1 while grabbing a quick meal is about $2. A one way bus ticket is only 20 cents. Exploring Cusco is wallet-friendly!
  • Peru has loads of natural beauty. You can explore the Peruvian Amazon, walk around the Sacred Valley, hike Rainbow Mountain, and venture off around the country to see much more! Pack your adventure hat!

Vamos a Perú! Why settle for a “work for the weekends” career in your home country when you can explore options abroad in a completely new environment? It will give you a whole new type of professional development and you will learn more in your time abroad that you can even comprehend. Start polishing up your resume and browse jobs in Cusco, Peru! 

If you’re ready to grab your hiking boots and trek on over to Cusco, read our comprehensive guide on working in Peru!

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