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12 Jobs Abroad Programs in Venice, Italy

International TEFL Academy

English teaching jobs abroad are a fantastic way to live overseas and get paid to travel the world! Armed with an International TEFL Academy TEFL TESOL certification, you will be able to work abroad teaching English while getting paid. After completing the TEFL training program, you can quickly begin working in major cities throughout the world. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)...

Paid Jobs in Italy

Our positions for the paid jobs program are for 35-40 hours a week in the hospitality industry. Typical positions include bar work, light maintenance, waiting and kitchen staff, hostesses, concierge assistants, receptionists and front desk assistants plus many more. Price of the program 100 Euros Booking fee plus: 2 months..... 400 Euros 3 months...... 550 Euros 4 months.......

Theatre In Education (T.I.E.) Actors for Tour of Italy

ACLE (Associazione Culturale Linguistica Educational) is a non-profit organisation endorsed by the Italian Ministry of Education. ACLE promotes a student-based teaching method and is the first in Italy to teach English to children through T.I.E. (Theatre in Education). Young, enthusiastic actors with T.I.E. experience are being selected to tour Italian schools presenting interactive English ...

i-to-i TEFL

If you're looking for a TEFL job abroad then this course is a great if you're looking to find well paid work overseas. That's because with 120 hours of TEFL study behind you, your TEFL certificate is worth more and you'll be able to apply for jobs with better schools and demand a higher salary teaching abroad. Our 120 hour course combines all our essential online course elements to get you the ...

The Language House

Come and join The Language House for an affordable and unforgettable journey to acquiring a teaching post in Italy. Often native English speakers come to Italy thinking that all they need to find an English teaching post is a CELTA certificate. Unfortunately, due to a highly competitive market, a certificate is often not enough to gain a post. The Language House helps its clients navigate throu...

Work Abroad as an Au Pair, a Mother's Help, or a Nanny

Work in Italy, Switzerland, or Ireland! Au Pairs are individuals who help a family and their children in exchange of salary, room and board, and meaningful memories. Expect to work at least 30 hours per week 4-5 hours a day. Main task is taking care of a child or children while teaching them to speak English. Au Pairs can attend Italian classes during their free time and spend their weekend ...

Work as an Au-Pair or Nanny in Italy

Spend a few weeks to a year in beautiful Italy while working as an au pair for a professional Italian family. The Totalnannies Ltd program, open to applicants from different countries, includes benefits like wages and holiday pay for successful applicants. In exchange for these benefits and full room and board, participants are expected to help the family in childcare and house chores. The posi...

Au Pairs Needed in Italy

Discover what Italy has to offer through this employment opportunity offered by Au Pairs Recruitment. For over a decade after its establishment, the organization has continuously sought for reliable au pairs for well-screened Italian families who are in need of the same. Typical candidates would include those who are between the age of 18 and 30 years old who have a high proficiency and a good ...

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Working Abroad in Venice

Venice is truly one of the most unique cities in the world. Historically renowned for its importance as a thriving port city of Europe, this floating chain of islands set beautifully on the Venetian Lagoon is today one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Finding a job abroad in Venice will be your key to moving past the shiny veneer of romantic bridges and sprawling piazzas into the stimulating cultural life that locals lead in one of Italy’s greatest cities.

Jobs in Venice

Venice is actually quite a small city, with a residential population just over 250,000 inhabitants combining the mainland and the historic city. However, its immense popularity as one of Italy’s tourist centers means that the streets are always lively with visitors from all over the world. If you are seeking work abroad in Venice, then the thriving tourism and hospitality industries would be a good place to begin your search. 

There are also many jobs in Venice for international workers who are interested in working as a teacher or in childcare. These positions tend to be temporary (usually for a year or two) and are focused around teaching English to local residents or au pairing for local families

Venice is also a wonderful place to find work if you are interested in art or craftsmanship. The city has a rich and storied tradition in these areas, and artists young or old can not help but be inspired by the incredible scenic beauty and cultural stimulation that Venice offers. Jobs in the arts include those related to music, painting, and theater

For most jobs in Venice, you will be expected to know Italian, but since Venice is such an internationally renowned city, there are also some positions that only require workers to speak English. Nevertheless brushing up on your Italian to become at least conversational will be a great boost to your life as an expat in Venice.

Life in Venice

Living and working in Venice you will find yourself in what is often considered one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the whole world. The city in its entirety (along with the Venetian Lagoon) have been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and there is a terrific amount of wonderfully preserved architecture in the Venetian Gothic style that will never cease to leave you in awe.

The most distinguishing mark of Venice is that there are no cars allowed on the islands of the historical city, and locals instead transport themselves via the intricate system of canals. The city is actually a cluster of 117 small islands which are interconnected by hundreds of bridges. When you tire of exploring the infinite nooks and crannies of Venice by walking, hop on a water taxi, water bus, or gondola to easily ferry from destination to destination.

The city is also very well known for its thriving cultural and artistic leadership in the areas of music, fashion, and craftsmanship. Especially famous for its fine glasswork and mask making, there are dozens of festivals and marketplaces which allow local artisans to show off their work in Venice. Most famous is the Carnival of Venice held every winter, an elaborate costume celebration that brings travellers from all over the world to the city to partake in the event.

Salary & Affordability

Your salary will obviously vary depending on what industry you find yourself working in Venice. Those who plan on moving permanently to Venice and beginning a career can often find jobs with good pay and benefits, while those working temporarily abroad as an educator or in childcare can typically expect to earn less, but be compensated in other ways, such as room and board.

Italy uses the Euro, making travel within nearby countries easily accessible. The historical city of Venice can be quite expensive because it is such a popular tourist destination, but you will find that regions on the mainland and on other islands are much more affordable.

Accommodation & Visas

Finding an apartment in the historical city of Venice will be significantly more expensive than living on the mainland metropolitan area. It is possible also to simply rent out a room in a flat if you are planning on living and working abroad in Venice only temporarily. Many employers will help you to locate and secure housing while organizing your travel and employment details.

Residents of the European Union will not have to immediately apply for a visa to work abroad in Venice, while those coming from outside of Europe will likely need a working and/or residential visa. Your local employer will have to endorse you for this, so communicate with them early on about the feasibility and best way to go about obtaining a visa to work in Venice.

Benefits & Challenges

Working abroad in Venice remains a dream for most who never bring themselves to make the leap, but those who are ambitious and dedicated enough have the potential to make this dream a reality. The subject of tales of romance and intrigue all throughout history, there is something truly special about Venice which gives it a magical aura to most visitors. As an expat in Venice you will have the rare opportunity to experience the real Venice, which lies beneath the romanticism, a place exceedingly rich in culture and beauty which will inspire you to great heights.

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