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Get TEFL Certified & Make Money Teaching English in Cambodia

Do you want to get paid to teach English abroad & travel the world? International TEFL Academy offers accredited TEFL courses online & in 25 locations globally. We certify 5,000 teachers a year and our alumni get paid teaching jobs in 80 countries. Alumni receive lifetime job guidance, including one-on-one guidance from expert advisors & access to exclusive worldwide alumni networks.


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Teach in Cambodia with Teaching Nomad

Cambodia offers opportunities for beginner teachers and professional teachers alike, and with low barriers to entry, there are opportunities for almost everyone. If you’re interested in being in the heart of South East Asia, Cambodia is your gateway to new opportunities. Delicious cuisine, amazing vistas, and the opportunity to learn more about this rich culture are all right around the corner ...


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Jobs for Certified Teachers at International Schools

If you are a certified teacher looking for your next (or first!) teaching job abroad then begin your search with 'The International Teacher', a comprehensive international teaching vacancy service that uses smart technology to track the websites of thousands of international schools around the world. The International Teacher is a service that brings a plethora of international teaching vaca...


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LanguageCorps – Teach English Abroad

With its history of war now an increasingly distant memory, Cambodia has become one of the must-visit destinations in Southeast Asia. Program participants are regularly placed in paid teaching positions throughout the country, and demand for English teachers remains consistently strong.


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Business Development Associate

Are you proficient in English and Chinese? You are the perfect fit for a vacancy at Globe Media Asia, a leading English-language media group in Cambodia. We need a success-oriented individual for the role of a Business Development Associate. You will join our team of international dedicated business professionals, designers, and journalists in Phnom Penh. Your position involves working close...