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Our Work & Travel Canada program gives U.S. citizens between the ages of 18 and 35 a chance to experience the beauty of our northern neighbor while earning money throughout the year. Start with an arrival orientation in Vancouver or Toronto and continue with job support throughout your program. If you already have a job in mind we can also help you organize your 12-month working holiday visa! ...


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BUNAC's Work Canada program is operated in conjunction with SWAP and allows you to gain the international experience of working abroad without actually having to go overseas. Work Canada is a program authorized by the Canadian Government to allow US college students and recent graduates (aged 18-30) the opportunity to work and travel in Canada for up to 12 months. The program fee begins at USD ...


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As a TEFL tutor, there may be a placement for you where you'll work closely with young students. Therefore, you'll need to adapt your teaching methods to meet the requirements of your students, so it's vital that you have an understanding of the specific needs of the age groups you'll be teaching. This course will prepare you for the many challenges and rewards of teaching young learners. Th...


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If you LOVE to ride then this is the program for you! Our Canada programmes run in beautiful, picturesque villages in the Canadian Rockies. Our current locations are; Banff, Kelowna, Revelstoke and Vancouver. They allow you to train, qualify and work all in the same season. After two orientation days you will train at world-class resorts then once you are ready you'll take your level 1 exam. ...


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The Working Holiday in Canada program offers you the chance to experience beautiful, natural Canada including ski hills, modern cities, vibrant multiculturalism, wilderness and the highest quality of living in the world. Whether you start in Toronto, Calgary, Montreal or Vancouver you will always discover something new and exciting like the Olympic ski runs, Niagara falls or the Calgary Stamped...


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Through Camps Canada you will obtain a cycle of benefits, from travel experience, to meeting people from many parts of the world, spending time in full contact with nature away from screen and electrical devises, performing as a role model or a support staff, and being an element of a Canadian educational outdoor center. All of this while having a blast of fun singing, playing, running, swimmin...


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Combine work and travel in a different North American setting through IENA (International Exchange of North America). IENA Work in Canada is authorized by the Canadian government and allows US citizens aged 18 to 35 to work legally in Canada for up to 12 months. Obtain international work experience without having to go abroad and spend up to 12 months living and working in Canada.


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Canada boasts of world-famous features, such as Niagara Falls, the Rocky Mountains, film center Vancouver, and Old Québec, among others. But if there is one thing you would love to hear is that the country offers plenty of employment opportunities! You don’t have to migrate to Canada to find a job. Start by obtaining a working holiday visa, which does not have to involve a difficult and long p...


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SATOV is calling out to individuals interested in working abroad to join our team. This is a great opportunity to be a part of a rapidly growing organization. The position is focused on implementing and achieving all office goals and strategies, Payroll, Compliance, and employee relations/human resources. The main responsibility is to organize and coordinate office operations and procedures in ...


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InterLatina offers young Argentinians between the ages of 18 and 30 the opportunity to work in Canada for 12 months. This program allows them to earn income while enjoying everything the country has to offer, from a rich culture to beautiful landscapes. They are guaranteed a job placement in areas of interest, such as a resort in the Rocky Mountains or a pub in Vancouver. They are provided full...

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Jobs Abroad in Vancouver

Perennially ranked as one of the top five most livable cities in the world, Vancouver is a northern haven of culture, opportunity, and scenic beauty for international workers who are ambitious enough to flock to its doorstep. Western Canada’s largest city is further famous for its breathtaking skyline, clean public efficiency, and laid-back lifestyle, which make it a sanctum for expatriates coming from all over the world. Come work abroad in Vancouver to discover the magic for yourself!

Jobs in Vancouver

There are generally two routes you can take to finding work abroad in Vancouver. The first is to apply through a jobs abroad program, which can help place you temporarily working in industries such as education, hospitality, and au pairing. These employment opportunities have high turnover rates, and are a great way to immerse yourself in city life for a period of up to one or two years.

If you are looking to work abroad in Vancouver more permanently, then you might consider directly applying to jobs which can endorse you for a work and residential visa in Canada. Some of the city’s biggest employers are in the fields of technology, communications, and marketing, so these are all good entry-level opportunities to seek out. Vancouver is a global city hosting a variety of multinational companies and organizations, so you can look to transfer from home to abroad within many job areas as well.

Vancouver is also an exceedingly popular travel destination and North America, making tourism an additionally viable field of employment for many international workers. Finding work abroad in Vancouver in areas such as national park or resort employment can be a great experience for nature and adventure travel lovers from everywhere!

Life in Vancouver

Sitting on southeastern coastline of Canada and directly bordering the United States, Vancouver is home to some 2.5 million citizens in its metropolitan area, making it one of the most densely populated cities on the continent. Vancouver also hosts the third largest port in all the Americas, which has helped develop the city into an influential economic power as well.

Vancouver was founded as a northern outpost in the late 19th century, and upon interlinking to the transcontinental railroad, it quickly rose to become one of the region’s most important cities. Today it is a major cultural hub with countless museums, concert venues, theaters, and the like, which all make for quality time spent while your work abroad in Vancouver (the city has even earned the nickname “Hollywood North” because of the immense success enjoyed by its burgeoning film industry).

Nature is also an integral part of what has earned Vancouver such a perennially high livability ranking; the city is surrounded by forests, mountains, or water on all sides, providing for an easy getaway into the wild whenever urban life becomes overwhelming. Add a highly efficient public transportation system, diversity of impressive modern architecture, and friendly locals to boot, and it’s no wonder why Vancouver is considered one of the best expat destinations on the planet.

Salaries & Costs

Considering its high global standing and quality of life rankings, Vancouver is actually a relatively affordable destination where to work abroad. Most living costs are cheaper in Vancouver than in other nearby metropolises such as Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco; so while individual salaries will obviously vary depending on what type of job you find, expect for the most part to live comfortably while you work abroad in Vancouver.

Accommodation & Visas

Vancouver is a very densely populated city , so housing in the main urban area can be fairly competitive to come by. The city is divided into four parts – the Eastside, West Side, Central, and South Vancouver – each containing a diverse array of local communities where you can look for housing. Many expats also choose to live in nearby suburbs and commute to save money.

You will generally need a work visa in order to be employed in Vancouver, and these can be organized for you either by a host employer or by a jobs abroad program. Canada’s visa policy varies depending on your home nation and the duration of your planned stay, so check out our Embassy Directory for more information regarding your individual circumstances.

Benefits & Challenges

Diversity. Vancouver’s population has faced a huge influx of immigration from all over the world, and today over half of its population speaks a different first language than English. As an expatriate, you certainly won’t feel out of place.

Opportunity. Vancouver is only growing in influence as its economy continues to boom, and there is immense professional opportunity for international workers interested in many different fields.

Scenery. Lastly, although a big city, Vancouver never feels too far removed from its beautiful natural surroundings. Anytime you need an escape, the rugged outdoors is right in your backyard.

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