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A Guide to Working Abroad in the Czech Republic

Sitting squarely in the heart of the continent, the Czech Republic presents aspiring expatriate workers with a unique hybrid of Eastern and Western Europe. A relatively small country of just over 10 million citizens, the Czechs have long been a defining presence in Central Europe. Today, the Czech Republic boasts one of the most successful economies in the world; if you’re ready for an adventure and intrigued by the region, there is no better place to look for work abroad in Central Europe than the Czech Republic.


The Czech Republic is a small, landlocked country bordered by Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Poland. Its stunning landscape features low rolling hills, winding rivers, and sprawling forests, an environment well worth exploring on your weekends, holidays, and days off. There are only a few major Czech cities where most job opportunities are located, with many smaller urban areas and towns scattered across the countryside with handfuls of positions too.

Prague is far and away the most popular destination for international workers to seek out jobs in the Czech Republic. The nation’s capital is home to nearly a quarter of the population, so it is naturally the location of most job opportunities in the Czech Republic for foreign workers. A fun and historically rich city with a rebellious pulse, working abroad in Prague will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable things you do in your life!

Beyond Prague, other places where you can find work in the Czech Republic include Brno, Ostrava, and Pilsen. These cities are much smaller than Prague, but offer foreign workers a more authentically Czech experience. If you choose to pursue work in one of these alternative locations, then be sure that your Czech is up to par! As a general principle, the further you go away from Prague, the less English you will hear being spoken (and the less English will be understood).

Jobs in the Czech Republic

The easiest way to work abroad in the Czech Republic is through jobs in the field of education. Teaching English as a second language is an area of high demand across the country, and foreign teachers are always sought out to teach at local schools and language centers. Generally teaching jobs in the Czech Republic will last between six months and two years, unless you find a permanent employment position at a local school after arriving. Jobs in the tourism and hospitality industries are good bets for those looking for more temporary employment.

Other popular jobs in the Czech Republic include positions in international sales and communications (keep in mind that many of these require English language proficiency, as opposed to Czech language fluency). Sales and communications jobs tend to be more along the lines of a temporary employment position, though the upside is that they can also lead to more permanent jobs in the Czech Republic.

When searching for jobs in the Czech Republic, you will likely have the most positions to choose from if you are looking for jobs in the nation’s successful economic sectors, which include electronics, transportation, and agriculture. Other interesting fields where you can find work in the Czech Republic include ceramics, textiles, and brewing; the Czechs craft some of the best beer in the world!

Salary & Affordability

Starting salaries vary widely across jobs in the Czech Republic, depending on your area of employment. Temporary jobs, such as those in education and tourism, usually pay foreign workers enough to get by, while positions higher up in the private sector enable foreigners to live more comfortably.

The Czech Republic is generally an affordable country to live and work abroad in, especially by European standards. For example, food and entertainment in Prague usually costs less than half of what it would in London and Paris. While its economy is performing well, the Czechs still spent most of the twentieth century behind the Iron Curtain, so they are still catching up to Western Europe.

Accommodation & Visas

This game of “catch up” rings true for housing costs too. Foreign workers can usually find an apartment for a very reasonable price in the Czech Republic. Living with roommates is a great way to cut down on housing costs even further, and can additionally help you meet people while acclimating to the country. Some jobs in the Czech Republic, such as teaching, may offer the possibility of living with a homestay as well.

As part of the European Union, the Czech Republic enables other citizens of the EU to work within its borders without having to apply for a visa. For workers from outside of Europe the situation is more complex; non-European workers will need to attain a range of documentation to work in the Czech Republic. Usually work abroad program providers or host employers will help guide international workers through the process of obtaining a visa. If you have questions, you can always check out GoAbroad’s Czech Embassy Directory for more info.

Benefits & Challenges

Central Living. The Czech Republic is the archetypal Central European country. It maintains elements of both Eastern and Western culture, while boasting a unique national character unlike any other. The Czech Republic's convenient geography also makes travel across Europe accessible and easy. 

Economic Prospects. The job market in the Czech Republic is strong; as a matter of fact, it has been the most economically stable country to emerge from the former Soviet Union. With a high standard of living amidst relatively affordable costs, the Czech Republic is a great place to look for work abroad.

Independent Spirit. The Czech Republic has taken a central seat to much of Europe’s tumult throughout history and has remained strong. The Czech people are proud, resilient, and independently minded, which certainly isn’t a bad work culture to enter into. 

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