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A Guide to Jobs Abroad in Hungary

Sitting in the heart of Eastern Europe above the Balkan states, Hungary has for long been one of the most significant regional powers on the continent: first establishing roots as an independent kingdom in medieval times, then enduring centuries under the Ottoman and Habsburg empires, then suffering mass casualties during both world wars, and now most recently escaping Soviet influence to become one of the fastest growing countries in Europe. If you are looking for a fascinating, enriching, and professionally rewarding country where to find work, then look no further than a job abroad in Hungary.


Home to a population of roughly 10 million citizens, Hungary is a middle-sized country within the European landscape. Landlocked and sharing borders with several other major nations, Hungary has also absorbed a diversity of cultural influences throughout history stemming from its auspicious geographical setting. Central European, Eastern European, and Balkan influences have all contributed heavily in shaping its national identity.  

As the capital and largest city, Budapest is traditionally the first place where many choose to look for a job abroad in Hungary. With a metropolitan population of nearly 3.5 million citizens (and attracting an additional 4.5 million tourists each year), Budapest is considered one of the most important economic, political, and cultural centers in all of Europe. It is also rated highly as a global city because of its strong influence in world finance and diversity of other international orientations.

Because roughly one-third of the country’s population lives in Budapest, many international workers alternatively choose to look for a job abroad in Hungary in one of the more remote cities, where it is possible to have a more authentically “Hungarian” experience. Debrecen, Miskolc, and Szeged are all examples of smaller cities where you can work abroad in Hungary within a more intimate cultural landscape.

Jobs & Positions

As the country continues to integrate within global markets and its economy continues to grow at a faster pace than many of its European neighbors, the potential jobs abroad in Hungary for international workers have become many and varied. Hungary’s science and technology sectors are perennially it’s most productive fields of output, but you might also consider looking for work abroad in areas such as business, finance, and the nonprofit sector.

Jobs abroad programs in Hungary can typically set you up with short term employment in the country within fields such as teaching English. However if your goal is to settle into a more permanent career path, then your best bet is to apply directly to positions abroad, or else look to transfer within a multinational company.

Most employers will expect you to have an adequate command of the Hungarian language in order to be considered for hire, as only roughly 15% of Hungarians are fluent in English as a second language. While some temporary work positions or international organizations may take you on even if you are not capable of speaking Hungarian at the outset, your best bet for finding fruitful work abroad in Hungary is to make a sincere effort to begin learning the language.

Salaries & Costs

Salaries for jobs abroad in Hungary vary between fields, though you can almost always expect to make more money accepting a permanent salaried position than working temporarily through a jobs abroad program. Hungary has an advanced economy with a high living standard, but because it spent many years behind the Iron Curtain, most costs of living remain significantly less expensive than in Western Europe. While it is also a member of the European Union, Hungary has chosen to stay on its own currency, the forint, which exchanges at about 270 HUF to $1 USD.

Accommodation & Visas

While some employers will help you to secure housing, it is more common that you will be expected to find your own accommodations while you work abroad in Hungary. The best ways to go about this are either to find an apartment online ahead of time, or else live in a hostel upon immediate arrival and seek out housing in person. It also might be a good idea to find roommates to live with, as this will greatly decrease rent costs in most Hungarian cities.

Either your host employer or work abroad program in Hungary will have to endorse you for a work and/or residential visa if you are travelling from outside of the European Union for your job (citizens from within the EU can work abroad in Hungary visa-free). Hungary’s visa policy varies depending on your home country, so check out our Embassy Directory for more information about individual requirements.

Benefits & Challenges

Rising Prospects. Hungary’s economy is growing at a rapid pace as the country catches up to Western Europe, making it a great place to work abroad. Budapest alone is the second-fastest growing city on the continent.

National History. Because of its location at a cultural crossroads in the heart of Eastern Europe, Hungary has sat on continuously contested grounds. Today it has emerged to boast a unique national identity with many diverse regional influences.

Culture Shock. No one said that the transition will be easy; moving to a new place and adapting to a new culture can be a rocky road. Coming to fully know the local way of life, however, you will likely soon fall in love with Hungary as your new home away from home.

Hungary is a country with a long and complex history, diversity of cultural influences, and a dynamically growing economy to boot. A too-often overlooked country in the European context, finding a job abroad in Hungary can be the beginning of something truly great.

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