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A Guide to Jobs Abroad in Copenhagen

Are you having trouble getting excited about your 9-5, on the verge of screaming while stuck in the subway with a thousand other commuters, or just not loving your city these days? Head to the happiest place in the world (proven by science), and find a job abroad in Copenhagen. Finding jobs for foreigners in Copenhagen won’t be easy, especially if you aren’t a citizen of an EU country. But if you’re ready to work hard, Copenhagen won’t disappoint. Finding work abroad in Copenhagen will allow you to get to know the city and its people in a way few tourists are able to.

Life in Copenhagen for expats

Since English is a very common second language amongst Danes, expats shouldn’t have too much trouble finding their way around and getting settled. That being said, spending some time to learn the local language goes a long way to helping you make local friends and making Copenhagen feel like home. 

If you really want to experience Denmark like a local you need to fully embrace hygge. While it doesn’t have an exact English translation, hygge is generally described as a warm, cozy atmosphere, enjoying the good things in life with good people. Learn how to live the hygge life with comfy sweaters, hot coffee and fresh pastries, and a quiet cafe with a fireplace and friendly conversation.

GoAbroad’s inside scoop for expats in Copenhagen

Finding jobs in Copenhagen can be hard for expats, but once you’re successful life in Copenhagen is oh so worth the effort! If you are going to work abroad in Copenhagen take into consideration the city’s higher cost of living compared to many other European cities. TEFL jobs are also not as numerous as in other places, but it’s not impossible. 

Once you’ve found work in Copenhagen, you can start getting to know the Danish capital: its viking history, impressive urban planning, and mouth-watering food. And don’t forget to embrace hygge

Get even more inspiration! Learn about other jobs for foreigners in Denmark in our comprehensive guide.

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