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A Guide to Jobs Abroad in Manchester

If getting down to some serious work is on your travel list, Manchester is the place to be. It’s symbol being the worker bee - dating back to the industrial revolution and representing the city’s people of workers and sense of community, these values continue to grow through to present day. Mancunians take work as seriously as they take their music, football, booze, and food. If working in a city full of banter sounds like your cup of tea, you should definitely work in Manchester!

What you need to know about working abroad in Manchester, England

Although Manchester isn’t the capital, it can get very crowded, so settling may make you feel slightly nervous. Take a breath and you’ll soon be clued up on the city.

Popular jobs in Manchester. Education jobs in Manchester are currently very popular, and there are many opportunities for expats to apply for these jobs. Manchester’s international scene is huge, making jobs in hospitality also extremely popular, especially for those who are multilingual. Whatever work you fancy doing, the job market in Manchester has improved a great deal over the last few years, making the job possibilities endless. Whichever job you’re considering, make sure you thoroughly search the current positions in Manchester as positions change on a day-to-day basis. 

Short term jobs vs. long term jobs. You may consider taking a short term job in Manchester. Although these are convenient for numerous reasons (money, visa, etc), if you can work for a longer term, try to do it. Working in a job for the longer term will enable you to learn more about the work you’re doing, and experience more of what Manchester has to offer. Working for the longer term abroad may also give your resume an edge and improve your employability for when you return home/work in another country in the future.

Unpaid vs. paid jobs. Not getting paid for a job may put you off, but Manchester is home to some world renowned and well established firms. If you get offered some unpaid work with one of them, they’ll give you information that has no monetary value. Be sure to discuss other perks with the recruitment team; some firms will offer money for meals, transportation, and more. 

Not all jobs in Manchester are unpaid. This is something you should discuss and consider at the interview stage.

Life in Manchester for expats

Wondering what life is like in Manchester? You'll be happy to know that the jobs in Manchester comfortably support the cost of living. Manchester is significantly lower than other cities in England (like London where you need a small fortune to live), yet has everything you’d ever want. Plus, Manchester is a lot less congested than London, making life a little less stressful. 

Like most cities in the UK, Manchester is full of expats and international students; there are multiple opportunities to meet other expats, and there are many international services (banks, restaurants, etc). The copious amount of international jobs in Manchester means that the opportunity for expats to meet locals and other expats is great. People in Manchester love to network over great food and drink.

Depending on which area of the world you’re from, the weather in Manchester may come as a bit of a surprise. Don’t be shocked if you experience all four seasons in one day! However, the one minute rainy, the next minute boiling hot weather shouldn’t put you off, it’s all part of the fun, and nothing that an umbrella won’t solve.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for Expats in Manchester, England

Manchester can be secretive about many things. From churches and bars, tunnels, and more. Go exploring to see how many secret places you can find, just check you’re allowed to enter first, we don’t want you getting into trouble!

There’s always something going on in Manchester, and it can be hard to keep up. Festivals, markets, and gigs are the most common. To keep updated on the latest events, follow Visit Manchester and local newspapers. Always remember to keep your eyes peeled for free events, too! 

If your job in Manchester gives you enough time, be sure to visit some of the local surrounding towns and areas. Cities are great, but villages and towns can be even better. Bronte fans will be delighted to know that the small village of Haworth is a short distance from Manchester, the Peak District and the Lake District are also a short distance away - perfect for when you need to swap the city life for some beautiful scenery. Thrill seekers can easily visit one of England’s most popular theme parks, Alton Towers. There is so much to do in and around Manchester city.

If you think that working in Manchester is the city for you to experience the UK, or would like more information on working in England, read our comprehensive guide to working in the UK.

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