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Working Abroad in Paris

Paris has been one of the largest and most influential cities in Europe for over 1,000 years. An infamous hub of art, culture, and social progress in Europe, today the “City of Love” also finds itself as one of the premier global centers in the larger world order. A bustling metropolis with ambitious people from all over the world flocking to its doorstep, there is perhaps no more exciting place to live and work abroad than in Paris.

Jobs in Paris

Paris is a city of tremendous opportunity with jobs in a diverse range of fields. Many jobs in Paris offer temporary employment in the fields of education and childcare. It is easy for foreigners to live and work in Paris for up to a year, while teaching English in a variety of mediums or au pairing for a local family specifically. There are also many organizations which offer temporary jobs in Paris within the hospitality and tourism industries as well.

Finding permanent jobs abroad in Paris can be a bit trickier, as the process of attaining a work and residential visa can often be difficult if you are not a European national. However, Paris does play host to a bevy of international companies with branches in many countries, and these are a good place to start applying if you are interested in relocating to work abroad in Paris. Employment positions in business, marketing, and advertising, for example, are highly sought after.

It goes without saying that Paris is also a wonderful city for artists from all over the world, as it has inspired some of the truly great talents that history has seen. Known for its immense influence in fashion, film, literature, and the likes, creative individuals will find no shortage of inspiring material and cultural stimulation working in Paris.

Life in Paris

Paris is a huge city with over 12 million people living in the greater metropolitan area. It is very well connected by roads and a metro system which transports around nine million passengers every day. Be sure to take advantage of the extensive railway system while working abroad in Paris, to explore undiscovered corners of the city and also travel throughout other nearby countries as well. Some of the most famous places to begin getting to know Paris are Champs Elysees, Notre Dame Cathedral, and of course the Eiffel Tower.

The demographic of the city is incredibly broad and diverse, the type of place where it is possible to lead any sort of lifestyle that you wish. Ranked as one of the top five global cities in the world (along with London, New York, Tokyo, and Hong Kong), Paris boasts some of the world’s largest international companies, most prestigious museums, and a variety of historical attractions that continue to excite beauty and intrigue. Add this to the world class restaurants, libraries, theaters, bars, and clubs, and you get a city where there is truly never a dull moment to be spent.

It is important that prospective expats learn how to speak French if they are serious about obtaining a job in Paris. French is the language of business and everyday interaction in the city, and while it is possible to get by as a tourist only speaking English, knowing French is the key to truly unlocking the potential for employment in Paris. If you do not speak French do not worry – many companies offer French language classes for international employees, and it is always possible to learn through classes while working abroad.

Salary & Affordability

To be blunt, Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world. It is a highly competitive global environment and a city which has seen tremendous success throughout history, meaning that living and working in Paris will not be cheap. However, the affordability of living in Paris really comes down to your lifestyle choices – if you live far away from the city center and eat and shop locally then you can develop a thrifty routine and live comfortably in Paris.

Salaries for jobs in Paris will vary from field to field, but you can generally expect that temporary employment will pay less than more permanent career opportunities in Paris. Teaching or au pairing will pay you enough to get by while often compensating workers with some combination of room and board too. Obviously working for a global company in say, banking or marketing, will pay you much more too.

Accommodation & Visas

Paris is a huge city and it may be dizzying deciding where to live at first. Finding accommodation will come down to the location of your job and also your budget. The expansive Parisian metro system makes it possible to live in many places in Paris while maintaining a reasonable commute, however, living in areas such as the Champs Elysees or Bourse will cost you much more than areas such as Saint-Laurent or Popincourt. These are just to name a few places – do your research thoroughly to find the right location for your work, tastes, and budget.

European nationals can live and work abroad in Paris without a visa, while international workers from outside of the European Union will typically have to go through the process of obtaining a work visa prior to working abroad in Paris. Your local employer will have to endorse you throughout this process, so enter communications early on about the best route for obtaining the visa which you need.

Benefits & Challenges

There are few places in the world that inspire like Paris does. The birthplace of democracy and home to some of the most influential figures and movements throughout history, a lively spirit of cultural richness and rebelliousness continues to govern the streets of Paris daily. Finding jobs abroad in Paris is an ambitious notion, but one that will prove to be truly life changing as you find yourself living in one of the most beautiful places on earth, an archetypal global city where it is possible to follow your dreams and become whoever you aspire to be.

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