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Jobs, Internships and Volunteer Programs in Spain

Paid jobs programmes all around Spain in Hospitality Management, Teaching English, etc. You won't get rich, but you will earn enough to cover basic expenses. Paid Job Placement: From 1 month - No maximum stay! * Eligibility: EU members, USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea. * Required Level: All levels welcome, from initial. * Affordable accommodations in shared apartments from 2...

Knowledge Must

China has captivated the minds of people around the world for thousands of years. In recent decades, China has been widely acknowledged as a global powerhouse, from cultural exports to business prowess, from the fine arts to technology. Chinese organizations have long understood the value of foreign employees for enhancing the effectiveness of their work. With an increasing number of multinatio...

Sage Corps - Work with a Global Startup

When you work/intern at a tech startup in Sydney, Australia you automatically set your resume a part from the rest. Why? Because no one else is brave enough to take the risk and ditch the typical 9-5pm "paper-pushing, coffee grabbing" internship for a global entrepreneurial experience. Through Sage Corps' part-time or full-time program in Sydney, Fellows will work directly with entrepreneurs...

Koech Corp.

The KOECH CORP copywriting program is designed to offer undergraduate/graduate students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to undertake international work experience in the South American country of Peru. This 6-month paid program combines both work and vacation time, providing an excellent opportunity to travel through South America and gain valuable experience in the copywriting field. ...

PAID 200€/month Social media and Marketing in Barcelona

A well known company specializing in marketing and social media is looking for interns to work in its offices in Barcelona, Spain. Ideal candidates are students who speak English, are communicative, organized, dynamic, keen to learn, and able to work as part of a multifunctional team. Interns will work in the following areas: Social Media, Direct Marketing, Content Creation, Quality Control, an...

Part-Time Chinese Study+Visa -12/W | Study Chinese Shanghai

Take part in a part-time Chinese study program offered with student visa support. The program is ideal for individuals interested in studying Chinese for business and communication purposes, but cant attend classes everyday. The Part time 12 Chinese course is offered three days per week, with four lessons each day. The Chinese lessons are scheduled on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Stud...

Professional Internships in China (PIC) Program

You're unique; your internship should be too. It will be with Top Intern's PIC Program, where you will: 1) Be considered for an internship in some of China's leading companies 2) Intern in a positive and challenging environment that fits your criteria 3) Receive an internship package that is tailored specifically to you 4) Have the assurance that we've got your back from the moment you s...

Account Executives: Get Into China

Get Into China organizes internships in combination with Chinese classes for students, graduates, and young professionals who want to gain working and living experience in China. The organization will provide two hours of Mandarin classes per day and accommodation at the heart of Beijing. Interns will work with a Brand Planning Consultancy that specializes in advertisement and media, and led...

World Traveler

BrainGain connects young, enthusiastic, travel-hungry professionals with positions that are in line with their career development. BrainGain is inviting applicants who want to take control of a startup's digital marketing campaign. Duties and responsibilities include creating content, blogging, marketing on social media, managing search engine optimization, and analyzing previous and current ca...

Technical Writer & Editor

CSOFT International is looking for talented writers to join a team of technical writers in its Beijing office to work on projects for major Chinese technology companies. The ideal candidate must have one to two years of technical writing experience, intermediate Chinese speaking and reading skills, strong understanding of Information Technology, Telecommunications, or the Consumer Appliance ind...

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Creative Writing Jobs Abroad

Travel and creative writing are a perfect match. Leaving home and taking up the expat lifestyle in some far corner of the world is bound to inspire great stories within you. Whether your ultimate interests lay in fiction or nonfiction, screenwriting or novels, high drama or publications, a creative writing job abroad can be the start of something truly special.

Why Work Abroad

Why not work abroad in creative writing? In today’s globally connected world, writers have the luxury of being increasingly mobile with their craft. As English is catching on everywhere as a universal second language, native speaking writers are in increased demand across the globe as well. The demand for creative writers is out there, you must only decide where you wish to go and what type of work you wish to engage in.


Your writing can take you anywhere. As globalization spreads across the world, educated people from everywhere are expected to know English as a second language more and more. As such, creative writers in the English language will find more and more audiences for their work sprouting up around the world, and more opportunity for creative writing jobs abroad as well.

One particularly large market right now is China. As the country continues to integrate into the global stage and open its doors to foreign influence, international publications are sprouting up in many of its major cities. It is very easy for English speakers to find a creative writing job in China in a variety of different formats.

The same is true elsewhere in the world where English is of increasing importance to local populations. For example, Asia and Europe are two of the most accessible regions in the world, because of the many different regional languages which require people to communicate together in English. On the other hand, Central and South America may be more difficult places to find creative writing jobs abroad because most people in these regions communicate in Spanish.

Then of course there are creative writing jobs abroad in English speaking countries themselves. The U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia are all big markets for creative writers. Not surprisingly the competition will be more fierce in these places, but the demand for content is greater as well.

Creative Writing Jobs Abroad

Every creative writer knows that steady employment for their craft can be hard to come by. However, there is surprisingly a lot of opportunity internationally if you look in the right places.

The first obvious type of job abroad is travel writing. There are many different travel companies in a variety of niches that are in continuous need of content, making it possible to land a creative writing job that takes you all over the world. These jobs often come in the form of freelance writing positions. While the work is not as purely glamorous as it might seem (think a lot of research, reviews, hard exploration), it can be a fun and exciting vocation nonetheless.

Working for a local publication or in journalism is another opportunity for creative writers to gain employment abroad in the field. Most global cities have opportunity in this field, although keep in mind that English language jobs may be limited in many of these places too. Some major international publications also have international offices across the world, so these big companies would be great places to find creative writing jobs abroad too.

Another type of creative writing job abroad is working as a blogger or for the content team of a website. It is hard to gain leverage to the point where you can start making a profit as an individual blogger, but many startups and other web based companies located around the world are in continuous need of writers to create content.

Salary & Affordability

As an unfortunate rule of the trade, writers do not make much money. Unless you meet large commercial success with your creative writing job abroad, then odds are that you will be earning a living and not much more. However, it is certainly possible to boost your income prospects if you take on a position which includes elements of editing, marketing, and advertising as well.

Also, the affordability of living as a writer might greatly increase if you find work in the developing world, for the simple reason that costs of living will be significantly cheaper. Especially if you are earning an international salary, setting up shop in regions of Central America or Southeast Asia for example will be much more affordable than Europe or North America.

  • Develop as a Writer. Traveling the world or living abroad as an expat will greatly expand your perspective as a creative writer. You will be challenged to write from a sharply original viewpoint that stems from your newfound experiences.
  • Gain International Work Experience. Whatever future job you may apply to, having worked abroad looks great to prospective employers. It shows that you are flexible, adaptable, and can thrive in a challenging new environment.
  • Have an Adventure. Let’s be real, if you are traveling the world as a creative writer then you are bound to have some crazy experiences well worth the tale. Living abroad is the perfect way to improve your skills while gathering memories and impressions that dynamically change not only your writing, but who you are.
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