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A Guide to Agriculture Jobs Abroad

Leaving it all behind and travelling the world to work with the land may seem like a far away dream to many, but the opportunity has never been closer than now in making the choice to pursue an agriculture job abroad. This is your genuine chance to get paid for travelling and doing something you love to do while living abroad; what foreign soil will you choose to explore?

Why Work Abroad in Agriculture

Agriculture is an industry that is as old as human civilization, a good indicator that it’s not going away anytime soon. An agriculture job abroad is your opportunity to gain valuable work experience in your country of choice, while also learning all about the ins and outs of the global agricultural economy. Whether pursuing a career in the industry or just looking for a temporary job to get away, working abroad in agriculture will be a rewarding experience that you never forget.a


Most countries around the world that are large enough engage in agricultural practices to some degree. However, largely because of local job competition and international regulation, it is mostly the major nations playing a central role in the global economy that offer international aspirants the opportunity to work abroad in agriculture.

Many of the most popular destinations for an agriculture job abroad are located in Europe. Countries such as France, Spain, Ireland, and Germany offer international workers the opportunity to develop their trade amidst beautiful scenery and rich agricultural landscapes. Some of the major exports of the European continent include fruits, grains, meats, and, of course, wine.

In Asia and beyond, similar opportunities for an agriculture job abroad can be found in countries such as China, India, Japan, and Australia. All of these nations are major agricultural importers and exporters, offering the opportunity to immerse yourself in a vastly different cultural experience while also gaining impressive global job experience. Some of the most popular exports of Asia include vegetables, nuts, tea, spices, and textiles, among many others.

There are agriculture jobs abroad located all over the world, so take your time researching as many different locations and work opportunities as possible before making the choice!

Agriculture Jobs Abroad

While your responsibilities as a worker will always vary depending on the program you choose and country you find yourself in, there are two main types of agriculture jobs abroad that you can look for: agricultural jobs behind the scenes (such as in agricultural marketing, sales, promotion, research, etc.) and agriculture jobs that actually entail working in the field.

Field jobs are the more common type of agriculture job abroad among workers looking for temporary placement. These do not necessarily require any prior experience working in agriculture, just a good work ethic and desire to learn. On the other side of the industry, many international agricultural professionals choose an “office” job in order to gain valuable global experience and advance their career, although this is by no means a golden rule.

Agriculture jobs abroad are usually on a temporary hiring basis because of visa regulations and international labor laws. The good news is that you can usually work abroad in agriculture for as long as one or two years by enrolling through a jobs abroad program (or as short as just a few weeks, if you so desire).

Typically you will not be paid a king’s ransom for these temporary placements, although you will always make enough to get by. You may be offered other forms of compensations such as housing, meals, and transportation as well.

Benefits & Challenges

See the World. Few employment opportunities will give you a chance to see the world quite like an agriculture job abroad. This is you opportunity to work with any landscape as your backdrop that your heart desires.

Gain Experience. Whether you are new to the agricultural profession or a seasoned vet, there is a lot to be learned from working abroad. Every country and culture comes with their unique set of challenges and work culture, forcing you to develop personally as well as professionally.

Learn a New Skillset. Different countries specialize in different areas of agriculture and crop growth. Try going somewhere with an entirely different agricultural niche then you are accustomed to!

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A Guide To
Agriculture Jobs Abroad


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