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A Guide to Biomedical Sciences Jobs Abroad

Finding a biomedical sciences job abroad is the opportunity to begin applying your knowledge-base toward helping people live healthier and happier lives all over the world. Biomedical scientists work in a diverse array of sectors within the industry, encompassing areas such as public health, pharmaceuticals, academia, and more. Whether you are just starting out after graduation, or are a seasoned professional looking to shake things up, finding work abroad in biomedical sciences can be the start of something truly great.

Why Work Abroad

Medicine, healthcare, and the technologies that we use to provide these services to as widespread a population as possible, are defining issues of our age. Every country has a different healthcare system in which biomedical scientists fill an equally different niche. By seeking out a biomedical sciences job abroad, you will have the opportunity to explore how medicine and public health manifest in different ways around the world, while using your applied sciences background to help develop a new and better medical infrastructure to work within.


Because medicine and healthcare are such vital industries to global wellbeing, biomedical scientists are in high demand all over the world to take on a variety of different positions. To help narrow the playing field of potential destinations then, here are a few important factors that you can keep in mind while looking for work abroad in biomedical sciences.

First is the language barrier; you will obviously need to communicate with your coworkers and fellow scientists wherever you end up. While opportunities within the English-speaking world in countries such as Australia or Ireland are vast and accessible, you might have a harder time finding a biomedical sciences job abroad in a country such as Germany, which has a powerful pharmaceutical industry but tends to utilize its native language for business and research.

Another factor to keep in mind is the level of infrastructural development in the country where you are pursuing work abroad in biomedical sciences. China and India, for instance, are two emerging global powers in the field of biomedical sciences. Many rewarding professional opportunities are available in these countries, only be prepared for your work to take on quite a different form than in a fully industrialized country such as the United States. This can be a great change of pace!

Jobs & Positions

Biomedical scientists find themselves working in many different roles within the areas of medicine and public health. Some of the most directly relevant jobs abroad in the biomedical sciences that you might look to pursue include working as a microbiologist, toxicologist, healthcare scientist, or biomedical engineer. Other indirectly related fields can encompass jobs in everything from zoology to physical therapy to botany.

Because it is a highly specialized discipline, most employers will expect you to have a graduate degree in a relevant area of focus as well, which will largely determine what types of biomedical sciences jobs abroad you are qualified for. Some popular areas of graduate study related to the biomedical sciences include medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, biology, and other such scientific disciplines; graduate students can then go on to look for entry-level work in research, industrial application, or the services sector.

Many biomedical sciences jobs abroad are offered on a temporary basis, generally lasting for one or two years, so that it is easy for your employer to secure for you a short-term work visa. If you are interested in launching a more permanent career abroad, then you will need to find an international employer that is willing and has the capability to endorse you for a permanent work and residential visa as well.

Benefits & Challenges

Perspective. Healthcare is far from universal; around the world, every country has their own unique manifestation of medicinal and public health practices. Travelling to work abroad in biomedical sciences will grant you behind-the-scenes perspective on the differences within this major global industry.

Experience. Both personally and professionally, landing a job abroad in biomedical sciences will be a major growth experience. Adapting to work within another culture comes with its bumps in the road, and these are exactly what make it such a valuable path to take.

Opportunity. Finding work abroad in biomedical sciences is not only the opportunity to take valuable steps to advancing your global career; it is also the opportunity to break free from your comfort zone, travel independently, and re-define what you thought you knew about the world.

Pursuing a biomedical sciences job abroad is quite a large leap to make, as you will be placing yourself within a competitive industry in a strange part of the world. By doing so, however, you will simultaneously challenge yourself to reach for new heights you could not have attained by sticking with the familiar. Get ready for a great adventure!

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A Guide To
Biomedical Sciences Jobs Abroad


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