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A Guide to Camp Counselor Jobs Abroad

If you’re intrigued by international travel and working with children and young adults appeals to you, there are few better positions available that combine both interests like camp counselor jobs abroad. Offering the opportunity to earn money while spending time outdoors educating children and teenagers in various settings, from the mountain wilderness to the ocean side beach, the young lives you will inevitably mold and the friends you will make along the way will make working as a camp counselor abroad an entirely unforgettable experience.

Why Work Abroad as a Camp Counselor

In the summer months in between classes, or even after you have graduated from university and aren’t yet ready to settle into a full time position, spending time abroad leading trips or day activities with children or young adults can be a perfect opportunity. Fortunately, camps are almost always hiring (so opportunities go beyond summer camp jobs), because of the seasonal nature of their work, so it will not be difficult to secure a camp counselor job abroad that interests you in nearly any nation that appeals to you.

As seasonal work, working as a camp counselor abroad offers incredible flexibility, with the chance to travel to a destination for a few months and have a paying job while you’re there. Trip leader or camp counselor jobs abroad will allow you to not only travel while still earning money, you’ll also be able to make a difference in the lives of young people around the world and improve your leadership skills at the same time. Though seasonal work can be stressful because of the rapid movement, many find it invigorating and enjoy the months off between seasons where they can travel on their own.

If you haven’t yet decided on a career path, or are interested in teaching in the future, experience working as a camp counselor abroad can be a wonderful addition to your resume, illustrating to future employees your passion for travel, youth education, and a variety of other activities, such as outdoor education or foreign languages.


For international nomads, camp counselor jobs abroad can take you to all kinds of dream destinations. Most camp counselor jobs abroad are seasonal positions, taking place in the summer months or often from late spring to early autumn. If you are interested in summer camp jobs abroad, it is possible to work during the northern hemisphere’s summer and then travel to the southern hemisphere to fill another available position during the opposing summer.

Consider traveling to the sandy beaches of Australia, working at summer camps that teach outdoor skills needed to survive in the Outback, or ocean sports like surfing, snorkeling, and sailing. With the added benefit of being in an English-speaking country, working as a summer camp counselor in Australia will certainly be an educational adventure for you, and your campers.

Many countries in Africa, such as Morocco, offer excursions to various natural areas, and hire trip leaders to be responsible for small groups of enthusiastic young people, including locals and tourists. You can have the outdoor adventure of a lifetime while exploring these historic environments, and making money too!

Latin America represents an exciting opportunity for camp counselor and trip leader jobs abroad. Ecuador, and Costa Rica offer individuals the chance to explore a tropical environment with new species to be introduced to, environments to explore, and young minds to educate. Spanish skills are often required for those looking to get work at local camps or lead outdoor programs.

Jobs & Positions

Camp counselor jobs abroad can look very different depending on the type of organization with which you get involved, which means it will be easy to find a position well-suited to your interests and skill set.

Summer Camps. One of the most common positions available are summer camp jobs. Most summer camps are specifically for elementary to high school aged boys and girls. Summer camp jobs abroad vary greatly, depending on the location and mission of the camp. Common activities led by camp counselors include outdoor activities like swimming, hiking, and biking and indoor activities like arts and crafts and educational games.

Outdoor Education. If being outdoors is a passion of yours, consider leading a trip into the wilderness with an energetic group of teens. Prior knowledge of basic outdoor skills will be required, since as a trip leader, you will likely teach skills like backpacking, environmental impact ethics, or possibly specialty skills, such as rafting, kayaking, or rock climbing. CPR certifications and Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certificates are often prerequisites for these types of positions.

Volunteer Trip Leaders. Becoming a volunteer trip leader requires flexibility above all other things. You will supervise teenagers doing volunteer work, often in less developed countries and underprivileged communities. Volunteer trip leaders may be involved in cooking meals for volunteers, organizing day to day volunteer projects, and must be prepared for all the unexpected things that may happen, good and bad. 

Benefits & Challenges

Getting to travel the world while working with kids in a fun and relaxed environment is the ideal fit for many students or recent graduates, but it’s not always a walk in the park. Camp counselor jobs abroad with outdoor excursions and activity filled schedules require people who are energetic and enthusiastic about their work, and about traveling abroad.

Impactful & Insightful. Whether you’re helping children have the summer experience of a lifetime or leading a volunteer trip, you will not come away from a camp counselor job without a truly meaningful international experience.

No Two are Alike. No two camps, no two campers, and no two days will be the same. One day, you may be leading a kayaking trip to a local lake, and the next, you may be rock climbing up a cliff. Each new day presents unique challenges and unique opportunities. Camp jobs abroad create a fast paced environment where each day’s goal is to have fun and learn something!

Summer camp is a quintessential part of every child’s adolescent development; they’ll leave with lifelong friends, a few more stories, and skills to tackle any and all of their teenage trials and tribulations. Why not be a part of that? As a camp counselor abroad you’ll be able to inspire the next generation of global citizens.

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