Electrical Engineering Jobs Abroad

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A Guide to Electrical Engineering Jobs Abroad

Do you want to travel while you’re young and experience life outside your home country? Maybe learn a new language, different culture, and ways of preparing coffee? If you’re looking to follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo but you don’t want to get behind in your electrical engineering career, why not consider combining work with travel? With electrical engineering jobs opening up around the globe, now you don’t have to miss out on a life-changing experience (and you can keep your folks happy at the same time!). Let’s take a look at some of the top spots for electrical engineering jobs abroad!

The Benefits Of Electrical Engineering Jobs Abroad

Working abroad in any job is a challenging, exciting, and sometimes difficult experience that will pimp your resume and give you a ton of interesting stories to tell. Living in a different culture opens your mind to new ways of doing things and seeing the world—and maybe even sparks your love affair with Salsa, surfing, or flaming hot jalapeños! The benefits of electrical engineering jobs abroad are multiple, but specifically you’ll:

Experience life in a different culture while making good money. International electrical engineering jobs are so attractive because they allow you advance your career without missing out on travel. You won’t have to worry too much over the language barriers, since the laws of physics, math, and electricity are universal. There are also plenty of opportunities in international companies on the lookout for fresh talent to mentor (while handing out a fairly decent paycheck). Whatever your compensation, though, the greatest part of the package will be getting out there and seeing the world! 

Kickstart your international electrical engineering career. Electrical engineering jobs abroad will give you a life-changing experience and the chance to discover new places, forge friendships, and make powerful connections for your career. You can pick up a few language skills and get exposed to different practices in engineering, in countries that are more advanced in your chosen field. You’ll gain experience, confidence, cultural sensitivity, an impressive resume, and lifelong memories to share with your grandkids (if they’ll listen!).

A day on the job. Since you’re already down with your physics and math, you’ll have no trouble getting straight to work. But if you want to converse with your colleagues after hours, you’ll need to learn the local lingo. Try to picture where you see your career going and what language would be particularly useful. Germany holds many opportunities in international electrical engineering jobs, and you may prefer that over an Oriental language. A day on the job will be varied, so don’t expect electricity to be the only thing you’re working on—it’s not all about plugs and wires! You can expect the hours to fly by as you problem solve all kinds of areas from signal processing and power engineering to telecommunications and microelectronics.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for Expats Working in the Electrical Engineering Field Abroad

Let’s be honest. If you choose to pursue a job in electrical engineering abroad, you probably won’t have an abundance of company. Unlike teaching or volunteering, electrical engineering calls for a very specific skill set. There probably won’t be regular meetups for people in your field or multiple compatriots doing the same thing as you. But think of that as a plus, since it’s what separates you from the pack.

You can still tap into the same expat resources, depending on your country of choice. And if you’re looking to learn the language, most decent sized cities will host exchange nights, in which you can get a drink with a local, teach them English, and learn their language in return. You’ll also be everyone’s favorite roommate or neighbor, with your power to fix a faulty fuse, change a lightbulb and get things working again!  

If you’ve been enviously watching your friends take sabbaticals or drooling over destinations on the Travel Channel, this could be your lightbulb moment! Whether you’re straight out of college or a seasoned circuit builder, you should seriously consider researching international electrical engineering jobs. Japan, India, and New Zealand are just some of the options open to you in this continuously growing field. The whole world needs electricity—go forth and spread the light!

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A Guide To
Electrical Engineering Jobs Abroad


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