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A Guide to Math Jobs Abroad

Let's add up all the benefits of working abroad in the field of mathematics! Finding a math job abroad may seem daunting, but considering that it’s a truly universal language, number aficionados can literally find a job anywhere. While the formulas and numbers will remain unchanged, the applications will vary depending on where you go. Whether you're crunching numbers in the city of London or teaching math abroad in a small village in Zambia, international math jobs can take you farther than pi.

Why Work Abroad in Math

Working abroad in mathematics will connect you with your fellow mathematicians across the sea, and in such a collaborative field, it is important to work with people of different cultural backgrounds. Not only will you expand your professional network to the Nth degree, but you will make lasting friendships as well.

International work experience on a resume always has positive value, regardless if you are teaching math overseas or solving Euclidean Geometry. Taking on a math job abroad is sure to be a challenging and rewarding experience, and you might be inspired to use your math abilities to solve problems in the world that never would have occurred to you back home.


Math is universal and jobs in mathematics can be found in every country, so your head may be spinning as you face seemingly infinite possibilities. According to our calculations, here are a few of the best places to land international math jobs.

China is one of the most powerful economies in the world; a math wiz can find opportunities in accounting, engineering, and finance. With international hubs like Hong Kong and Shanghai, there is sure to be stiff competition amongst highly rewarding and challenging jobs.

The United Kingdom is home to some big math stars like Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace, and Alan Turing to name a few! Get your start like so many of the other math legends working in the fields of science, engineering, or technology. With so much history and countless innovations in the field of mathematics, the U.K. has plenty of job opportunities that will make an impressive addition to your resume.

The United States, home of Wall Street and big business, also has plenty of math jobs to offer in the fields of finance and economics. Many noteworthy mathematicians have called America home, like Albert Einstein, who made tremendous contributions to science and physics, and John Nash, whose theories have greatly influenced the study of economics.

Germany is a major player in the European and global economy and is also well known for its innovativeness. German efficiency would not be a thing without a firm grasp of numbers, so math is a highly valued skill here, which shows in the focus on STEM fields. The hip, international capital of Berlin would be a great place to find a job abroad, or tech-savvy Munich.

Math Jobs Abroad

Math is a versatile skill with a wide variety of jobs to choose from, especially if you look outside your own country. Many jobs are through universities and focused on research, and other jobs may be with big companies. To land a research job, be prepared to write a proposal.

Math skills can be applied to many different occupations, one of the top jobs is computer science. This would be a great place to start at an entry level job abroad, working on coding and developing applications.

Teaching math abroad is a popular gig for teachers wanting to add global flair to their classroom. Many of these positions are found in international schools, and are typically reserved for individuals with proper teaching accreditations. Will you become the next Jaime Escalante when you teach math abroad?

You can also apply your math hacks to engineering in research and development, helping to develop innovations in robotics, medicine, or automotive engineering. Math skills can take you way beyond this earthly realm with a job in astrophysics. Who knows, maybe your first gig abroad will lead you to become the next Neil deGrasse Tyson?

Although it is normally not a requirement that you speak the local language, it would help considering you’ll likely be part of a team working together on a project. But thankfully, your math skills work in any language! A typical 40 hour work week is the norm, but some flexibility (and a lot of coffee!) is necessary on those late nights when you are close to an epic breakthrough on the graph theory. Thankfully, you should have plenty of time to get to know the local culture and explore your new surroundings.

Benefits & Challenges

Working abroad always has its challenges, especially when adapting to a different workplace culture than you’re used to. Not to mention culture shock in general, which can be a bit unsettling for first time travelers getting used to life in a foreign country. Another challenge comes from the competitive nature of math jobs abroad. With so many bright minds with their eyes on the prize, there can be workplace tension.

The stress and competition is sure to be superseded by the camaraderie that comes from working together towards a common goal. While the stakes are high, the rewards that come from a challenging job abroad are infinite! As long as you can collaborate as part of a team, you will do well, even if there is a language barrier. Working in mathematics abroad is a great way to demonstrate that you have what it takes to be a team player, which is sure to impress future employers and expand your professional network.

International math jobs are a great way to take what you learned in college to the next level and apply it to real life situations. Plus, you will get an immersive cultural experience in a foreign land, proving that you are adaptable and capable of working with an international team.

At the end of the day, the benefits are greater than the risks! To sum it all up, finding math jobs abroad is a fantastic way to make new friends, challenge your mind, see the world, and multiply your future job prospects.

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