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A Guide to Jobs Abroad in Taiwan

When thinking of living and working in Asia, Taiwan may not be the first country to spring to mind. A tiny island situated just off the coast of China, it is somewhat easy to overlook, but Taiwan is more than just home to beautiful nature, delicious food, and an eclectic mix of culture influenced by surrounding countries; it also offers many benefits to adventurous travelers looking to earn a living. Have you been Taiwanting an adventure outside the norm? Consider jobs abroad in Taiwan!


As a whole, the lifestyle of Taiwan is influenced heavily by Chinese culture (and that of other nearby countries such as Japan and the Philippines); however, it boasts a liberal and egalitarian society whilst maintaining traditional values. Another plus for expats wanting to work abroad in Taiwan is the high quality of life, including cheap medical care and accommodation. 

Taipei. The capital city of Taiwan is a modern, highly urbanized city with millions of inhabitants. It is also the most westernized region of the country, although still considered the heart of Taiwanese culture—making it easy for expats to integrate and become familiar with traditional heritage at the same time. It’s possible to explore the city on foot to try out the hundreds of local restaurants selling cheap national and international food; alternatively, it’s easy and cheap to use public buses and taxis. Overall, it’s possible to enjoy a high standard of living for much less money than one would need in more western countries.

Kaohsiung. The second largest city is known for its waterside (being Taiwan’s largest port), and cultural highlights such as the Museum of Fine Arts and the Tiánliáo Stone Temple. Like Taipei, Kaohsiung welcomes expats from all over the world, most commonly English-speakers. Although less westernized than the capital, it is a calmer, quieter city with many open spaces to take in the tranquil atmosphere.

Tainan. Tainan is Taiwan’s oldest city, and one in which traditional culture is prevalent. Travelers can visit temples, museums (such as the National Museum of Taiwanese Literature), whilst still having the opportunity to shop and relax thanks to the various beautiful areas of nature inside the city.


One of the great things about relocating to (or just working for a while) in Taiwan, is the cost of living in relation to earnings. If accommodation is not provided by the employer (which it often is, especially for English teachers), rent and living costs are likely to only occupy a small percentage of the worker’s salary. For teachers, this salary can be expected to be between 2,000-2,500 USD per month.

Accommodation and Visas

House prices in Taiwan are very high, making it more viable (and a better value) to rent instead. The quality of rental properties varies greatly depending on their price, but it is certainly possible to rent a top-of-the-range, two or three bedroom apartment for less than 1,000 USD per month. It’s also possible to rent a smaller property for much cheaper!

Countries including the USA, UK, Japan, and Canada can travel to Taiwan without a visa for a limited time, and can apply for a working holiday visa. For a standard work permit, an employer must apply on behalf of the expat they wish to hire, and the employee can collect their visa in their home country before traveling to Taiwan.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop

There are a huge number of opportunities for expats to work in Taiwan, and it is definitely an up-and-coming destination for adventurous travelers. International jobs in Taiwan come with many benefits, and workers are sure to have some great experiences in one of Asia’s most diverse countries.

As well as taking advantage of the low cost of living and liberal lifestyle, travelers can seek opportunities to learn Mandarin Chinese, try out a range of Taiwanese and East Asian food, and learn about the history and culture through visiting the ancient temples and specialist museums. Don’t forget to pack comfortable shoes and lightweight clothes so that you can explore the sights even in the humid weather.

It’s worth searching online for Taiwan jobs before traveling in order to ensure you can obtain the correct visa and documentation, to be able to fully enjoy your time abroad. Also, don’t forget to get any vaccinations you need—these will depend on the country you are traveling from.

Most of all, enjoy your time working in Taiwan. You are sure to come back with some stories to tell (if you don’t decide to stay)!

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